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  1. ^^You can check your inbox, I responded. But if you want it both here & there, just because your employees donated their own money, that's not from the park. Again.."Don't foget to donate or do the challenge" Not "do the challenge and donate" Again..just stating ALS..not alot of awareness, I'll give you credit for the spiel of info at the end of the video, that's way more than most, I give you kudos there and it's great to see more than just ice dump, done. But did you really raise that much awareness?
  2. I don't hate the challenge, I never said that. I just want it to actually promote more awareness, especially through those that just dump water and do nothing else..like say the park who performed the challenge yesterday..but is all for kicking cancer/etc. Go out, raise real awareness, and raise real funds if you cant. Take me for instance, I can't drop the 100 today, but I dropped 20 last nght, but talked about it for a bit and how to get involved. Then left it at that..Dunking water isn't really teaching people.. Even today after all of it yesterday I just explained to a patient what ALS is after being asked. So it's not working as it should, that's my main gripe..
  3. Wow...sums up my thoughts exactly, like almost word for word: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ben-kosinski/icebucketchallenge-why-yo_b_5656649.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F15cEgDFblI Kinda just went into more detail than above..and apparently people watch videos instead of read as evident in the challenge itself
  4. They were alot like today..I bet that may change..again this may just be one Sunday deal the park rolls out..I'll patiently wait and see.. Was at CP all weekend this past weekend..Park was crowded on Sun with bad weather but had their ticket special. I even made the effort to ask if people did the bring a friend deal, many replies were positive regarding that. So we shall have to wait and see, I think attendance will be pushed during Haunt like no other this year.
  5. ^^It is but it isn't..It's good, but it could be better.. Plus..alot of people are just dumping and wasting water and ice over their heads and doing nothing else (Including KI "don't forget to donate, or do the challenge"). That shocked me the most, KI is all "kick cancer" etc. etc..then I see no donation to ALSA, or any true form of awareness. Just stating ALS is the tip of the iceberg.. Cool..raise a minute bit of awareness for one type of Dystrophy, and then call it a day..and being viral marketing, I doubt you'll ever see this again, or ever reach this magnitude..Like I said earlier, who all here is still on the manhunt for Joseph Kony? Pretty much that thing was dead in the water after 2012.. Cool stuff, but it could be alot better..Instead of whats being done..hey, how about go into how 30k Americans are affected by it, that it's a mutated chromosome in your genetics and may not know anything until later in life if you have it, or what muscular atrophy really is. How many out there know that DMD hits 15 out of every 100k? Which is more than ALS & it's 4 to every 100k. That it affects kids and can leave them incapacitated to a wheelchair? How about CMD, where patients really have no life expectancy at all to begin with, and if given one is usually very minute. Educate and inform. Think of the AHA (American Heart Association). That education about basic CPR, pulse points, and signs/symptoms have saved COUNTLESS lives..I don't see them wasting buckets of water. Not to be negative nancy, but to move on and be better people and try and improve the world, be part of the group that stands up, and fights the problem. If anything just go out and donate, and educate yourself and be knowledgeable and keep the cause flowing. Donating once and walking away is very similar to blood donors. Donate once, never again, that's it. Yay you did your part, but you didn't keep it going to keep helping. I'm glad a ton of money for one organization that deals with only one type of Dystrophy is doing good right now, but there are other types out there that are just sitting there collecting basically nothing (ALSA does not work to fix any other muscular dystrophy disorders) and that upsets me slightly. So all in all, stop wasting water, and start helping put cash into an organization that is fighting to solve the problem. Lastly you may be injured..already had two people in the ED today for dropping 5 gallon buckets full of ice on someones head..some of the accidents because of this are pretty crazy. But just my two cents..Again not trying to say this is all a bad thing, but be better than the typical person right now. You want to see change, go be that change and be better than what the normal person is doing right now.
  6. I would bet someone will end up getting it.. #KIBestDay & all..
  7. Q4 is generally always slightly low as the chain only has Knotts for a year round park, so it isn't a perfect indication most of the time. The attendance figures will be good in Q4 I'd believe.
