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  1. Great america is a great park.
  2. I got it. I just haven't said anything. And it was a very revealing hint this time. I think I know what we're getting...or at least, to me, the list of possibilities has been greatly narrowed down. But lest I'm over-interpreting terp, I'll remain ever-so-humbly reserved, keep my musings to myself, and be thought a fool rather than open my mouth and remove all doubt. Because it could just be a diversion, and I'd hate for the rug to be pulled out from under me. BTW - all this talk about the MCBRs...let's not forget that Diamondback has some pretty fun hills, a helix, and spashdown after the MCBR. You would think someone with nearly 40000 post would be able to be more descriptive.
  3. Its common sense, the more drawn out the elements the less intense the ride.
  4. Great adventure is 12hrs from here? On a memorable trip in 06 I hit up 3 intamin rockets in two days. Ka on a sunday, the next day storm runner, then hit up ttd that evening on a night ride.
  5. Rides like talon and sfog's goliath are so much better without a mcbr. But mr. Omeit says he likes more comfortable rides which means forceless.
  6. Afternwatching the video I am reminded b&m's are over at the mcbr.
  7. In the video, the new ceo likes rides with more comfortable elements and rides that parents want to ride with their kids. Its got giga written all over it. If its looping he means a forceless b&m aka Gatekeeper.
  8. Pretty sure it's not.From the manual: There are 3 clicks until it is at it's place to be considered closed. Trust me and Ki Man. We've both handled the restraints countless times in operation and in training (I know for my training, we were showed each click and there are 3 before the train can be dispatched). We have been taught to know how the ride works, what it sounds like, what it feels like, what it shouldn't sound like, what it shouldn't feel like, how the restraints operate manually and automatically, how the restraints feel, sound, etc. End of this discussion with you. To the OP: As far as Diamondback seat sizes, they are all exactly the same. There are no differences. When it comes to the test seat, it's the same exact one as what is on the trains. Having experienced this, when you may need help, you are more than likely in between clicks which require the restraint to be brought down to the next click as the restraint isn't locked properly for operation. Do you have permission from b&m and ki? Can't you get in trouble posting pages of a ride manual on the internet?
  9. FANBOYS are way worse than trolls.
  10. To quote the crypt: "long lines does not necessarily equal the ride popularity. Fof is up there with Invertigo for capacity.
  11. When I am at a park you always hear the general public ask if the ride goes upside down cause most are scared.
  12. Inversions are a novelty. The general public fears rides that goes upside down. Do you guys really want a b&m jackhammering into inversions? You guys will have cauliflower ears.
  13. Dominator is the only floorless without a zero g roll.
  14. Um, it was at six flags great america in 2006. Nice try crypt.
  15. Waterpark may be crowded. Other than that nothing. If you don't do water park you will be boared by noon.
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