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  1. Just curious, what makes you think Dollywood is being secret? They do have a huge teaser banner that pretty much confirms it as a launched coaster. Of course, this could be a B&M since they have been working on a launched coaster. In which case it would be very interesting to pay attention to. Like I said way back in this thread, Dollywood officials were reported touring Europa Park. That makes it likely they will be getting a Mack launched coaster here. Because this it is as far as any clue goes (if it is a clue, like with the screams being monitors at KI). With Wild Eagle, employees had some idea of what was coming (I do know this for a fact), but this time is very different. The only press release or anything that has been issued actually hinted at more than one attraction (saying "new adventures, "new additions," and everything else in the plural). Near point in the game with Wild Eagle, The Mountain Press had already said it would be a large coaster because of info from a Pigeon Forge planning commission meeting. I think they learned a lesson with WE and are being tight lipped about this one. Trust me when I say I don't know much in this world, but I know Dollywood.
  2. "Kings Island is the only seasonal park in the world right now starting construction for 2014. These supports are going to KI" Wrong. Look down south. Dollywood has also started another major project that is being kept very secret, probably more so than the KI project.
  3. Does the 250,000 figure refer to a cost, or estimate? Just curious, and I know Terp will probably have the answer (you are so wise!)
  4. I've been surprised that the state has been as cooperative as they have been. There's sure no love lost between Lunsford and the governor, and I've always had the feeling Beshear would like nothing more than to see the site turned into a casino (like that will ever happen). Personally, I would like to see the park move somewhere on the outskirts of the Ville so it would have more room to expand, and the traffic wouldn't be as bad.
  5. I agree with you sscard101. I can't see him walking away from it. It seems like he has too much of a personal (emotional) investment in this to just let it go. But the absence of updates on social media and the web site being so quiet worries me a little.
  6. I'm another newbie, so please bear with me if I do something wrong. I've enjoyed reading everyone's speculation and get amazed at how knowledgeable some of you are about coasters. Amazed and jealous. My question is, how sure is everyone about this "Banshee" name? I did a little searching around and found another company owns the rights to Banshee when it comes to t-shirts and hats. Of course, I could have misunderstood what I was reading. http://www.trademarkia.com/Banshee-77536043.html
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