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  1. As have I ! Prowler is amazing! I've been following this project so closely! Can't wait to found out what it truly is!
  2. The building formerly known as TR:TR isnt too far from that location... ..Just Sayin'' Having fun like the rest of you.
  3. Well.. then Terpy how about a 4D, interactive dark ride roller coaster..? anyone ? No?
  4. Why does everyone think this attraction will be a coaster ? I don't see a big coaster coming in until the park's 50th Anniversary.
  5. Really ? I Thought they were call ''Fright Light Flash Lights''. I HATE Boo Blasters it need to be re-themed to Snoopy. I strongly dislike this generic crappy ride. A new spooky haunted house would be cool if not themed to or around snoopy.
  6. That Caution sign reminds me of a avalanche. Just Sayin''
  7. I went Saturday for the Snoopy Halloween Party and it was enjoyable and I was there for part of haunt it was okay. I didn't do any haunt attractions and the fog was a bit too much for me.
  8. I really like that they are putting attention on Soak City and the Toll booth is a GREAT bonus. I'm still holding out for a new impressive peanuts themed dark ride. With that being said, I have no interest in Soak City but I know a lot of kids and teenagers, young adults in my life that adore and make Soak City a day in the park.
  9. I dunno. I was wondering what's to come next season yesterday, while I was at the park. I don't go to Soak City at all and would like a nice flat or a rethemed boo blasters. ( I really don't like what that ride has become..I LOATHE the tv's inside) but yes! I do agree ! AE needs some much needed TLC.
  10. Hello, All you happy KI'er's long time no scream. I need some help I was going to do the payment plan for my renewal on my pass, how does that process go about ? Do they take the first payment right then and there or do they wait a month ? I'm currently low on funds and it's pains me that I have until a certain date to buy a Goldpass I really wish they would stop that business/ practice. But that's just me. thanks for your help.
  11. Hello All ! I haven't been as much of late but I do want to say that the new improvements sound awesome. I will miss Nickelodeon Splat: Green Slime Zone, But I guess some of you weren't aware of the early days of Nickelodeon in the park. Or maybe you do. I had lots great memories.. on with the new. But I will admit I HATE Starbucks. YUCK!
  12. I doubt renewing my pass for 2015. Kings Island's going to have to entice me a lil more. I don't do Halloween Haunt and I rarely do Snoopy's Halloween Party. I and the family NEVER eat at the park it's too expensive. I'm gonna wait to see what KI has to offer toward Spring..I don't get our passes until April anyway...think I'll wait.
  13. Yeah, I remember when Phantom Theater Opened in 1992 My friend ''Kristin' told me all about it and told me to ride it. Most of you don't know Scooby-Doo and The Haunted Castle was MAJORLY cut when it came to PKI a lot of cool features were left out due to budget. I want something I can ride with the kiddos something theme around Peanuts and Snoopy it's not that hard to theme dark ride to peanuts. But totally I read that article it was a great to see how PT came to be.
  14. I'd like to see Planet Snoopy expanded upon. When you have kids and you spend most of your time in Planet Snoopy it'd be nice to have some ''NEW'' rides or even more Rest Rooms, more places to rest in the shade.
  15. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing that...I miss SDATHC It was so much better than the horrid crap we have now and That was a nice stroll down memory lane.
  16. Well, Here's hoping to see more Bat Shirts in 2015.
  17. During this past season I've looked and waited and still couldn't find any Bat Merchandise. I REALLY wanted a Bat Shirt but nothing ..anyone know why there wasn't any Merchandise ?
  18. Uh, 22- Taylor Swift... Yeah... I would much prefer if they the park played movie soundtracks....or ambiance.
  19. I was just thinking about those ! I miss parking in the Scooby-Doo lot and The Papa Smurf Lot ! Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!
  20. Cool. I know I will get hate for this comment but I for one do not care for Star Wars. Star Tours is enough for me and I REALLY don't want to see Avatar Land in Animal Kingdom. Pixar Play Place that's something I would like to see.
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