  8. Exactly right..I see what they're trying to do, but it isn't working, nor is this practice pushing many results..See SIX..Less people, but higher per caps and a profit. May not equal the amount in dollars that FUN pulls, however, a profit is still better than no profit. There are other things in the works for driving attendance I'm led to believe..giving the gate away serves a purpose..why..not sure, it boggles even my mind. All I know is hope future years don't follow this strategy, I feel it'll come to bite the company in the ass. We'll see how Q3 turns out, the parks turn into cash cows during Haunt, we'll see if it redeems itself in the figures..if not, I can't say I would be shocked.
  9. Note this is also the same group that responded "Oh No" in regards to this deal.. Honestly, there is a reason to complain about this..Sundays will probably be quite busy days this season with this deal... Drive the attendance..bring people in..bring all your friends, the gates given away..just mozey right on in
  10. What I'll be curious to see..if FL gets filled by everyone using their bands on a Sunday, I wonder what the main queue will look like, and how it's wait time will be compared to FL..I'd find it hilarious to see FL guests leave the FL/FL+ queue and enter the main line because it's shorter... Cool little free perk, but I think this may backfire..But ah well, the parks are so ridiculously attendance driven this year..I don't think we have seen the end of the shenanigans the parks are putting out to bring people in either.
  11. So just think..every individual from Thursday to Nov 2 who gets a renewal will have a FL+ band for one Sunday for the rest of the season.. FL will def. have a wait on Sundays..and combined with whatever other offers the park tosses in like maybe other Bring a Friend deals..
  12. Video of KI's Ice Bucket challenge is online Holidays World..I chuckled..neat presentation though, hopefully a CF donation will be added to the challenge as well.
  13. I may not get a pass and just stock up on 19.99 tickets for a few big visits next year with the rate things have been going
  14. ^^Alot..I am kind of medical..I deal with DMD, ALS, and Congenital Dystophy alot.. But just because people say they accept the ALS challenge..do they really know what's going on, what it's helping, etc.
  15. Some people are donating as well, but there are those that do the challenge and not donate. But all of these videos, I fail to see how they raise awareness... Edit: Oh donations are up, and I'm very happy for that. However, I bet this time next year, it won't be so hot. Again..Kony 2012..anyone still following that after it went viral..nope.
  16. Not to keep pulling the negative nancy deal today..But I wouldn't be surprised if KI tried to make another world record with this deal.. But why people dump water over their heads for this..Sigh..just donate to ALS or DMD..and maybe learn about it. So many people I know already have done the ALS challenge..and have no clue what ALS is..or donate for that matter as well. I hate to say it, but this will sadly probably end up like the Kony 2012 crap..Big support worldwide for awhile..then poof, gone. That disappoints me more than anything. One time donor, never do it again, just like blood donors..
  17. Not really, at least to me. There will be a whole off season not filled with potentially crowded preview nights, many updates, webcams, and potential media days in regards to whatever 2015 may bring...What I basically see is: Come into the park and look at stuff, but hopefully we get a great attendance (because that seems to be the drive this year) and they buy stuff in the park (hopefully) I'm a whatever when it comes to this deal..I'll take the cheap pass and enjoy the hell out of it all season as I've done so far.
  18. Absolutely. The lift does go faster in 1 or 2 train op, it doesn't go up full speed due to block issues. Best part honestly for me in that video, other than the crazy time it took to edit down to the 1/4 of a second for music tracks. I love how the interaction works with the music quite well, especially the GK music watching Raptor cycle, it actually worked haha.
  19. Second video uploaded..should be avail to view on Youtube's website, soon mobile video player..still processing a bit and no image selected for video thus far.
  20. Credit was already given in the video description. Video two will be even better, and took way longer to edit. Bout 30 mins left for upload. The night videos unfortunately didn't turn out how I expected them to. They were ok..but not what I expected, so I won't edit those in. The still frame shots we took were great, but the video..eh it was ok. Have a friend working on the daytime panorama, hopefully we'll have that soon, it should look great when it's done.
  21. The first video of the weekend that I edited. Hope you enjoy, these take quite some time. I think the music fit way too good, it almost perfectly matches up with ride movements. But sweet video IMO at least.
  22. Yeah..I decided on sitting at home with food. More on that later
  23. I may head down there..may..Debating.. Laundry, nap, and dinner.. Or KI..after being at momma park..hmm
  24. I don't think the shocks are adjusted. I think it's they've been worn in. Media Day/Opening Day, those things were very tight, basically stopped flat in the brake run. Brand new shocks with all brand new wheels, wow. Made for an excellent revamp of that ride.
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