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  1. We're planning to use Fast Lane while on this trip so I'm not as concerned about crowd patterns. If you have any advice about the park or just want to talk about it I'm all ears (or eyes I guess because I'll be reading).

    There are some rides at Wonderland that are not on Fast Lane (or Fast Lane Plus). They are mostly low capacity coasters so if you want to ride them I'd do so right at opening and in this order:

    The Fly

    The Bat

    Thunder Run

    Ghoster Coaster (the wooden coaster back in the kids area)

    Sledge Hammer (if it's running)

    As mentioned by CedarPointer you'll want to check out the flats. I'd also recommend that you walk through the kids area, as I personally think it's better than the one at Kings Island. I would also recommend a stop at any of the Hot Potato stands in the park and grab some poutine (french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds). It's the best non-sweet food item I've had at any park anywhere.

    Don't forget Guardian. It only has Fast Lane before the park opens for the day (pretty much ERT). It's capacity is only about 600-700pph so it good but not the best.

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  2. Adventure Express used to park trains on the lift too back when they ran 3 train operation!


    Under 2 train operation the second train is parked (usually) on lift 2.

    This is false because that's not how they do it on the Cedar Creek Mine Ride at Cedar Point.

    Cedar Point and Kings Island are to complete different parks.

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  3. All we know is the following:

    - 4D interactive dark ride with the core thrill being heavily based on graphics
    - uses 3D projection (riders will wear 3D glasses)
    - uses wind, movement and other special effects to add the 4th dimension
    - riders will board inside of the mountain near ground level
    - the ride will exit the mountain and climb the lift on the mountain exterior
    - at the 60' level the ride will plunge back into the mountain
    - there will be multiple drops throughout the ride
    - 1000 feet of coaster track
    - the ride is gravity-driven
    - longest interactive wall in the world
    - highly sensitive targeting guns that will "interact" with the environment
    - content of the ride can be easily changed to vary the experience
    - there will be 5 trains, each with 8 riders
    - approximately 640 pph
    - the engineering department at Wonderland is currently working on designing the track
    (Credit goes to DantheMan from CW Mania for getting this info from the park)
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  4. Look what I found (I used the same method another user did when they found the image saying Banshee would be the worlds longest invet)

    UPDATE: The park has removed the photo. I archived it last night though! This pretty much confirms that the new ride will be a dark ride!


    It won't load what is it?

    The servers sometimes go down. Check a little later, it should work.

    It's a picture inside a mountain with two tracks that mirror each other.

  5. Its hard accepting less, i just want the most for Kings Island.

    I was in a stage where I thought that Cedar Fair cared only about Cedar Point. However, now as I'm getting older, I'm starting to understand that they have 12 parks that they own and every decision that is made is made with all the parks in mind.
    they don't want any park to hurt the flagship park Cedar Point, that's why Michigan's adventure will never flourish, probably why geauge lake was closed so it wouldn't take from Cedar Point... Kings Island in my opinion has more potential than CP, its currently at par in terms of attendance. but if Kings Island was to become a better park nobody would bother traveling farther up to CP. Cedar Fair didn't have any Issues investing 28 million dollars for leviathan in Canada's wonderland. The greater Cincinnati area is a better market than greater sandusky..

    Keep in mind that Kinzel was the guy that made sure Cedar Point was the best.....Ouminet (sorry if I screwed up his last name) seems to have thrown that idea out of the window and is trying to make all the parks as equal as possible.

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  6. Canada's Wonderland will be announcing their 2014 attraction on August 30, 2013.

    Their are big holes in Wonder Mountain near one of the old waterfalls so could a dark ride be going here before Cedar Point?

    For some reason, the forum won't let me upload the pictures but they are linked below.



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  7. so does it sound like Canada's Cedar Fair park may be getting an awesome haunt or a great dark ride in the big mountain?

    Maybe just maybe not a 2014 ride at Cedar Point:

    My home park is Wonderland so I'm really excited to hear what we're getting for 2014 (announcement with be on the 30th). When you think about it, it does make sense to put CF's first dark ride at another park before Cedar Point to make sure they got the concept perfected so Cedar Point gets one that is spot on (if Wonderland gets a dark ride, it will be like a test run for CF).

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  8. Don't you guys remember the blueprints? The regular queue will be in between the lift hill and the brake run (right side of the image above). None of the queue (including FastLane) will be going under the station.

    The FastLane queue will go right beside the station, under the stairs (that can't really be seen in the photo above) and then turn around to go up. The regular queue will be full of switchbacks leading to the stairs.


    The red circle shows where the stairs are. From the entrance, the left queue is FL, while the right is the regular queue.

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