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  1. I actually didn't really enjoy it. There was a weird shuffling throughout the ride, and there was one bad transition that had frontward-backward jolt that slammed my head into the headrest. It was pretty disappointing, even with no expectations going in.
  2. Anniversaries, if promoted and celebrated, can sell themselves. I hadn't thought about an anniversary before and I won't say never, but now I don't see another coaster addition until 2023 at the earliest.
  3. I think it's going to be more weird coming over the crest of The Beast's second lift. (Vortex was older than me) That view will be dramatically different, and you probably won't be thinking about it until it hits you.
  4. OMG, don't scare me like that! It was the first unread post for me and I thought it was legit when the page loaded.
  5. Eh, just another support. Pictures are appreciated nonetheless.
  6. This place also went after Silver Dollar City for their new Mystic River Falls. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/california/articles/2019-10-28/california-man-sues-over-missouri-amusement-park-ride-name
  7. I'm aware of what they said, which is at the very least unfortunate. Found the links to the blueprints provided by @Bansheeback. In the first link, the lift hill base footer is on page 6, top left. The lift spine goes up and to the right. I included the 2nd link for those interested. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h6qKpT4jW4JwgNh9uXq4dD39iLwbyAmJ/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DSj3IBP1_GI9h7JhU7217zdiO-LQbNU9/view EDIT: here's the footer design.
  8. It's 40 degrees, from the blueprints revealed in what seems like forever ago.
  9. They have just completed step 2. Also, from the redacted picture and video, we know that the last 2 lift pieces will go up together as one.
  10. The piece that they just put up can support itself. Both Leviathan and Fury were erected as such.
  11. From what I could see in the picture and the video, I have a few comments: 1. I would guess that topping is going to be Tuesday. I don't believe it will be tomorrow because the first two pieces of the drop still in their staging locations, as well as the end of the maintenance stairs that goes with the top piece. It is nice to see that they have the last 2 lift pieces prepared though. I think we may see the next drop piece (no additions necessary) lifted tomorrow, but that would be it. 2. We finally have confirmation that the drop pullout has been completed! 3. Does anyone remember that small grassy hill to the right after passing underneath Racer (across from FoF exit)? It looks like it's been at least de-grassed if not flattened out. Area 72 restrooms?
  12. They only need 3 cranes. The next piece of the drop can hold itself, 1 crane lifting and holding the remaining lift segment (2 pieces together), 1 crane lifting the top drop piece, and 1 crane for the basket.
  13. I don't think today is possible. With Leviathan, the crew did the last 3 steps in 1 day, but it was almost dark when they lifted the last piece, with a few more hours of attaching and connecting.
  14. The method for Leviathan and Fury were fairly similar to each other and should tell us from here: 1. Exact same current set up, lift and drop up to last support each. 2. Add next piece of drop track. The drop is still steep enough that the rest of the drop can support the attached piece. 3. Last two lift pieces go up. Leviathan lifted them separately, Fury lifted together. Regardless of how lifted, the end of this segment must be supported by a crane. 4. Lift the last remaining piece, which is the first piece of the drop.
  15. A little higher resolution, and a little bit of sun movement really helps you see it!
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