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  1. Yes I agree B&m invert im dreaming of 200 feet or very close and 8 inversions, in my dream I see the giga using SOB station and that huge chunk of land in 2016... well ladies and gents that is my Field of Dreams lol.
  2. Sorry not trying to spoil anyones fun I did in fact believe all Intamin track came in shipping containers until I just saw a pic of I305 track on the back of a flat bed
  3. How could you see Intamin track on the freeway when Intamin track comes in Shipping containers???
  4. Just want to know have you ever ridden Rossa to back the Meh claim up??? B/c even after hitting the trims the coaster is still traveling over 100mph and has the highest average speed of any coaster on the planet!!! It may not be an airtime monster but it's a speed lovers dream!!!
  5. I also wanted to point out that Gatekeeper uses 3 different sizes of track the size posted by Kirbias1 and there is two types on this truck bed Also here's a piece of DM track
  6. So that track goes with those supports I would assume and if so my thoughts on those being Wingrider supports are correct since the part number on that track starts with WI. That means KI may not be getting an B&M in 2014 especially if they haven't even started fabricating it especially for a giga, with KI already started ground work that means they will be expecting parts sometime soon that leaves the door open for another manufacturer or am I getting ahead of myself here??? IF the door is open please let it be Intamin
  7. An Intamin full of hot chicks 2014 KI truly can't come fast enough lol!!!
  8. That's why I stated IMO and that I could be totally wrong after looking through B&M supports on RCDB and the shape of the weird support at the B&M there are only three coasters I found that has that weird shaped support and that's both Gatekeeper and Wild Eagle in the helices and Tatsu has that weird shaped support in the egg turn, since I don't see any other supports around that look like they may be inverted for an invert or flyer I came to the conclusion they were for a Wingrider again I could be wrong
  9. ^^Exactly and that's why I don't believe those supports are heading to KI for 2014 of course I could be very wrong, even if they aren't Wingrider supports I still hope they are not heading to KI I still holding a long hope that what ever KI is getting is an Intamin giga or something mavrickish but much longer!!! Also thanks for the Welcome TheBeastunchained
  10. Hi Guys first post been lurking around for a while though Anyways about the Dive hints I wouldn't read to much into it being a Dive machine because a 300+ foot Giga drop could also be considered one heck of a Dive!!! Also after studing a few B&M coaster supports on RCDB imo I think a Dive Machine and an Inverted coaster can be ruled out those supports at the B&M plant imo they belong to a Wingrider, that one weird shaped support looks just like the ones supporting Gatekeepers helix imo.
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