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  1. With the amount of brown track pieces visible, I would guess that Candemonium is at or near completed production. Although until Hershey track starts shipping, I think it'll be difficult to track progress on MCT. @Logan: Yes, the only MCT track we've seen so far are for the brakes, a flat turn, transfer, and station. The track labeled MCT ST9 is the entirety of our station, going into the lift.
  2. This. 100%. And remember that this was pulled straight from the Mason Municipal Building, so we know it's legit.
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h6qKpT4jW4JwgNh9uXq4dD39iLwbyAmJ/view Provided by @Bansheeback, who got copies of the available plans at Mason Municipal Building and scanned them in for us.
  4. The 4 across cars handle transitions and curves better because of the shorter length of each car. And I would guess the shorter train length benefits the design as well.
  5. Fixed it for ya. Red cross through the wrong ones, and the orange ones were missed.
  6. B&M isn't doing anything different. The distance may be wider between them, but it's not different.
  7. ST1 and ST2 should be the initial flat elevated brake run, seen on both Fury and Leviathan. ST3 curves down into a downward slope, as also seen. Now there are no footer labels for ST3 as there are no supports for ST3, likely unnecessary because it's a shorter track piece. ST2 has a set of supports and ST4 has 2 sets, so it'll be well supported. There's no error there.
  8. To me, it looks like the Firehawk queue isn't being used at all. I see the big red section between the brake run and the station as a new large queue for the coaster. It looks like a gift shop will be in the old Firehawk queue area.
  9. Thanks again Liz! One thing I'd like to point out is that on Fury and Leviathan, the supports equivalent to L8R and L8L are positioned still well on the lift portion and a good bit before the crest. What if we used the center point of a line between L13L and L13R as an estimate for the crest?
  10. Here is the photo he used.
  11. Except he used information on the coordinate sheet to prove that the actual scale of the drawing is off from the provided scale by a factor of exactly 2. His logic and process is sound.
  12. Nobody has it. The original poster quickly deleted it, Ben23065 at least saw it, and codyfryguy had it saved but deleted before PMing anyone. Unless a mod reverts the original post to reveal it (snowball's chance in hell), it's gone.
  13. Disappointed, but understood and respected.
  14. Thread is moving quickly, so I'll quote myself.
  15. Still giga. Nothing accurate to say it's not.
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