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  1. I am going to throw all of my evidence that proves this layout wrong. Number 1, the supports are all wrong. Compare the turn to Oblivion the Dark Hole. There aren't enough supports. Two, the ride layout has no station, transfer room, stairs, brakes or anything in any recent layout. Three (sketchy), this logo is too detailed too come from Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair has never used a logo this detailed. The most detailed they have designed is Banshee and it looks like a circle compared to this raven. This is just my opinion and conclusion. 


    You have to realize that these images are coming from an app designed to run on a phone. When the VR is running, the layout has to rendered in real time on the phone. As a result, unless you want the app to become laggy, you cannot include all the details.


    Compare it to what we will likely see on announcement night, the official POV will have already been rendered, cleaned-up and perfected.


    I've also never heard of someone saying the logo is too detailed....

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  2. If it is raining at all Firehawk will almost always shut down due to parts on the rides cars that can't get wet. So a ride employee told me so don't quote that but I think it could be a good possibility.

    Really? I thought all roller coasters were water proof because, you know....their out in the open...

  3. For any of you dieing to see a POV of WMG, CoasterForce has posted a FULL HD *and legal* POV of the ride. You can see that the ride is clearly incomplete as there is wood still covering holes in the mountain. Also, just as the train enters the mountain, you can see the general set-up of the ride.

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  4. It was bound to happen eventually and a full POV of WMG has been posted on Youtube...and I won't link it. (SPOILER ALERT IN THE VIDEO BUT NOT THE REST OF THIS POST) ;)

    To be honest, I had no idea what on earth was going on....there's no story line! Your underwater one second and you above the next. Then all of the sudden your in the dragon liar....Yes, I've never been on the ride but now watching a POV, I am kinda disappointed....

    I was thinking of maybe going for a day at the park (I didn't get a pass) but this video changed my mind.

    Also, the train entrance into the mountain looks very very unfinished....


    It's also been confirmed that the projectors only use 720p

  5. https://www.facebook.com/CWfansite/photos_stream

    Lots of pictures posted today of WMG's opening.

    It turns out that the finale is:

    A drop-track. While battling the dragon at the end of the ride, you escape by the drop track.

    Some other info:

    - Queue is very very short...apparently only able to hold a 30-45 minute line.

    - The ride overall is apparently "short"

    - The track outside the mountain is apparently a bit rough.

    - Defiantly is not "better than Dinsey" (quoting what TrioTech said in August)

    I didn't get a pass this year so this info is coming from members on CW Mania.

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  6. What about that "family" B&M yellow track deal, is it moreover a kid coaster? I haven't really followed it since it was sited at CSF & posted here.

    Good point about the requirements though I didn't even bother to think about that

    You mean the blue family coaster in China?


    More pictures here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1450932#p1450932

    Notice how there is no vest. :)

    They yellow track is a Flying Coaster but I don't think anyone knows where its going. It could be going here but the last time I saw concept art for it, the track was blue.


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  7. I was also talking to Matcom (the company who was responsible for installing the track) and they told me a few interesting details (as well as depressing).

    DISCLAIMER: All info below is coming from Matcom

    Firs the bad news: The media has been reporting that the ride will be 1092 feet, however, according to Matcom, WMG is only 921 feet long (considering how slow this ride will be going during the interactive parts, 100 feet is a lot)

    Also, according to Matcom, the lift hill is 65 feet high.......when the ride was first announced, Wonderland said 60 feet, then they updated that last week to 79 feet, and now we're down to 65 feet. I don't get it.... :wacko:

    And now for the most interesting fact:

    There is a 30 foot drop. On CW Mania, we've been considering a drop track is possible but there is no way to confirm that.


    Also, if any of you are interested, Matcom has posted quite a few interesting construction photos throughout the winter.


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  8. ^ Wow. That looks like almost a full menu, and taking the exchange rate between USD and CAD into account, those prices are barely higher than the prices at the Tim Hortons here in Xenia that I go to regularly. Color me surprised. :)

    Some items are only a few cents more expensive but most of the stuff is the same price as outside of the park.

    Also, a new video showing of testing has been posted on YouTube:

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