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  1. I'm speechless. This was the ride I would spend hours as a kid just watching. To be honest, it was the reason I fell in love with roller coasters. I was fascinated by Vortex's design and its physics. I loved the presence it had. As others have stated, it wasn't just another ride: it was an icon and a landmark. I was born in '88, so for me this is like losing a friend who I grew up with. I know that sounds ridiculous... 

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  2. 2 hours ago, JonahWilliamson said:

    Idk how possible this is, but companys rent the park. Anyways we could schedule something like two years down the road with the and try to communicate with the park not all the rides open but the major ones. We sell tickets on KICentral and its only open to enthusiasts. Im sure we could run into problems such as who gets to buy tickets who doesnt. But Im not sure KICentral brings enough people to cover a cost like that.. But i would pay like 70-80 bucks if i knew lines were gonna be short and we get a day with enthusiasts. 

    Count me in. Is it unrealistic? Of course it is, but I think it would be a lot of fun! 

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  3. As with every decoding thread that’s has existed on here, there were lots of ups and downs. But you all stuck with it. Enjoy tonight fellow enthusiasts, this night is for you! 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, shizzzon said:

    I'm just going to say this....


    If they were to have the layout modified to have the first loop on a giga, don't you think they'd do anything and everything to keep that element hidden from the public regardless of how obsessed one is on decoding?


    Loop or something else, something is being kept hidden because there is nothing mind blowing on the current layout unless it's a giga flyer, lol.


    But anyways, I'll just use a loop as an example.


    I'm assuming the loop on SoB was kept hidden from everyone, correct? Until announcement . 



    Decoding was nowhere near the level of dedication back then...

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  5. 59 minutes ago, collin.klopfstein said:

    I’m 14 and a first year coaster enthusiast, I don’t know how to do that trade mark stuff or what ever you call it

    As Jallie says, http://rcdb.com is the site for all things roller coaster. I used to live on that site when I was your age! 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, ohiocoasterfan said:

    So are we thinking that Polaris and Orion are out now? They could file the trademark on the day of the announcement like MT.

    A doomsday coaster sounds actually really awesome for a theme! They could have mangled FH track and cars as part of the theming. Hence why the track was getting restored and the trains are still onsite.

    Well, technically Orion ticked off Gaia once when he boasted he would kill every animal on Earth, that’s kind of apocalyptic. 

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  7. 35 minutes ago, ldhudsonjr said:

    Is there a reason you can't just say what you think it means rather than winking?

    Probably eluding that the original blueprints were a diversion. Disclaimer- I don’t support this theory.

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  8. I’m really starting to like the choice for having the ride at the back of the park, it will add some mystery to what’s lurking, or in this case leaping, deep in the woods just like The Beast does. 

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  9. 4 minutes ago, fryoj said:

    Capacity is a product of how quickly guests leave the station more than length of ride. I'm sure someone else on here knows the average time for a train to enter a station, remove guests, reload, and leave the station. But the recreations look like around 2 minute for the train to leave the station and run the course. That would be mean they need a train to leave the station every 1 minute to run at peak capacity. I think they are going to stack trains because that seems really quick. 

    Agreed, that was another thing I was wondering about to be honest. The crew is going to have to be very efficient for it all to work. 

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  10. Something I’ve been thinking about in terms of overall track length. 

    It could be possible the ride is short due to consideration of ride capacity. 

    If the trains are carrying 32 people at max, this thing could be a people eater, offering a lot of rides in the span of an hour. 

    This has been a focus point in the past. See: Diamondback and Banshee. 

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  11. 9 minutes ago, BSBMX said:

    The 286' comes from the crest height (per the latest blueprints) and subtracting the footing height from the ground directly below the crest (from the first set of blueprints). If you measure from the ground at the station instead of directly below the crest, you get more like 296'. 

    This is all subjective though. It's up to KI to determine where they measure the drop height from (heck, if you measure from the Little Miami River, you get something like 436'!). I'm betting they'll  play some smoke and mirrors on us and say it's 300' tall. It definitely has a 301' drop, but from station track up to crest track, you're only going up 276'. 

    Yep, there in lies the rub. They can honestly play with the numbers from the actual ground to crest. 

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  12. 10 minutes ago, silver2005 said:

    I honestly hope after this, KI moves away from building new coasters at the rate they've been.  I'd like to see some more creative flats or a decent dark ride, spruce up the non-coaster line up.  

    Not a bad thought. Some might disagree, but I think some of the next steps will be ride replacements. Nothing lasts forever as they say...

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  13. 1 minute ago, homestar92 said:

    Lol, where did he get the 305 foot drop from? I saw one post here that initially speculated 330 and was corrected and then since then the consensus has been 301. I don't think I've seen anyone on this forum give 305 as their estimate.

    I like that we, as a collective community, are now referred to as “roller coaster experts”... 

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  14. This site has come a long way in the speculation department. I remember all the ups and downs with the Diamondback thread back in the day. 

    It’s pretty awesome that we have so many different walks of life helping out with knowledge. Architects, engineers, mathematicians. 

    This ride may not be what some are expecting, and that’s okay. We’re all human! Personally, I’m just amazed to have something like this so close. We’ve got the whole summer still to go, and a lot still to uncover. Keep marching forward ladies and gents!

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  15. 7 hours ago, DustinTheNow said:

    1DA1B443-FEB0-45BA-B671-3C9F68108F66.pngHey I’m gonna just put this here ... enjoy! 


    Oh Dustin, now you’ve done it... John Matarese is gonna be all over this!

    Looks great! 

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  16. Just now, Shaggy said:

    That wasnt me...

     You're right. My lack of coffee is showing! Better scurry back to my corner... I meant Magenta... My apologies to both of you!

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  17. 3 minutes ago, DustinTheNow said:

    After careful inspection and measuring the footer locations, namely the main spine footing locations for the lift spine, along with an understanding of B&M’s drop shape, I have some semi-bad news. The Coaster looks to be (only) about 285 ft. I am assuming based on placement of the drop into a “valley” that the drop will exceed 300 ft. This will be a Giga in the same way Apollo’s Chariot is a Hyper. Take it or leave it. 3E62165D-83F5-4CEE-80E0-C23D18690658.jpeg

    Remember, as Shaggy has mentioned, we currently do not know how high the station initially will be. 

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  18. It should be noted: They are very strict with how we do things here because we have a very strong relationship with the park itself. We are essentially the closest thing to an "official" forum. What we do and say can be seen by some as representing the park. 

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