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  1. The history billboards around coney area are great but not understanding why none seem to be plugged in to light up at night.
  2. True. It’s odd that this wasn’t talked about. I bet it’s a blog post soon. AND a missed opportunity to make it more “interactive” by NOT putting the ride names by the towers. Wish there was a board when you entered with the logos or names listed and a QR to scan to check the answers. If you really wanted to take it next level and “gifts for the 50”, correct guesses entered BEFORE checking the QR code enters you in a drawing for a set of mini ride theme towers.
  3. I don’t really see adventure village as related to local history like the other areas. I think at this point, people want more “authentic” and local experiences instead of fake themed areas that Cedar Fair will never put the money into to pull off convincingly. That’s why I’d lean fully into Coney, German, Riverfront and wooded hills. Let IS be the glue that holds it together with “local” international favorites like Skyline and LaRosas but make them more “LaFamiglia Pizzera-fearing LaRosas” to get away from the blatant corporate branding. I’d love to see all the pop drink umbrellas go away as well and instead build covered patios, but have awnings in the “corporate” color and then have crates with the logos and giraffe bottles stacked around. Overall the park just needs a major visual purge.
  4. It got up and running by about 12 or so.
  5. Being at the park today I looked and feel that if something big goes here. It needs to clearly be part of Coney and enter from the back area by WindSeeker. Rivertown is already visually and operationally busy enough at that entrance area, and the back of Coney is beyond dead. That whole end needs a refresh and reorganization with something meaningful going in The Racer turn around so you can really appreciate that (wish wind seeker went there years ago instead of where it is clogging the paths into that area ) and open up that whole plaza with an entrance to a new signature ride like “TheBigRedMachine”.
  6. Love it. My “concept” would be there are essentially 5 theme areas. International Street (with a “cross street” at the top that connects Adventure Express and Hanks as “Fiesta Plaza” over to (former-now Panda Express) Chick Fil a as Asia Courtyard with new landscaping) Oktoberfest goes from existing all the way to The Bat, Coney Midway that now includes the walkway to RiverTown with some new kid-friendly flats , and RiverTown Junction that flows into CampSnoopy. Each of these areas would tie back into Cinci History or typography. Get rid of ActionZone and unify the whole of Oktoberfest with new landscaping and banners (like we’re there years before). The new section could be more modern to reduce costs and be accomplished mainly through surface treatments and decor.
  7. Honestly I’m being SUPER picky just because the park looks better than it has in YEARS. So now they are showing they can do it. We just need to see the love continue. LOVE yhh my r music today BTW. Feels like anniversary night. Jazzy and not all pop.
  8. I like some pillow talk. Best secrets are learned there. Do share!
  9. Amen!! Drives me crazy. Same around the tower. Weedy mulch is not hiding things. My hope is that they are leaving things accessible until all tech is done. They have a whole week to get this looking better before 28th
  10. So. Much. Cleaner. Without it. I hope they just clear it and landscape, or use the concrete pad for some seating and open up the view to Banshe. Even if they did a matching, cemetery style fence and added a few grave stones closer to make it feel like an “overlook” to Banshee. Personally I think all of Action Zone makes more sense as part of a much larger Oktoberfest and that would be a step toward that.
  11. Finally! After a few seasons of the control boxes for the trees in coney just laying in the mulch they have covered them all with fake rocks. Now if there was just something planted around them.
  12. There a lot more to this than most thought. They are now installing big sign plaques in the planter beds in addition to the engraved pavers. They haven’t even started planting yet, so not sure when this will be open. Hopefully by this weekend, but it’s impressive how much they are adding to this area.
  13. Thanks for your expert opinion. Whatever happened - it wasn't a "mess" it worked, and they moved on as we all should.
  14. I thought it was intentional and worked. That’s the great thing with the fountain and they seem to learning how to use it better. You don’t have to throw everything out there at one. Start with the water-build to the fireworks. I thing it was intended as the timing with the “pause” at WaaaHoo seemed punctuated with the right shells. They just went right into the “real finale” after the announcement so people would hear it and not be running out of t by e park. Disney has played with these “false finales” before. I think they just tried something different.
  15. wouldn't an AIR CONDITIONED space with protection from the elements made WAY more sense? This is nice - don't get me wrong, but this could've almost just been a Golden Celebration patio with drinks and light bites for adults only and then do VIP in a place that actually has a benefit on a hot, stormy day. You can't tell me there aren't a few places that they could've use event $$ to rehab into a "lounge" that then could've stayed with minimal rethemeing after the 50th. Even like KILLMART building or heck - swap out the BierGarden for this and let the covered patio (and kitchen access) be a true VIP lounge - then move the bar over to this area for the summer. This just doesn't seem like a spot I'd pay ANYTHING extra to sit in on a humid July day. Odd choice as it seems like its taking a lot of effort to still not really have a quality product.
  16. There is a bunch of outdoor chairs-sofas from Carnivale behind this area ready to set up soon. Definitely seating of some type. Probably VIP experience-but seems sort of “in your face” for a vip lounge.
  17. I don’t understand why they aren’t using the station queue more where they can monitor it better. Last night they weren’t using it at all, but the lower queue house was in use. Seem really odd to push the line that far out when they have a full queue up top. Even if they aren’t using the “back/front” divide.
  18. People. Are. Idiots.
  19. They raised it a few years ago thinking that would help LOL. There’s this ridiculous sense of entitlement. That’s why the zoo has replaced MANY TIMES the statue/planter at the front entrance. My kids used to try to climb on the fiberglass rhinos and I would loudly say “those aren’t for climbing on-some parents just don’t care that their kids are destroying things, but we aren’t those kind of people” SOMETIMES the other parents would actually get their kids down-rarely though.
  20. Ugh. For the life of me I can’t figure out why since they had The Beast down an extended period of time they didn’t take that time to fix the queue there as well. The wall/gate to slaughter house NEEDS to be pushed further back. Fix the entry to actually relate to the ride -like you are entering through the abandoned office of the KingsMils Mining Concern. Do we REALLY need more stupid overpriced pop machines? Get FastLane out of the exit lane, and WHY??? Why can’t we after YEARS of neglect fix the sluce fountain? I know the lake will never come back, but making a small “pondless resivoir” that the two end chutes drain into and it recycled to the top would not be that hard! Heck, even having two great big galvanized tubs surrounded by big rocks would act as two collection ponds. While we are at it, bring back the mine car stream as well with a new, smaller pond or at least clean up the bushes that block the entrance to the mine shaft-you can’t even tell what it is. I’m impressed with the ride itself-unimpressed how other details weren’t addressed. Hoping in a few years for ITS 50th! My 7 year old as soon as he saw the picture in queue of the original with the lake asked “why doesn’t it look like THAT anymore?”
  21. Ahhh that’s sad, but makes sense. I applaud them for doing “something” but the dinky plastic petunia tubs just look silly. Maybe they are coming back since they left the holes and just covered them with the little pots. On a related note of petunias, the park has definitely upped the landscaping budget thus year. Should look amazing in a week or two with the rain we’ve had and the amount of stuff they’ve planted. Long unloved mulch bad scare coming to life finally. Now if the yahoos just keep their annoying kids out of the planters we will be set!
  22. Wonder why the impressive row of banners lining the front walkway have been replaced with dinky plastic flower barrels?! It was too good to last I guess.
  23. Wait??? KK has Dollywood cinnamon bread? I’m torn between ready to drive down, and depressed the uniqueness is gone.
  24. I hate when places *******ize their own event logo... badly
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