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  1. That's kind of given...don't you think?
  2. Sad even my friends who work down at Kings Island agree with me...ruse and whatnot I could see it because all we care is efficiency and working our rides. Ki is actually trained to work with guests and take care of them and give them the experience..we were trained at cp to move people...that was it really. Trust me BTW I know what slows down operations I did it..three quarters of that list are quick corrections...buckling belts and loose articles..piece of cake...I'd even grab peoples stuff for them and place in the bin so they can sit down and get in quicker. Only one ill agree with is guest access (wheelchair, vip, ect) and electronics and that is going to stack but that's acceptable to me..I'm talking about interval to interval failures here. if you really think beast is ok like this, let's bring db into play..a ride with no seatbelts, easy ride, no operational stuff becoming a problem...and it still stacks, explain this
  3. Yes that's the block system...also it's not really about seatbelts...it comes down to the ride ops...they don't bust their ass like cp does with interval...you can see it...seatbelts slow things down a tad but not by much especially with the size of their crew two to three load and unload positions..sorry..plus they could do four train op like I said even five but I'd feel that's slightly overkill and would lead to actually some inefficiency. I shouldn't be riding beast and when I get to the ready brakes I stack and wait for seats to be checked to dispatch, and the. The train behind us is somewhere almost done with the ride again, it just shows slow operation and it pains me to see it because I know if you took cp ride ops, we could bust through that interval like no other. The ride is long enough counting lift hill times and brake run time, it's pathetic seeing the ride stack
  4. Ah that was what I thought you were referring to was the track and supports Ah dragster..don't get me started on that nightmare...It has WAAAAY to many sensors and it's safety system is way too ridiculously over redundant...Each brake fin has 4 sensors on launch side because to keep each setting redundant there are two of them. Two on the bottom signaling it's "down" two on the top to signal "up." Multiply that by how many brake fins. Also sensors on the launch area for the catch dog, the hydraulic system, station, restraints, unload, ready brakes, transfer track, ect...To me it's just a horrendous nightmare. Whoever engineered the safety system and said it needed to be monitored every 2mm during launch...Some people just want to watch the world burn. Arrow coasters, beautiful and simple design. Corkscrew. Two pairs of proximity switches before and after every block or brake run with some having photo eyes as well. You didn't see my ride computer faulting other than a really crazy fluke accident every now and then like the one I explained...Simplicity makes things so much easier
  5. It honestly depends on that type of ride. Most mechanical stuff is computer based this day in age for problems. Sensors get tripped wrong, or not tripped at all, causes a discrepancy and the ride either sets up, estops, or won't dispatch. Older style sensors suck more because photo eyes (basically a laser between two points) has to be aligned or if something gets on it (spider, heavy rain, leaf, ect) it puts in a discrepancy even though everything else can be fine. Proximity switches aren't too bad and are less problematic, but they can cause issues. When I was on corkscrew it wasn't counting the cars right, so it filed a discrepancy, shut down the lift, and we couldn't dispatch the trains. It thought there was still a car of the train on the lift even though there wasn't, so as a safety precaution, it shut itself down. Bad wheels can be a mechanical shutdown depending on severity. Most of the time they go through the day if not terrible or get the train transferred off. Most maint. people know signs of a bad wheel and replace em before they even go bad. Structural issues, HE** no. Those rides are inspected way too good by maint. and the state inspections for it to even be an issue. At my park before rides even cycled by maint. dept. they actually go out on the track and supports and visually inspect everything, and if it looks worn or any issue or at predetermined points, they take an ultrasound of the track to observe for miniture stress cracks in the steel. Wood coasters, they get walked and worked on everyday, you never stop building them. So all in all, it's usually the ride computer that has a fault or shuts down for a safety reason (like our instance with Beast earlier w/ it's 10 min shutdown loaded). Either the train before wasn't clear of the block yet and they dispatched outside of interval, or the previous train had already cleared the block but a sensor wasn't tripped right or tripped at all, and setup the ride. Which brings me to this mini rant comparing my ride op experience w/ KI...Beast has six blocks, why do they only run two or three trains (can't remember)...You could be able to efficiently run four, no problems, hell even five if you wanted to be ballsy depending on the block system....ugh...So much could be squeezed out of these rides for efficiency and throughput..Interval is a MUST at CP and we're great at getting people through. KI...I just don't get it when I see rides like DB stacked lol...We could easily get four trains on DB...but that won't happen down here ...End frustration
  6. Honestly things line up for a coaster atm at least from my perspective of what I see and what I know. I'll either be at the park later today after 1700 when I get off base for the weekend or there tomorrow before driving up to Cedar Point for the weekend. I wanna get a good glimpse of what's there so far if I can.
