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  1. The map has hit social media and the GP has noticed the cutbacks in quantity without a cutback in cost. The danger in winning that silly “best of the best” USA today thing is that just maybe people who see that, expect the best of the best when they come.
  2. Why???? More chain food and liscensed branding??
  3. It’s been a great year if you ask my kid!
  4. They’ve really been into “skid inspired” construction this year haven’t they LOL.
  5. Great. And like I said, I’ll probably not renew unless I feel like I’m really getting something great. Based on what I saw at CP it should be strong, but I don’t want to make assumptions. We are kinda KI’d out right now.
  6. I for one have no desire to renew after two 1/2 seasons off of 2019 fall pass purchase when they aren’t even hyping a major push for the 50th.
  7. I don’t understand why corporately aren’t negotiating rights and developing master playlists. Seems like it would be cheaper to get these play rights for the chain instead of each park working on this.
  8. The theming has had issues on Mystic this year, but mostly has all come back on line in the last week or so. Bad show? Sure, but nothing Disney wouldn’t run with these days.
  9. Yes! Auntie Ann’s and Cinnabon need to move back over to the FkyingJ that they came from. KI has pretty good cupcakes and other baked goods in the cases at Coney BBQ and other spots. It would be wonderful if some of that was “show baked” on I street.
  10. At least these were “international” on International Street. Not the best location for the Chinese place, but if they were to add a food service location in tgg he r tower gardens (that could share service areas to coney BBQ) tgg he at would be a great place. Chinese dining in a “beautiful “ garden.
  11. Wow! You and I should go on a foodie reinvention tour of KI. You think like me. I’d LOVE to see something more theme appropriate that marginal pizza in rivertown. Maybe with a large deck overlooking the new lake where Vortex was. Maybe even with a small stage (that didn’t look too ‘staged’ but more like themed propping where “mini shows” like BuskerJam could pop up through the day. That sandwich shop sounds like an awesome replacement for skyline in Coney. Or the fish could go there and steak sandwiches replace subway. I think they’ve proven they can up the good game with Carnivale, it’s time to keep it more permanent.
  12. I would think it the opposite. They may buy from the commissary, but I would venture it’s the brands that pay the fee for promo, not KI. What wikis KI stand to gain from paying for both the food and the name? They’d be better off just going it in their own and saving on the liscensing fee.
  13. If KI wanted to they could name the terms of the sponsorship. Starbucks is big at US Disney parks, but only locations outside of the parks (downtown Disney, Disney springs) are branded as such. The ones in park have unique names, interiors, theming and do use the corporate branding in more subtle ways on signage, menu board etc. KI (abs probably CF corporate just doesn’t dictate that their branding takes priority over the sponsor brand. It’s less of a sponsor and more like KI is the landlord that leases out the space for the tenant to build out however they choose.
  14. If you want to get “picky” la Ross’s make more sense in the Italian building than Graeters, as that’s German. I’d love an Italian gelato shop there, and move graeters to another area.
  15. Ok, so put Swiss food in the Swiss building. Greek chili make no sense there, and it’s a shame one of the prime indoor seating locations right by the entrance is filled with stuff I can get right across the street from the park cheaper. Or since the German food ship sailed on festhaus years ago, make it “FESTHAUS-a celebration of world foods and entertainment” , and turn it into a mini year round CARNIVALE with *******ized “international” food like panda, skyline, larosas, and the like with a “tour around the world” through pop songs that mention different cities.
  16. I guess my thing is, why does it have to be a Cincinnati staple? Why can’t it be a KI staple? I just don’t like that there isn’t any attempt To make it look unique to the park. They use the same signage, branding etc as outside the park. I think Disney does a good job of integration of “outside brands” but still telling their own Disney story instead of it feeling like just another skyline off interstate 71 exit 14. Mrs Knotts chicken isn’t a Buena Park area chain that has a location at KBF, it’s something you can ONLY get at the park.
  17. Mrs knots would be awesome, but I think it looses its uniqueness if it’s everywhere. Each park should have an “only at”….and no, larosas and skyline don’t count. Skyline on IStreet is a waste of an indoor dining location if you ask me, or play up the Greek aspect, make it a Greek restaurant “featuring” skyline chiii, but lots of other -more Greek options (like gyros and salads) and please, a better interior. Something that looks more “Greek” but also tellls the skyline story.
  18. No outside branded food (unless it is a dining establishment “sponsored by…” t he at serves their food in addition to other items… like a “home style” chicken restaurant in rivertown that serves chili fil a chicken but with “country sides” in addition to waffle fries. Something that doesn’t feel like I’m paying double for the same stuff I can get outside the park. Better food choices all around-like the chefs special, but offered daily at a nice, table service restaurant (with a great view of the park…hint hint).
  19. It’s odd that you don’t really see that at all. Wonder if there is some issue with United features on the liscensing or if they just don’t see it as that important. It would’ve been a “natural” to have the gang in international costumes during carnivale. Why weren’t they going on a world wide trip? Such a great way to tie it all together. It’s be like peanuts really don’t have any purpose outside of their one area. Seems like a miss.
  20. There is nothing “innovative “ about the rides in wildwood grove. What nails it is the landscaping, the music, and the storytelling applied to off the shelf rides. Something that Cedar Fair is only starting to get better at.
  21. I couldn’t figure out why the other night something felt so different when walking through coney over to check out the dance party. Then I realized it was because there was a wonderful, jazzy INSTRUMENTAL track playing. No lyrics! No radio top 40. It was wonderful. I’m not saying that’s the best track for the entire park, but it felt so right for that walk. I loved that I wasn’t singing along, feeling like I was in the car.
  22. I think next time needs to be a blend of “best of” from this year and 2019. The lack of real “cultural entertainment “ was very noticeable this year. I didn’t like grouping everything onto the main stage and replacing Chinese acrobats and Italian opera singers with generic “carnival” acts, but I got it from a staffing and cost standpoint. It was easier to hire more “circus acts” that could cross over into the parade. It is more of a cultural appropriation fest than a cultural fest, but I think they can hit a better balance next time. The scavenger hunt did talk about facts from each country, but it was very hard to hear the video (with the Expedia ad that popped up first) and I don’t think they did a very good job of promoting it. next time I think they need to go back to small, authentic acts in each country, not “kids in costume” hanging around, do a craft or activity that actually teaches something in each country, or not promote it as a “cultural festival” since that sets expectations a bit high. Maybe an “internationally inspired party” is what I would’ve called this year.
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