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  1. Storm Chaser looks great. I wasn't sure that Kentucky Kingdom would be open next year but this announcement seems to prove otherwise.
  2. Some pictures from Saturday. Banshee Banshee ride photo. I'm the guy on the right.
  3. Rode Banshee for the first time on 6/21/14.

  4. Yesterday was a great day at Kings Island. We arrived at the park at opening. When we entered the park, my brother and I headed back to Banshee for our first ride on it. We waited in line about 30 minutes and then was told to sit in row seven. I was happy with our seating assignment and we made our way to our seats. I sat in seat 7-1 and I was not disappointed. Banshee is the best inverted roller coaster I have ever ridden. It was intense! My favorite part is tied with the first drop and the in-line roll at the end. Banshee has become my favorite coaster at Kings Island. I think that after a few more rides, Banshee may become my favorite roller coaster. After the intensity of Banshee, we needed a break, so we found our parents and all of us headed to Viking Fury. My brother and I sat in the back, while my parents sat in the middle. It was a fun and relaxing ride on Viking Fury. Then, my brother and I decided to go to the back of the park and ride Diamondback and The Beast. First, we rode Diamondback, and it was an awesome ride. Even with the recently installed seat belts, I got plenty of airtime. Diamondback is my second favorite ride at Kings Island and is in my top 10 favorite coasters. Diamondback was only a 10 minute wait, but we were still assigned seats. I rode in seat 5-1, which I did not have any problem with. We then headed over to The Beast and waited about 20 minutes. I sat in seat 2-1 and had an awesome ride on the World's longest wooden roller coaster. After eating some awesome chili cheese fries from Potato Works, we went to White Water Canyon, the wait was about 10 minutes and we had a good time, then my brother and I went to Vortex. We waited about 20 minutes, and I finally got to try seat 5-1. The ride was a little rough, but it was an overall enjoyable ride. My favorite part of Vortex is the corkscrews, they remind me of Banshee's in-line roll. Now, my brother and I went to BLSC with my parents. I sat in seat 1-1 and had a fun ride. I noticed that the fire effect was not on when we rode. I wonder if it has been removed for good. After BLSC, my parents wanted to take their first ride on Adventure Express. I rode it with my dad and he liked it. My mom and brother sat behind us and my mom didn't like it as much. She screamed and prayed the whole ride. We finished our coaster riding out on The Bat. We waited about 5 minutes and had a fun ride. I sat with my mom this time and she still screamed and prayed. My dad rode with my brother and he liked it. I think the park made a good decision in repainting Flight Deck and changing the name to The Bat. We then went to Soak City to relax for awhile and had a good time. I rode Rendezvous Run for the first time and it was a fun mat slide. My brother and I then went to the Pineapple Pipeline complex and I rode the steep, green slide twice. My brother was scared and only rode the twisty, orange slide once. We finished our time in Soak City with a trip around Splash River. We got on the train to return to the dry park and was told that it couldn't run, so we had to walk back to the dry park. When we got back we quickly realized that something was wrong. None of the rides that we could see were working and Surf Dog was being evacuated. We figured that there had been a power outage and my parents didn't want to stay, so we just left and started the long trip home. Overall, I had an awesome day at Kings Island. The highlight of the day was my first ride on Banshee. Banshee exceeded all of my expectations. It was intense, fast, and relentless. It never stopped until we hit the brake run. Ride Count: Banshee - 1 Viking Fury - 1 Diamondback - 1 The Beast - 1 Vortex - 1 White Water Canyon - 1 Backlot Stunt Coaster - 1 Adventure Express - 1 The Bat - 1 Rendezvous Run - 1 Pineapple Pipeline - 2 Splash River - 1
  5. Thanks Davidw for the updates. Your dedication to this is much appreciated.
  6. ^^It is on the website. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/Banshee/the-evidence/wail-of-the-Banshee-blog/blog-article/Title
  7. Wish I could of been there. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Great PTR/VTR!
  8. Great PTR, sounds like an awesome day at Kings Island.
  9. I am very excited about Banshee. I love everything about the ride, the height, speed, inversions, use of terrain, no pre-drop, steepness of drop, color, the station. The announcement could not have been better.
  10. I've never been this excited for a roller coaster before!
  11. When you get a certain amount of posts you get a new member title. From 0-99 posts is KIC Tourist, when you get 100 posts you become a KIC Local, and so on.
  12. ^Screamscape is not a very credible source.
  13. I had to pick Diamondback for my favorite coaster at Kings Island, because of the speed and airtime. The Beast is my second favorite at Kings Island. They are very different rides, so I can not compare them. The Beast is my favorite Wooden coaster and Diamondback is my favorite Steel coaster.(Yes I've been to Holiday World and Cedar Point)
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