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  1. In the first few scenes of this Wodan video, you can see the crew loading the cars onto the main brake run before the transfer/storage track. I believe most GCI's follow this method because I've never seen a GCI storage shed with a door to pull trains out of. I haven't re-found any pictures or videos of this specifically yet, but there's a small cut on each side of the track on the brake run that allows for the upstop wheels to slide through, for the install or removal of each car. The gaps are normally covered by inserts to prevent the side-friction wheels from shifting into the gap (or the train somehow hoping up through the hole). https://youtu.be/8VQYBmAleGM
  2. Kentucky Kingdom has posted their 2017 operating schedule, and the most interesting thing is that KK will only be open for the State Fair on the weekends and closed on the weekdays. The last weekday they are open is August 15, with the State Fair beginning on the 17th. I guess that tells us what the Fair Board thought about last year. https://www.kentuckykingdom.com/experience/hours/
  3. Yes, the hypers and gigas are quite different. Why are you bashing them when you haven't ridden them?
  4. Saturday April 15, huh? A little surprised given it's Good Friday, but I guess that bodes well for the hopeful Renewed Passholder Preview Night on Friday.
  5. I'm not sure this warrants its own thread, so I'll ask it here. How busy was the exclusive last rides event after Sunday closing last year?
  6. Adam House (the GCI designer) said that MT was the 5th wooden, not Don or Greg. So I think we should mark that statement as an unofficial count and leave it at that.Officially, KI counts Racer as one and does count SurfDog as one. When ride wait times scroll on the FunTV, you will notice that they will list the wait time for racer S as well as the wait time for racer N.. (Which are always the same but help indicate of both are running that day).Based on this, I'd say the park considers them as two coasters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Racer is one, straight from Don: https://twitter.com/DonHelbig/status/759190940422668288
  7. Adam House (the GCI designer) said that MT was the 5th wooden, not Don or Greg. So I think we should mark that statement as an unofficial count and leave it at that. Officially, KI counts Racer as one and does count SurfDog as one.
  8. Last I heard, it was still manufactured in Europe. Wow, They ship all steel track over that's crazy!! Maybe saving money? I would think that would cost more? CSF used to be just the North American plant for B&M, but now they're manufacturing and shipping all their rides worldwide too.
  9. I was there on Tuesday with CoasterForce, and we got a back stage tour of Lightning Rod. During the tour, Pete Owens (PR Don-equivalent) told us that right now the problems are with sensors and the computer, and not directly with the launch. He said the launch problems have been ironed out for the most part, so now it just seems like usual coaster growing pains.
  10. While that does fit very nicely into the park (especially that drop), aren't we seeing markers and tree painting way back by the train storage building?
  11. What Mantis^^ said. Plus Fury has a chain where Millie and I305 have the faster cable lifts, and I like that it crawls over the top and takes longer to fall than the Intamins.
  12. Knott's removed their Screamin Swing last year, CF may just be removing them, kinda like they've done with most of their HUSS Top Spins. When rides start becoming problematic they tend to just close all of them to prevent future issues..Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk I wouldn't look too much into this trend yet. Both of the Screamin Swings that CF has removed have been the small 8-person capacity model. I would bet that the big 40-person models at Valleyfair and The Point are safe.
  13. Actually, they are for brakes (picture is Behemoth, I believe). You can even see the mounts for them on the spine in the Silver Bullet picture.
  14. Isn't that the same "block" in this picture provided by stashua123 earlier today?
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