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  1. This should be stickied... Or become our banner. For real!
  2. When the removal of dirt stirs the masses!
  3. and http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/31768-my-kings-island-iteanrry/ And the 8 or so threads this user has started on the roller coaster subreddit about the exact same topics (without ever participating in the threads, I might add!).
  4. That's pretty far back. Could be something. Or, nothing...
  5. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/31743-i-need-advice-for-kings-island-in-the-summer-of-2016/
  6. I love following Don and his crew on Instagram! Oh, how things have changed from the days of old.
  7. For those who want to see how fast this track is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_zg4rVFP9g Just one small mistake can be costly when going down these runs.
  8. I just tried accessing their website, thexscape.com. Looks like they just lost their domain last month. Hmm...
  9. This is the last news piece I've found. Looks like they shut down for good after the incident: http://www.theindychannel.com/news/theme-park-where-boy-injured-shut-down
  10. For me: Banshee and The Beast Old school and new school! (Though both present)
  11. That's true. Excellent point! My technique is from how my father built me up for the rides. I can't honestly say if it's right or wrong, though it's probably closer to the latter hahaha... But yes, Banshee to Vortex is night and day. As others have stated, not staring at the track can help tremendously if motion sickness is apparent.
  12. It's perfectly fine to be nervous. I've been riding these rides for 20 years, and honestly I still get the butterflies when queuing for some of the rides. For me, that's what makes it a great thrill and frankly addicting haha... I would start small and work up to Banshee and Firehawk. For years I would always start my day with a ride on The Racer. For Firehawk, be prepared for the lift hill. You'll notice fairly quickly by just standing in the line that it. is. LOUD. It can give quite a headache... But if you can get past the sound, it's definitely worth it! If you've ever wanted to experience what it would be like to have wings and fly around, this coaster is for you, sir! I would ride Firehawk and maybe Vortex before trying out Banshee. Vortex will truly test your limit on how many times you can handle going upside down. If you're A-OK after riding that thing, then the time for Banshee should be had. It's smooth, fast, and quite intense. It's a world class ride for sure! As a side note, don't stress yourself out too much if you don't think you can handle these rides. Only YOU can make that decision, not the lady standing next to you. If they're a good friend, it won't bother them either. Honesty is a good policy with girls, as Han Solo says: "they always find out. Always..." Anyways, cheers mate! Let us know how it goes for ya! Heck you might even run into me if you decide to ride Banshee!
  13. 2017... And so it begins. The speculation, the anticipation... I'm having a flashback to a certain year.
  14. I agree! It's nice to see my childhood through the eyes of KI. We've all been blessed to experience such a rich history! Thanks again, Don!
  15. In all honesty that is the best trick Magenta. Once you finally break their script they're forced to improvise on the fly. Usually that means they expedite you to someone who can truly help: the blessed tier two technician. Some say that we're legend, but we exist and we can help... Getting to us is far more difficult than talking to us hahaha...
  16. Wow. And to think I was actually considering working there for IT. My field is very hard to work in sometimes... Businesses will think we aren't needed> then get rid of us> then complain that they are having all sorts of problems. By that point they panic and outsource on the cheap with less than desired quality. It's one of those fields where if everything is going right, we're viewed as lazy and sitting around doing nothing. If everything is going wrong we're... lazy and sitting around doing nothing haha...
  17. Heh, I have actually! But I was quite young and naive. So my judgement on the quality of the ride was lacking... I'm sure if I rode it now I would sing a different tune!
  18. I love all coasters, Some ride low and some are tall, We can get along! My Haikus are always lame... hahaha...
  19. Yep. I can attest to this as well. My wife and I went to the Universal Parks for our honeymoon a few years ago and we ended up leaving well before closing time. Too many screens gave her a terrible headache. It's true that a lot of the rides seem to have a flair of redundancy... At least the Harry Potter World scenery was pleasant!
  20. RollerColt, I love your profile pic, did you design that yourself? I sure did! It's not perfect by any means but thankfully Photoshop is quite forgiving!
  21. It's crazy how things can significantly change over 10 years.
  22. And they still don't have an app for Android or iOS... What is this, 2007?
  23. I still have to wonder how turning a critic away would be an effective practice. That would be like Disney telling people who are cautious about "The Force Awakens" to go find another movie. That's not fear I smell, is it? I guess they aren't confident in their product...
  24. Working as a technology specialist at my school corporation, I was quite surprised to receive a ticket from our ticketing software "Spiceworks": ** Make Plans Now to Turn Your Spring Field Trip Upside Down! ------------------------------------------------------------ If your school or class is thinking about taking a field trip this spring that’s fun, educational and STEM-focused; you’ll definitely want to consider visiting Kentucky Kingdom on one of our Education in Motion days (April 22 and 29, 2016; May 5, 13, 20, and 23, 2016). Kentucky Kingdom is open on Education in Motion days from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.(Please note: the Hurricane Bay water park is not open on these days.) We offer a special group admission rate of only $19.95 per person (plus tax, if applicable). In addition, for each 5 paid admissions, we provide one complimentary admission ticket that can be used for bus drivers, chaperones, etc. We also have some great food and drink packages that start at only $8.50 per person for an all-you-can-eat picnic buffet. To sign up, fill out the reservation form athttp://www.kentuckykingdom.com/groups/education-in-motion/ ** School groups are also allowed to bring their own lunches into the park. Please inquire if you’re interested in this option. Mind you, this was a ticket and not an email haha... I was so confused at first... "Why is Kentucky Kingdom asking me for tech support?!?!"
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