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  1. My first upside down experience... King Cobra. What a ride. Looking back now, I am so glad I decided to ride it. Way back in '97.
  2. I spent 7 years reading the discussions on KICentral, before finally making an account and joining in on the conversations last year. I really have Banshee to thank for bringing me back to this wonderful group of people!
  3. It's very impressive! Huge kudos to Holiday World for a successful unveil! Will would be proud!
  4. Will Power... that's a touching tribute on many levels...
  5. Bahahahaha... that girl... "Why aren't your friends here with you?" "Uh, because they don't want to be?"
  6. Woah, that was nuts! All three of my computers just loaded it at the same time, with my iPhone still blaring and trying to out-do them! Lol... the wive is looking at me with a crazed look right now... hahaha... sorry dear!
  7. Well how about that... out of all of my devices my iPhone is also working perfectly... LOL
  8. Yep, mine too now. Guess we have an answer about those servers... lol..
  9. Friends, if you are having issues watching the livestream, try running it in low quality. It has helped me so far.
  10. Woohoo, KICentral gettin' some love! Thanks, Paula! What a neat idea!
  11. Congrats to Mike: https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/491361548615815168/photo/1
  12. Basic business all boils down to customer perception. There is a reason people will drive miles and miles out of their way to visit even a grocery chain such as Kroger. Would you rather have "so-so" service, or drive a bit further to get "amazing" service. I know what I would choose.
  13. Their whole coaster lineup looks impressive!
  14. Which then leads to more downtime... which is good for no one.
  15. I will definitely have to take a ride on one to fully understand the experience. I will be in the Tampa Bay area in October... hmm... perhaps Busch Gardens will call my name!
  16. That's kind of where I was thinking. Although, I try not to judge if I haven't ridden it. So, for now I'll remain neutral and humbly read both sides of opinions!
  17. Ah, I see. So to most, they aren't as re-ridable as say, Banshee is!
  18. So, I am getting a sense that there is a general consensus that Dive Machines have been a let down in the past? I fortunately, or unfortunately, have not experienced one. Are they that bad? Is it the restraints, or does the diving gimmick get old?
  19. Agreed, I instantly wanted more after listening to it! Great things are happening for our dear ole' park!
  20. Kings Island posted a short video on their Facebook page with some nice audio: https://www.facebook.com/visitkingsisland I like what I hear!
  21. I can't wait to hear it again! Thank you KI!
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