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  1. It’s called sarcasm. Point being winning that stupid award with what they threw out there proves there’s no validity to the said award.
  2. Now that Tricks and TREATS (wow-suprised that wasn’t edited for me) has started, are they offering these food options beyond 6 on Saturdays? I assume not on Fridays
  3. Totally agree. Even the decor is so well done and detailed you miss a lot of it only seeing it at night. Like the fact that Skyline trim matches skyline, subway matches, racer is two colors etc. most of that doesn’t even show at night. A 12 or 1 open would seem much better to get additional revenue. Even if shows didn’t change you could do those easier in the evening if you weren’t also trying to slot in rides.
  4. Is this being marketed? I love that it ends the night, but seems like there could be an alternative version like at 8:30, 10:30 then the finale at 12 to give an additional entertainment option.
  5. I’d venture that all those you mentioned WITHOUT payroll of scare actors will STILL be a great add and not increase operating costs much beyond the initial investment and minimal time to switch out. Most are all lighting effects, or could literally be stored on site out of line of sight on the ride. Heck, even crazy demented carnival music and glitching lights in the brake tunnel of Racer would help.
  6. Name only. Great poster design but did nothing beyond that. Could’ve been a whole story about how Santa partners with aliens to deliver all the presents in one night. Even do some silhouette projection in the queue of Santa loading gifts into crates with alien helpers. Do a crazy transsiberian orch soundtrack with lasers and lights in tyy by e spaghetti bowl. Have the final brake run be a projected blizzard as you return to earth.
  7. Wholeheartedly. Honestly I have NO IDEA why they don’t do this. Especially for haunt. Could market as a event “add” with minimal operating outlay beyond the initial installation. Heck -Winterfest has shown they have no problem leaving unused lighting equipment in place year round, so just activate it at 6pm on haunt nights. Music. Lighting, propping could all be added to enhance. Imagine digital mapping in the tunnels of Adventure Express or glowing red lights in the woods along The Beast tracks.
  8. That’s truly all I’m saying. If people take it as criticism of them or their team personally it isn’t. It’s more of a comment on the amount of funding and resources the park and corporate are giving to these type of events. It’s simply not enough, and my point is they are pushing these as the “new drivers” for attendance and pr cap spending, yet not properly funding them in a way that makes set up and transitions effective
  9. Why do I keep reading reviews and comments that say "this isn't quite done" or "you can tell they still have a few things to finish" or "there are more elements coming" THE EVENT STARTED SEPT 23. We rail on people who complain "the park was closed during the day on Saturday" and tell them to check the calendar - well - the same holds for the park. The event opens when it opens - check the calendar. I'm disappointed seeing so many comments of incomplete things or "hope they will address this as the run continues. Yes - there will always be things tweaked, tightened and enhanced - like the really unnecessary extra lasers that were added halfway through the run of FFF, but it sounds like key elements or things that actually impact the experience just aren't there. I don't work at the park and I don't know how seasonal transitions are carried out, but it seems like if they want to continue down the "festival and event" model to drive attendance and in-park revenue boosts they need to get these events on point from the first night to the last. I remember with CARNIVALE last year they added all the metallic garlands that were color coordinated to each country they represented, they even when to the effort and expense of buying lit garlands with color coordinated lights, then most of them weren't even plugged in, and they never got to it "later in the run". It often times doesn't happen, it just stays undone.
  10. I want to like their cupcakes but they are always dry -sometimes to the point of being like hard cornbread. Been disappointed every time this year.
  11. That’s not an excuse. It wasn’t MY homecoming. Why should I expect a sub-par experience that I pay the same for as someone next weekend? It opens when it opens. If you can’t staff appropriately, don’t open that weekend.
  12. The fog machines were very sparse. I don't know if this is intentional (maybe for security) or they just have not gotten more out yet? if that’s the case it’s not an excuse. The event starts the night it starts. It’s not a “tech preview “ and they’ve had weeks to get this set at this point now.
  13. It just feel like there are some reallocation of existing assets that would accomplish that though. There are some clear narratives that could be stronger using existing infrastructure, buildings, theming, and ride experiences. I don’t think it needs a “radical reinventing, just a tightening up and leaning into sone of what is already there. Even adding effects and lighting to existing “daytime” attractions like Adventure Express or TheBat would be a way of enhancing the experience without the expense of scareActors. I just don’t feel the park is being very creative or resourceful with this event.
