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  1. How come nobody like Dick Kinzel? Everywhere I look, people just say stuff like he ruined KI and he overstayed his welcome? Can someone explain to me why people feel this way?
  2. I say we get a Triotech dark ride and a Sally Corp dark ride.
  3. This looks so cool! I wish Kings Island would get stuff like this!
  4. If KI does get a dark ride, who should design it? I say we get both a Sally Corp and a Triotech dark ride.
  5. They've sold Family Entertainment Centers, not theme parks. There's a difference in the sale.
  6. Or how do you feel about Palace Entertainment/Parques Reunidos? Their the Kennywood owners.
  7. I'd go with Merlin. Herschend is a great company but they would drop our Halloween Haunt in a heartbeat and they would drop the Banshee name. They're a "Family oriented company." A Banshee signifies death and our Halloween event more adult themed which Herschend simply won't work with them. This all opinion based so feel free to disagree with me.
  8. True. But between Merlin, Herschend, or Parques who would you pick?
  9. For arguments sake, if Cedar Fair right now said that it was selling KI and the KICentral people could vote on the sale, who would you pick between Merlin Entertainment, Parques Reunidos, or Herschend Family Entertainment. Who would you pick? I want people to use their imaginations.
  10. Back when it was called 'Flight Deck', I heard "Enjoy your ride on the the Flight Deck, the tallest, fastest, longest roller coaster with the most inversions and is the ultimate roller coaster ever built in history." No joke, I really heard this!
  11. Their getting a flying scooters called "Cedar Creek Flyers" it's the exact same look as the Cedar Point version. Plus their previous owner has passed away. Just saw this news today.
  12. True but you could ask Cedar Fair and KI. It never hurts to ask.
  13. Opinions are typically based upon something, I am wondering what you are basing yours on? Or is it just wishful thinking? Just wishful thinking. I spoke to a bunch of employees and guests who have all said that it would be amazing if KI got a stand up coaster.
  14. Carowinds doesn't have a Floorless and California's Great America doesn't have a Floorless. Plus it's my personal opinion on KI getting a stand up.
  15. How would you feel if they used the wing coaster restraints like what's used on Banshee?
  16. Just because Cedar Point is changing their stand up coaster DOESN'T mean stand ups are done. Carowinds and Great America's stand ups are doing fine. Plus Six Flags stand ups are doing fine so it's a matter of what the park wants so I could see KI in a few years deciding to add a stand up coaster. Plus Cedar Point is one park, it's not like just because they do something that everybody will do it.
  17. Thats going to be hard to see because they are kind of not liked by most people anymore. Also it has been a while since a brand new stand up was built That maybe but if you think about it. All that needs to happen is for B&M to redesign the harness. Plus inverts weren't built for a long time. So stand ups may come back one day.
  18. I hope that Kings Island brings this ride back along with a Wonder Mountain's Guardian. We'd then have three dark rides in KI.
  19. I would like to see a B&M stand up coaster back in the park.
  20. Personally Id like to see Intamin put in a giga coaster or a Maverick like ride since Kings Island has never had an Intamin Coaster.
  21. yeah. I like them. They'll come back in style sometime. People thought inverts were dead but we got Banshee. People said flying coasters are dead but Japan announced a flying coaster. So probably a stand up will return. That's my opinion.
  22. Im not trying to be realistic. It's my imagination. I want to know what YOU would add.
  23. i couldn't find the other posts sorry.
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