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  1. I'm going for a couple hours tomorrow! I will for sure be taking a ride on the train!
  2. The Columbus Zoo has a log flume with 2 drops, the theming is nonexistent, but it is still a very fun ride none the less. I might be partial to it though since I am a rides team lead there. lol
  3. Any Labor Day snapping special? Will they e-stop the ride for snapping? I've never e-stopped for snapping and to my knowledge no one else I work with has either. lol
  4. I work at the Columbus Zoo as a ride operator and we ride our flyers after work all the time and make them snap! It's funny because we are told to discourage guests from doing it. I normally don't say much. lol
  5. A dark water slide would be awesome, but so would a water coaster, a duel tower with a half pipe and a water coaster like we have at Zoombezi Bay would also work well.
  6. The disco ball makes me think it could be something like Disco H20 at wet n' wild in Orlando. Just a random thought.
  7. Well, as a rides op for The Columbus Zoo, I can tell you that the eagles there do have 2 speed settings, we use high speed most of the time unless it gets really windy, and then we turn it to low speed.
  8. I would much rather see Phantom Theatre return but as someone else said, I think it or something similar would be a great fit over in the Rivertown area with a haunted mine and such. I would not mind Boo Blasters so much if the guns worked and half of the effects worked, the fog wall they had going that first season looked pretty cool, but it needs a revamp for sure!
  9. While I'll admit this show isn't exactly my cup of tea, I'm still going to go see it this summer, I love going to the shows at the Kings Island Theatre, it's a nice break and cools you off. Who knows maybe it will be awesome, I wasn't disappointed with Ed Alonzo the last 2 years!
  10. Welcome back. Please post in a font we can read in mobile. The one you selected isn't one. But it looks so cool on the computer!!! You're missin' out! *Not really. Sorry guys! I'll stick with Arial, can everyone read now?
  11. It's been a while since I posted last, but seriously is it time yet? I have been waiting to see Banshee in action!
  12. this brings back so many memories. I miss the kids area being Nick themed. I just don't feel like kids today relate to snoopy at all. heck most kids don't even know who the peanuts are.
  13. that is one thing that drives me crazy, because to me its laziness. the tower gardens could be gorgeous and instead its a crappy looking smoking area, and snoopys starlight specatuclar too, they need to just take the lights down if they aren't going to take care of them!!! boo blasters has been pretty pathetic for a while too, put forth a little effort for goodness sakes, I'm not saying go all Disney with the theming but little changes could make the atmosphere of the park so much better.
  14. I miss the antique cars, some of my first memories of KI are my mom and dad letting me drive! it made me feel so cool! and after going to Cedar Point I wish we still had the sky ride. I never got to ride it at Ki but I feel like it could work well even now! I also would have liked to have ridden King Cobra but I was too short.
  15. my memories of the waterpark are not so good this season. we only made it over there once, my fiance and I were having a great day relaxing at Soak City, did a few slides and did the lazy river, we packed up our bookbag and headed over to the big wave pool to hang out for a bit and I found 2 lounge chairs right up front! I was so excited. we were in the wave pool for 2 cycles. when we decided we were going to head back to the dry park to eat dinner. so we go to the chairs and our bag was gone! I could not believe it. we were no more than 10ft away! we spent the rest of our day with security. our clothes, car keys, phones, and wallets were all in the bag. but I have to say that Kings Island helped us so much! they got us new tshirts, flip-flops and even gave us snoopy bucks so we could go get dinner. and after about an hour and a half our bag was found and the only thing missing was my wallet. if Don reads this, please pass along to your guest relations and security depts how grateful we were that they were so helpful. never again going to Soak City without a locker!
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