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  1. I search and search but my awesome piano champ is nowhere to be found. Cmon Cedar Fair...Cmon KI. Where is my Vince at the parks? You have the peanuts. Some of my fave music ever...Am I just out of the park that much and never hear it?
  2. Didn't see the part about no legs at first.
  3. Hah ha. Dude third from the left dropped his camera at the 4:00 mark. They should have kicked him out. Violation!
  4. I never forget about tunnels!
  5. I can't get on Facebook at work. Was that the sign that almost looked hand painted that had a dude in a red shirt upside down while riding a coaster and a guy with a blue shirt standing up next to him?
  6. Rewarding people that deserve rewarding is commendable. Hopefully they are content in their new ventures. It would suck if they are not. I'm sure my turtle could care less. That...I am certain of.
  7. Bring the boats back and give the theming to Peanuts. It would be perfect to the current theming. Get rid of the clown maze. You could do the different seasonal Peanuts specials. Would be awesome. Or just do a Great Pumpkin dark ride. I'd be beside myself. I couldn't imagine a bigger treat than Vince Guaraldi's Great Pumpkin soundtrack while riding through a Great Pumpkin dark ride. I'd die. I love them both so much.
  8. Big doesn't mean fun. And no...'that's' NOT 'what she said'. Cmon...
  9. Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all

  10. Would it get caught in the netting? Certainly wouldnt want to be throwing popcorn up in the air to my mouth that day man. Awkward circumstance. Imagine the lost and found scenarios. Cmon. Might chip someone's glasses. The ramifications are overindulging in giggles.
  11. Amazing. I've been hearing this from you guys this year. That's an awesome addition. Sadly, I don't think I'll be down until Timbers debuts. Spent the budget money this year last weekend at Universal for this hobby...on express pass for HHN like a clown shoe. Totally worth it. Saw every house.
  12. Good park. I wish it to succeed. Storm Chaser is grand. I'll hit it every decade fo sho.
  13. I've seen plenty of PT stuff on YouTube. Oh well.
  14. I've seen plenty of PT stuff on YouTube. Oh well.