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    My preferred activities are reading, writing, motorbikin', hiking, nail art, and extreme coloring. However, I spend the majority of my life cleaning, working, and riding in the car.. my cool little alien toaster mobile.

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  1. The Beast and I share a birthday, we also share it with Adventure Express (and I'm sure many others). My great uncle Sam was a carpenter who assisted in construction of The Beast. The Beast and I have quite a connection that I am excited to rekindle again this year.
  2. Yes, The Beast will still be the longest wooden roller coaster, coming in at 7,359 feet.
  3. Beautiful coaster. I love when designers use the terrain and keep as much of the natural beauty as possible, particularly with wooden coasters; it gives an organic feeling, that I just thoroughly enjoy. My husband and I are (and have been for a few months) in the early planning stages of a Norway & Sweden vacation, so a trip to Kolmarden may actually be in my future.
  4. My husband was at the Expo center today and he snapped a KK photo. I do wish there was more marketing for Lightning Run around the Louisville area, it could do wonders for the park. I have a friend who "loves" roller coasters and she knows that KI is getting "some cool new coaster" but had no idea that the park closest to us is getting a new anything. Le sigh, I really hope KK doesn't fail and become sad ruins.
  5. My father always called those rails cattle corrals, therefore I have called them cattle corrals my entire life. Weird, I know. Agreed! The black ones would look excellent in the Banshee queue. However, I imagine they would get incredibly hot.
  6. I have 4g (headed to 2g soon) ear lobes, among other current ear piercings and removed non-ear piercings. When I take my earrings out you can't tell I have stretched ear lobes. Many say 2g is the point of no return, go past 2 and you will forever have messed up lobes. I try not to judge anyone based on appearance, in my field being judgmental based solely on appearance is dangerous.
  7. My husband jokingly said: "I'm putting my money on the circle being a Banshee mural made out of pennies, it's fun for all ages". Made me laugh and had to share with others who might appreciate the sarcasm.
  8. My husband and I have a remarkable gift for criss-crossing the park with no plan and certainly no regard for logic. Example of our KI movements: "Let's start with Diamondback" "That was fun, how 'bout some Flight Deck" "ON TO Vortex!" ... you get the point.
  9. Digging through an old "memory box" and I found this. Wow.
  10. http://dfw.cbslocal.com/2014/02/18/six-flags-sues-texas-giant-maker/ Looks like Six Flags is pursuing legal action against Gerstlauer for the Texas Giant death last summer.
  11. I am doing the Color Run in Louisville on June 7. They are incredibly fun.
  12. I was put on a leash. I was a good kid who was put on a leash because I had a tendency to touch EVERYTHING and my mom could easily control what I touched if I had a very short traveling distance. Was I just simply taught to know better? Well of course. But my mild OCD warrants that I touch stuff. I still have the need to touch stuff, and husband sometimes wishes he could put me on a leash. I agree with medford, many times leashes are used for the love of a child not out of abuse. It's not just a matter of parenting or teaching the child to know better. Seems a bit injudicious for someone to insinuate such.
  13. (nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana) Batcaaaaaam! PhantomTheaterKiss who just had to.
  14. I have no idea what color scheme would look better on Delirium, but the current color scheme is very Action Zone-esque. Therefore, if AZ is disappearing I would like to see those colors go as well. Dark green, black, brown? I even vote black and lime would fit much nicer with Banshee. Not sure, but I honestly would like to see both Delirium and Drop Tower repainted just to match the changes that are obviously brewing.
  15. I have looked at that several times today, and I can not determine if it is actually black paint or just some odd shadows. I am going to say shadows until it is more visible.
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