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  1. In a lot of Paula's posts, there are mentions of staying below. She also uses the word weave at least once. Perhaps she is referring to going through tunnels, and about the ride weaving around and about itself?
  2. Welp. Eight days to go, and there have been plenty of hints. Still nothing definitive though. I've been looking at some of the layouts for the Dive Machines, specifically the Dive Coaster from Chimelong Paradise. I'm not sure how much they cleared out of the way there, but from the look on the webcam A Dive Machine would fit quite nicely. So, I think I will side with most of you on here and say that's what is going in. A launched type of ride would really be cool too! I just don't see it happening...
  3. Thanks for sharing, Ride On_17! I've always been curious to hit up that park. Steel Force alone looks like a good enough reason!
  4. ^ Especially Volcano, The Blast Coaster. It's a very unique experience!
  5. Life in southeastern Indiana is not too bad compared to some places north of Indy. The scenery can really surprise first time visitors!
  6. Hahaha, nice! Yeah that was my problem too, I just couldn't stop shaking!
  7. I finally got to ride Banshee this past Sunday. It was everything I had expected and more! I was thoroughly surprised by the sheer force for the entire duration of the ride. My brother, who takes enjoyment in bashing B&M, was equally impressed. Terp is definitely right when saying that the front row completely changes the experience! Needless to say, we rode it four more times. Enough said!
  8. I've only had an energy drink once, and that was enough for me. I took it while driving to college to stay awake, and ended up pulling over and sitting at a gas stations for two hours until the effects wore off.
  9. Yeah, that's a good point. I was basing that off of past projects. My bad!
  10. The B&M Dive Machines are right in the 13-17 million dollar price range. That should be feasible for Holiday World, right?
  11. Wow... the hits keep on comin'... I'm not sure this is what you call growing pains for the park... the media is too involved these days to brush things under the rug.
  12. I Rode Invertigo yesterday. Boy was it rough! Of course, the rain pelting my face probably didn't help matters.. ha! I think I've only got another few years left of my youth before that thing starts to tear my head apart...
  13. This could be one of the busiest opening days of recent memory. I'm kind of glad I'm not there at the moment after seeing those lines... I'll get to Eve eventually! I waited the whole offseason, I can wait a little longer.
  14. In my best Tony Stark voice: "Well performance issues, it's not uncommon. One out of five..."
  15. That is seriously awesome. Man, I cannot wait to hear it in person!
  16. So, does Eve have that trademark roar? From the videos it sure sounds like it, but I bet it's a whole lot better in person!
  17. So jealous right now! I can't wait for June to be here!
  18. Good heavens! 550ft high? The supports for that thing alone dwarf the surround buildings!
  19. Look how happy Greg Scheid is. I could only imagine the experience of riding that machine for the first time after all the days, months and years of preparations.
  20. This forum runs and goes through Dane. It is up to him to decide if it is an independent forum, or one highly affiliated with the park. I, for one, cannot make that call since I don't pay to use this site, and therefore do not have any ownership. I believe that is what most people here are trying state.
  21. I had one terrible, grease ball of a weekend... but when I got up this morning, and saw the news that testing had begun: I tossed that weekend right out the door! Thank you Kings Island for entertaining me and brightening my day, even during the offseason! And thank you Devarious, that was an awesome and highly informational post!
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