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  1. It's a disappointment that's for sure. However, there could be reasons for it. If not still get Pinks or Cheese on a Stick, or Corndogs, etc. Still amazing deals to be had!
  2. I would hope someone is..I know attendance is down but wow that'd be crazy! All joking aside I'm sure a few people from KIC will be there, if not chime in and let us know. I almost made the trip today, however I got tied up reading my EMT book and a few personal things..and rain (BOOOO)
  3. He wouldn't do that, he's not an enthusiast ^^_
  4. I don't love power hours. A lot can go south. I expect a crew to be efficient and on time always, not one hour here or there. Let me spiel...please..let me show you the ways
  5. I almost went today, got off early today.. But waiting to go enjoy momma park again. Time to pop more pedals
  6. See major coasters @ KI..see them walk right past.. I have even had a brew and walked into Banshee's queue no issue People gatta drink
  7. You'll see beer in the queues however..that rule has never been enforced any time I've gone
  8. True, I would suggest this for maybe CP but not KI as gold is the reigning champ there. That price could see a raise though IMO along with Platinum. However again it is supply and demand.
  9. Nice cause and money is going towards great groups and raises awareness and counseling. Good deal.. However these records..I want a record for most days using the same Gilette razor before I get a new cartridge or something.
  10. I agree that everyone should wait the same to make it perfectly fair...but at the same time the quick profit FL brings to the park to increase things I get in the future is worth it. Plus some rides are getting extra staffing to accommodate FL. See many rides for instance that used to never have am extra op at entrance. Extra staffing means easier rotations, breaks, and not always having an understaffed ride, which plagues operations more than FL ever will.
  11. I don't know who told you the 50/50 split, I have never heard that and will consider it slightly erroneous. However, that system is still better than FL and how it's handled at KI, where take Banshee, the whole FL+ queue is emptied before the main line is touched, and that is repeated all day. FL only guarantees you a right to stand in a separate line that incurs a fee and allows you to wear a wristband showing your eligibility for that line. FL is not a guarantee of getting walk ons, skipping the line VIP style, etc. That is all it does. By definition from the website, all it states is your ability to bypass the regular lines. It is selling and doing what was intended. I see problems with some ride ops and how they effectively deal with the FL line as demonstrated once on TTD or Banshee listed above. However, the system works as intended and is selling well. Right now many are inclined to pay the extra to bypass the main queue. This is a balance of supply and demand.
  12. Also, looking at the ride graveyard in the back of the park (somewhere that quite interests me btw, I'd love to go back there). The images from 2007+ show alot of trains back there. A few red ones may be the SOB trains/etc. but I do believe those may be back there. I can't be too positive though the imagery is very poor in quality. *paging Don* A tour perhaps? Would love to take a gander down yonder.
  13. Just learned that Villains trains may potentially be at KI..Interesting..I'd like to see that. Also who in CCI designed it? The ones who went to Gravity Group or GCI or Dinn and the S&S lot? Also for those that wonder why the parks and people such as myself harp on loose articles so much..read the lawsuit that involved the ride.
  14. The girl might have been right..I don't remember ACE having the option to buy
  15. Yeah they picked up all the slides and moved them. After they just left the empty wave pool there collecting algae
  16. It's not the displays..it's actually the camera..I'm sure the displays are just as bad, but the product is just as bad. Ask the merch op to show you a pic, it's bad haha
  17. Not sure, at least this season. They weren't bad bad in '11. I didn't ride in '12. '13 they were pretty faded last time I visited and rode. Now..it's..just..wow
  18. You won't get a ride photo.. That camera takes worse pictures than a Polaroid. I believe it's being neglected purposefully..hopefully You can't see anything from the picture
  19. I'll take the CP variant..that system works quite well. For starters they don't fill whole stations with FL up there..whoever taught these kids to do that is beyond me. Best Day ever
  20. I may show up..highly doubtful but I might
  21. Then another 45 or so for those who wait for front row for some reason
  22. Oktoberfest in the park is dead..there I said it... I hear IS is next on the map. I don't think they'll stop after just paint on the buildings and a purposefully neglected Tower Gardens
  23. Moreover.. Park was too big too fast under the SIX platform. SIX sold it to get out of debt with it quick. CF took up the easy quick offer because Kinzel believed himself to sit on a huge stack of cash. Then to make more money in momma park, close down a close park that drew most of Cleveland visitors to, and they would flock to CP. I mean think, back then I remember one of the last years having a 25 dollar ride & slide park ticket. You got some great big rides and thrilling attractions, some neat shows, then a fantastic waterpark. Wheras go to CP up the road a bit and pay 40 for just rides, then hey you wan't that water park for an upcharge too right. So gut the park, keep the waterpark that sold well and had a big draw. Put the rides we like and could use in other properties that could use a new ride for just the price of deconstruction, paint, and transportation. Gut the park for stuff we can use elsewhere like Double Loop trains, etc. Then sell and scrap the rest to make a pretty penny. Then to this day they milk the park for cash being just a waterpark, when just about every guest knows the poor history, and I can't tell you how many times people stand by the beach or ontop of the Proslide Tornado and look over to what's missing across the lake. Attendance is for sure dropping I'd imagine, not one new development since the dry side was razed..New for 2014 was..nothing..new colorful beach chairs..oh and dining plans. Geauga Dog is sad..
  24. Clearly you How anyone finds that setup enjoyable astonishes me..At least you didn't say Beast is rougher than Mean Streak like someone else I know.. After a high seat staple..no more.
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