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  1. Yep, that's all the proof I need to know that Don is having a good time with us, ha!
  2. You really haven't diamondhawk. Lot's of people are wanting to jump the gun and figure out what's coming. The excitement gets to some people I suppose, and they just can't handle it!
  3. Nothin' like a good diversion! Don has got to be having fun with freaking out so many people each time he tweets something! I still believe we should continue taking his advice, like so many have said before, and patiently wait. I'm sure it's going to be worth it! Good things are coming KI's way!
  4. I believe that tweet has more to do with the new survivor stories campaign.
  5. I was at the park yesterday. Lots of work going on near the Adventure Express in terms of pouring footers. Other than that, no major differences! Oh, and I saw Don walking around the entrance to Diamondback, he seemed fairly upbeat and had a look of great determination!
  6. I have always found the KIC community to be light hearted, witty, and quite insightful. While I am very new as a member, I have always gone back and referred to this website for any information I've needed. This community will bounce back, just as it has done before. You all are very strong and dedicated people!
  7. Lots of posts, but not much going on in terms of ride construction. Kings Island is taking their time with this, I think we all should do the same. That being said, we probably could take some portions of this thread and scatter it in the off topic section...
  8. Thanks, Don! I think I'll have a pop and a candy bar for good measure!
  9. The 308 post still might, but I think the pterodactyl one had to do more with Dinosaurs Alive.
  10. I was just thinking the same thing, Dwight.. would they perhaps know more of what's going? It makes me wonder...
  11. No problem! Now let's all take a deep breath and get back to speculatin'. Things are starting to get interesting on the Action Zone front!
  12. Fight Deck was the first ride to ever make me nauseous (it got me right at the end on the brakes... ooooh the swaying...). But thanks to Flight Deck, I realized a little nausea isn't the worst thing in the world, and I've been ridin' coasters ever since. Thanks for the 20 years!
  13. ^ This. Cdeq was called a troll as soon as they posted. I don't think a troll would take the time to say their friend could or could not be lying. A troll would usually continue their antics and spouting defensive posts. Cdeq was just trying to join in on the conversation, or at least that's what it looks like to me. Not a troll at all! Welcome to the community!
  14. Such a sad thing... my prayers go out to their families. And to think, Jane had just talked about the dangers of wingwalking yesterday..
  15. Ah, I like that as well. Very Banshee-esk. That would be a nice contrasting color ride for Action Zone.
  16. Hello everyone! It's been quite exciting to see all the speculation and building up towards whatever this ride or expansion could be. I honestly have no idea what this could be, though it sure looks to be a coaster. Looks can be deceiving though I suppose! Going off the popular speculations of a B&M, I noticed an invert that would fit nicely with the cleared land: Katun, at Miribilandia. Image found on rcdb.com. I am in no way suggesting we are getting this ride, but I am saying that it would seem to fit nicely with the current cleared out space! I thought I would throw that out there! Happy speculating!
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