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  1. Yukon Striker carries your stuff from the entrance side of the station to the exit side, with the bins on a conveyor belt crossing over the track. There's no stepping across the train required.
  2. The water fountain is on the exit side of the station, so no. I think it's simply for employee use.
  3. Maybe they figured out the logistics of construction and concluded that they need this area as a path for equipment.
  4. According to the blueprints, L16 is the base of the spine on the drop-side.
  5. Yeah, SeaWorld San Diego has already confirmed a B&M dive coaster. It'll be the smaller 6-seats across with normal size track model. Regardless of where it goes though, that's a pretty color.
  6. Is it possible that he's just a business guru with little knowledge of the engineering field?
  7. Not exactly new. It came from the demolished Stinger at Dorney Park.
  8. Our turnaround does look similar to Leviathan's hammerhead from the top angle, but the top point of ours is about 90 degrees away from Leviathan's, which is almost perfectly centered. I think our turnaround is something different.
  9. Some of the zoomed in, detailed blueprints of the station and queue area show 8 lines and gates in the loading station. EDIT: Credit to @Banding Banshee
  10. I've always gone by a qualifying height OR drop length for determining hypers, especially when a drop reaches the threshold. I don't see why we shouldn't be calling our coaster with a 301 ft drop a giga. Granted, I also thought that this method was the norm, but who knows.
  11. It's gonna be 4 seats across per row with 8 rows per train, just like Fury 325.
  12. I did that went the first blueprints of the foundations were found. The track in the lot for Project MCT matched perfectly with the footer labels, and still match perfectly today. Project MCT is our coaster.
  13. 122 normal pieces (including turn between brake run and transfer) + 1 transfer + 9 brakes/station + 16 lift/drop pieces = 148. You are right. Certainly not a bad way to guesstimate a track length. Thanks. Where'd you find Fury's 192?
  14. You nailed it. This is not gonna be DB2.0. And thanks for making and sharing those pictures, because it just saved me some work. I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the elements on this coaster. I think before with the blurry overview, there was a misconception on what elements would be, and unfortunately, those seem to have stuck with the public. So, I want to give my opinion after seeing these detailed prints. Picture 1: This is not a reverse treble clef. The top point is not on a straight section like it is on Fury, and there's no large gap between banking and turning. I think this turnaround is going to be a non-inverting cross of an overbank and a dive loop. If you can imagine what a normal dive loop would look like from an above view like this, the high point would be very similar to what we see on our blueprint. An element like this would also explain why, from a top view, the turn would appear to get sharper as it decreases in altitude (assumption based on moving away from an early high point). It's not taking a sharp turn, but a steep downward turn. Picture 2: Now this looks really similar to the banked floating hill of Fury's treble cleft. While lacking the full turnaround that helped give Fury's element its name, this will still give us that amazing sideways airtime it's known for. Picture 3: I don't think this will be the ampersand we see on Shambhala. It actually looks really similar to the helix on Apollo's Chariot. We have the entrance low point (745 ft) at the very start of the turn, and it seems that the curve is getting consistently tighter until we hit the top point (854 ft) nearly 360 degrees later. We then quickly drop while turning 135 degrees where we hit the bottom (747.5 ft) after leveling and straightening out. Now at 110 feet from low to high, I can see a little bit of ampersand influence, but if this were to be more like Shambhala's, I'd have expected to see the high point be closer to the middle of the helix. I expect something closer to Apollo's helix. Of course, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this as well. That's the point of discussion afterall.
  15. Top of lift is 1035.9, not 1065.9.
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