  7. This is about the greatest thread in the Galaxie
  8. Did my above post not prove a point. If we were getting say an intamin giga. Look at how their footers are arranged and assembeled (take Millie as an example) everything for the footers are under the track and follow it closely. Also they use smaller round footers for most track with the exception of the lift hill which are very large cylinders grouped closely together. Take a B&M like Gatekeeper, or hell even Diamondback. Their footers are very large square and usually trapezoid topped footers. Plus they aren't always mirroring the track. Honestly if you removed supports and track from Gatekeeper and didn't know what the ride looked like from that perspective, you would think the lift hill is where the transfer table or brake run is. If you had several concrete footers quite small and grouped together, I honestly would say a woodie. Like back in the day if I saw footers being built and had a triange on them and they lined up, you knew the DOT & you knew immediately it was an arrow coaster coming in because they were the only ones to do that to their footers. But like I asked earlier. Good pictures close up if someone could zoom in on them actually can provide more clues than you think. Details mean everything, this is just a giant puzzle right now. The more pieces you can put together the better.
  9. Seriously...couple days in and someone already wants to start something without considering information...Look at the difference between Intamin footers for say, an intamin like millie. New B&M's like GK @ CP..certain wooden coasters if they decide to go that route again. For instance you can rule out already if lets say it would be another woodie, GCI isn't involved because they lay down a giant slab of concrete. Layout also can be established with said footers. Intamin usually have layouts that follow their track layout almost similar to how arrows are right under the track. B&M's are a bit more rough to determine (say looking at GK, or Mantis is a huge example of this). Their footers are quite sporadic with the way their supports are. Also B&M footers usually feature a large square above ground or a trapezoid esque shape. Intamin usually uses round concrete footers in most scenarios, not all but most. For instance even though obsolete, back in the day Arrow coasters used to have alot of small footers for each individual support, and also had an imprint of an arrow, typically for the trains DOT ( footer orientation to bolt up correctly), also a possible tie to the company but never able to verify. Footers can be a good clue, so instead of being blatantly rude, consider information before posting please. I rest my case
  10. I'm not jumping on the giga coaster just yet. I wouldn't mind a giga at the park as that'd be extremely exciting to see how they'd work it into the landscape and floiage. Plus to have a coaster that is at the level of above the Eiffel Tower would be exciting. Hopefully I'll have more details later, as of now that's as much as I have. Again new footer stuff, pics zoomed in & hi res please. Footers can tell a bit of who the manufacturer is or possible track layout if this is indeed a coaster!
  11. Right lol I told the source the same thing haha. They're keeping a lookout for everything as I'm trying to figure everything out myself. I guess if anyone can get over by Firehawk try taking a look I guess. I've looked at what I believe the building is but not entirely sure. KI is now forced to be my home park as I'm now stationed at WPAFB. Home park always was CP, but that's changed
  12. Apparently through one of my sources, ride parts have arrived and are being stored in the coaster graveyard building behind/next to Firehawk. My source did not personally see these parts or anything but as it was relayed to said source that it was indeed a coaster but did not verify manufacturer or type...Hopefully people can elaborate on this a tad? Also can anyone get hi res zoom in on the footers being poured and set. That is a slight indication of ride type as B&M vs Intamin vs. ect do quite different footers
  13. Actually correction on previous post, just found info...It was setup due to my above statement, then someone called 911 for an anxiety attack...Unsurprising honestly
  14. Where's the info regarding the 911 call? I just read the article OP posted and it only seems related to a block setup problem due to incorrect interval/stacking or a ghost train. Where's this 911 call?
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