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  1. Not like many of these things will be pulling in ticket sales for awhile anyway. What an unfortunate scenario. The way the gondola dettached and headed toward the group opposite of them...it's fortunate there were not more casualties. That looked brutal.
  2. I can't believe how crazy some of the slides in the 80s and 90s were. Wyandotte Lake by the Columbus Zoo had these two 80 or 90 foot slides that barely had a six inch wall on the sides. One went almost straight down and the other had hills. I would never ride those things today...but back then...was all about them. The darn tower would heavily sway when windy. Deathtraps I say. Still alive though.
  3. They are fun. They love ice cubes being thrown at them. Try that and buddy up with one. Might even ride Diamondback with you.
  4. Kentucky Kingdom

    Hey chugh,. Don't leave Nicorette mini lozenges in your front shirt pocket when riding Lightening Run...they will eject out of your pocket in slow motion rather clumsily in front of your face and you will not be able to grab them. You will look like a clown shoe grasping futily and wishing you didn't forget about them for some reason. Probably goes for other objects too. Edit: Crap. My advice was Ill-fated...you already went. Did you enjoy yourself? Lose anything? I had a great first time last year. My first RMC.
  5. Survey Markers by Bat

    A bunch of Joe Dirts in this here thread.
  6. First time ever trip to KI

    There will be no way you will need a Fast Pass. Especially if you will be staying to ride The Beast at night. Plenty of time to ride everything multiple times and you still might be done by 6pm.
  7. I search and search but my awesome piano champ is nowhere to be found. Cmon Cedar Fair...Cmon KI. Where is my Vince at the parks? You have the peanuts. Some of my fave music ever...Am I just out of the park that much and never hear it?
  8. Didn't see the part about no legs at first.
  9. Knoebels Announces New Ride

    Hah ha. Dude third from the left dropped his camera at the 4:00 mark. They should have kicked him out. Violation!
  10. Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    I never forget about tunnels!
  11. Sit On it - A nostalgic look back at KI...

    I can't get on Facebook at work. Was that the sign that almost looked hand painted that had a dude in a red shirt upside down while riding a coaster and a guy with a blue shirt standing up next to him?
  12. Kings Island Has A New GM!

    Rewarding people that deserve rewarding is commendable. Hopefully they are content in their new ventures. It would suck if they are not. I'm sure my turtle could care less. That...I am certain of.
  13. Peanuts or something else?

    Bring the boats back and give the theming to Peanuts. It would be perfect to the current theming. Get rid of the clown maze. You could do the different seasonal Peanuts specials. Would be awesome. Or just do a Great Pumpkin dark ride. I'd be beside myself. I couldn't imagine a bigger treat than Vince Guaraldi's Great Pumpkin soundtrack while riding through a Great Pumpkin dark ride. I'd die. I love them both so much.
  14. Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    Big doesn't mean fun. And no...'that's' NOT 'what she said'. Cmon...
  15. Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all