  14. In a competition that means nothing based on who won honestly.
  15. That’s what I fear. I almost feel like they are setting this up to go out with a whimper by having a lackluster year, getting poor reviews and ho hum attendance so they can “try a new type of event” next season and not outright cancel it, but blame it on an “overall lackluster reviews last year despite being voted the best event by USA Today”.
  16. In a rigged sham of a “competition” but yeah… it’s THE BEST!!
  17. haven't been yet this year, so I'm just going on pics and reviews, but it seems MUCH less focussed this year. I was impressed that in 2019 we started seeing some "overall thematic integration" with International street being Dia de los Muerta decor with Drums of the Dead set tying into that. It felt like when they launched trick and treats the next year they missed the opportunity to integrate it even more with things like moving "Shipwrcked" by Viking Fury and having the pirate themed trick or treat station there along with the pirate "game show" to develop a whole integrated pirate area. Pumpkin eater flowed great into RiverTown Reaping which really seemed like the start of developing a whole story arc for that area. Then that theme was abandoned the next year (maybe because of pandemic overtones, but I don't think many people even understood what the masked guys were supposed to be other than scary) The zombie scare zone outside of KillMart made sense as it was "world building" that brought an indoor maze to life in a bigger way. It seemed like they could've even brought that out into the Antique Autos with zombies along the path at night. With the exception of the alien scare zone outside of CHAOS this year, it seems like they've abandoned all of the strides they were making to have wholly themed and integrated areas that used the rides, buildings and existing area theme to tell a great story indoors and outdoors. They had the potential to tell that story during the day in a less scary way, then transition to a more intense version of the story as the day unfolds in each themed area. This year it just seems all over the place and random. Maybe theres an operational reason I'm not seeing having not been, but it seems way less impressive this time around. I'd honestly rather they go back to charging a separate admission for HAUNT - have Tricks and Treats be the "included" option - and give us a great experience like Knotts instead of the continually lessening experience KI seems to get. Wonder why they don't "rotate" some of Knotts HAUNT attractions as they retire them to other parks. https://www.micechat.com/327156-knotts-scary-farm-2022-guide/
  18. Sign says it OPEN till 8 or that you can get the "Enhanced food options" till 8. Confused what they are selling when and where. Have dining plan and would like to use to try out some of this new items, but it is SUPER unclear if you can get on HAUNT nights or just Sat and Sunday 11-6
  19. He was looking ROUGH last year - maybe he finally met his maker.
  20. Are all food items available on haunt night or just during tricks and treats? And no “tasting card” this year? Seems like better food but less thought out operations.
  21. I think the park tried to “improve” that area but blew it with the Halloween express cowboy figures. They tell the wrong story, have already been “enhanced” by employees with KI accessories, and really don’t add much. The whole area would’ve looked better with just the physical enhancements and the animals, but no people.
  22. That’s what I wish the park wiujd get back to (and I honestly really see that direction coming-based on CO and Carrowinds projects that tie into local culture and park history more than “made up themes”. I think they worked with what they already had with AREA 72 and made it still tie into park history, but I don’t want Adventure Billsge back just because it was a cheap knock off of Disney Adventureland originally. I think one of the reasons Dollywood “works” is that the park as a whole is authentic to the area so the theming just makes sense in that it never tries to be exotic or escapism. It’s an extension of the area outside the gates.
  23. Love that idea. WindSeeker and the new Wing Coaster could anchor the area, retheme Jukebox to a diner at the terminal. Do something w SRR to tie into the theme and renovate old action theatre into a large hangar with some indoor flat ride that ciiiks be cool with “flight effects”
  24. THANK YOU!! the "Pony Express" - Wild West concepts don't reflect what the area is supposed to be. It isn't "Frontier Town" I feel like even the park got it wrong with Diamondback and they took the easy "Wild West" name route bu then didn't even support that with true theming.Somewhere at the beginning of this tread is the narrative I wrote that ties the past to the present with the whole "industrial" backstory to ground it.
  25. There are lots of other things original to the park that were popular that are long gone. I think it’s an inefficient building that if rebuilt and redesigned could bring a lot more “in theme” food options to that area.
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