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  1. That's a really cool idea.. the trains designed to give off a screaming whistling sound... but then again the roar of the track would probably drown it out
  2. a new hybrid coaster.. a Giga Dive coaster.. with a 90 degree 308 ft drop..
  3. considering theres a drop in elevation from where the "station" is and where Top Gun and the rest of the cleared land is.. could it be that it won't be 308 feet tall. but a 308' Drop using the elevation change. Just a thought.
  4. That's all well and good about the Hanna Barbera characters.. but.. if there are NO pictures of the construction of Top Gun.. I'm interested in knowing why? Anyone have an answer for that?
  5. I've looked all over and havn't found any, so I'm curious. Does anyone have ANY pictures of the construction of Top Gun? I mean we have pcs of The Bat.. Beast, King CObra construction. Vortex.. but no one ever got any pics of Top Gun when it was being built?
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