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  1. Still debating..I have a food baby and plus being an 8 o'clock close, not too sure about it. After having a whole weekend in the parks two weeks away from eachother I'm shot honestly lol.
  2. Where are the other trains for Db..could be a good indication. How is the rest of the park. Me and Lindz are ganna stop and grab food before we head down. Drive is about an hour but we will stop at her house so she can change and whatnot. Should be there in about two hours I'd imagine if we decide to go
  3. The Beast awakens..May be down here in a bit after lunch and whatnot
  4. I may come down..if Lindz wakes up..she's still here on my shoulder passed out... Sigh..I've been up since 0930
  5. ^^You make it sound as if they're being held captive
  6. If I wasn't all over the place during my trip I would have taken you. Me and Jon went through the week before and me, Lindz rolled through it
  7. You're in the correct tab of the thread, that should be enough
  8. So again by your logic, then in the simplest form they are similar yes? So a coaster is a coaster then?
  9. Read sentence two..it's a different breed. Same trains, different layout. Using your logic Gemini is just a smaller Maggie then, but they're completely different beings.
  10. Think of Millie..speed speed speed speed. Airtime is still present, but speed and rapid changes in height occur. Plus nice sweeping turns and overbanks. Mega coasters by B&M are usually airtime machines..usually Gigas from B&M so far seem to be about raw speed the whole ride, Fury does have a few new elements within thought that I haven't seen on any Giga (the neat Horseshoe turn to start). But regardless contains large overbanked sweeping turns that keeps speed almost the whole ride, and that seems to be the design process about them. Edit: Also don't knock what you haven't tried..I remember thinking Maverick was going to be a lame coaster..small hill, just a bit fast, big whoop. Was I surprised. Same with Montu, figured it'd be another Werner Stengel invert cookie cutter from B&M, but it's still my #1 invert.
  11. Actually yeah I opened all the unread threads..I thought we were all talking about foods xD Well that's embarrassing
  12. Here's a good read to help with your consideration going tomorrow: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/29815-how-crowded-will-the-park-be-on-any-date/
  13. Dunno what for lunch today. I have an event with Dr Who (still haven't ever really watched it in a dedicated sense) for my friends b-day, and we're going to bartend & make drinks too. But I'm thinking Charleys subs for lunch, not too sure.
  14. Did you know Canada has a maple syrup reserve..and someone stole thousands of gallons from it awhile back.. Interesting is the best word to describe it
  15. Didn't make money..I'll copy over later what I typed on Pointbuzz last night if needed. Copied from Pointbuzz Think for the daily meal every two hours, buffet & Coke Freestyle everytime..Or the season long, twice every visit. It unfortunately wasn't profitable I would bet from observing on the sidelines. Think how normally the dining plan does not give you a drink either, however Midway Market..tadaa Best thing is go online, buy the daily one meal ticket for 13 bucks (or 13.99 I can't remember), which is cheaper than the price w/ pass discount, and bam, go enjoy a buffet. If you really want though, use your meal plan at some other places like Pinks. Get a Bacon Chili Cheeseburger w/ Fries or Onion Rings..sweet deal, and quite tasty. Hopefully next year we'll see daily drink bands for anyone come in like other parks (KI had them this year, just on the down low), or I've always wanted to see a season long. I'd gladly pay 100 or so for that to either do hey maybe unlimited, or say five drinks a day or something. Be nice to just walk up, bam have a glass of Coke here or there, or Powerade, etc. I just wish we'd get rid of the Kinzel cups but I know that'll never happen unfortunately. But at least we have a few drinking fountains in the park for big gulps of water, can't complain there.
  16. There is a big difference between the Mega and Giga produced by B&M..ride Levi it's a fine coaster, and the new tunnel is sweet
  17. You can keep your head back, ride the way I explained..it does work. Next trip to momma park I'll try to demonstrate.. As long as you keep pressed into the car front wall and up into the shoulders and back, it's fine. Let yourself pop out of your seat and get jossled, just keep your head clear of the restraints. Bunny hill, bout equal to Maverick's airtime hill.. But some think it's a lame kiddy coaster..sigh
  18. Any dough/grain based diabeetus inducing food > Everything else Seriously someone bring me the abomination.
  19. Carowinds can have explosive growth like CP did from 1999-on..I could see multiple big expenditures over the next couple of years to make it the destination park of the carolinas, and pull from even farther than that (see all of us talking about it for instance) It's a great park and a massive amount of potential..If it wasn't for nostalgia and my love of momma park, Carowinds is my second fav park.
  20. I hear rumor you may see this at momma park in '15. Same could possibly be said for KI at some point, who knows. One can hope, for both that is.
  21. That's why I just sit back and observe lol
  22. I wouldn't be surprised if it was. They kinda sorta did a cookie cutter deal, but in it's own way. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever, they took what works and looks good, and added what their own little spin on it. But I'd bet alot of people involved from GK-on are still working on this project too.
  23. Oh it did for sure, I like how it interacted with Charlotte, that was sweet. The SOB deal though, can't top that..
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