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  1. Without a doubt for us type. I just want a gosh darn coaster in C-bus for a change. A 150 foot pukey device that allows me to control the puke level. Sign us up man. The Point and KI doesn't deserve them all. We are the capitol by God. Not by God proper...just as an exclamation.
  2. Put the 'tiques back driving through and around the Backlot layout. Pleanty of land and a near-miss experience. I still have to make sure I capitolize words via The Interpreter. I haven't been back for some time.
  3. ^^ That...I could get behind. Being 150 - 200 ft in the air? That would be crazy for C-bus. Still looks pukey.
  4. I absolutely love Intamin despite their failures... This looks incredible...like an incredible failure. I hope they got their poop together. Because I so want them back producing multiple things in the States. Would definitely ride...just seems like too many things could go sideways on this.
  5. C'mon man. ::Kicks dirt:: Resigned to the Sea Dragon for life brahs. And yeah...I puked in my mouth just watching that thing. And 150 - 200 feet? That ride looks like rolling down a hill in a large tire.. Why would it matter if you were high in the air? So confused.
  6. On my initial research I did read 'vertical coaster' and a giant wheel and other amusement rides. I'll try and find it. That would be perfect to have a Zac Spin or other such coaster that Ohio doesn't have at the major parks. Edited: I guess it was on their own linked website: https://www.planetoasis.fun/ Scroll down and it says vertical. Terrible website however.
  7. https://www.10tv.com/article/massive-entertainment-district-planned-delaware-county Place 'sounds' pretty cool on paper.
  8. Not like many of these things will be pulling in ticket sales for awhile anyway. What an unfortunate scenario. The way the gondola dettached and headed toward the group opposite of them...it's fortunate there were not more casualties. That looked brutal.
  9. I can't believe how crazy some of the slides in the 80s and 90s were. Wyandotte Lake by the Columbus Zoo had these two 80 or 90 foot slides that barely had a six inch wall on the sides. One went almost straight down and the other had hills. I would never ride those things today...but back then...was all about them. The darn tower would heavily sway when windy. Deathtraps I say. Still alive though.
  10. They are fun. They love ice cubes being thrown at them. Try that and buddy up with one. Might even ride Diamondback with you.
  11. Hey chugh,. Don't leave Nicorette mini lozenges in your front shirt pocket when riding Lightening Run...they will eject out of your pocket in slow motion rather clumsily in front of your face and you will not be able to grab them. You will look like a clown shoe grasping futily and wishing you didn't forget about them for some reason. Probably goes for other objects too. Edit: Crap. My advice was Ill-fated...you already went. Did you enjoy yourself? Lose anything? I had a great first time last year. My first RMC.
  12. A bunch of Joe Dirts in this here thread.
  13. There will be no way you will need a Fast Pass. Especially if you will be staying to ride The Beast at night. Plenty of time to ride everything multiple times and you still might be done by 6pm.
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