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  1. Imagine if they had spent more money to make the big tan box look like an actual temple.
  2. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    I mean without blueprints what guest would know? They could tell you it was taller than Fury and you wouldn’t be able to tell otherwise because of how tall this thing is and 30-40ft won’t be noticeable at that height with just your eyes.
  3. I’d imagine they cannot change that as the “click” you are hearing is the mechanism starting to release. It’s not a standard clamp like a paper clip style. It looks kind of like the rear window openers in Vans. You can watch it engage at the bottom as it isn’t concealed. Hydraulics push down from the catch car and appear to rotate something to engage to car. I circled the mechanism that I’m talking about, it rotates before attaching and releasing.
  4. ^ thread bump: What happened to Top Spins period. Almost all of them have been eliminated throughout the Cedar Fair chain.
  5. The goddess on the front wall. It was stationary but it interacted with the riders and it was on top of the temple where the Triangle of Light was like in the movie. There have been rides with animatronics on it. Tomb Raider interacted with the theming elements to the point where the gondola swings lined up with what was in the room.
  6. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    While the only Winged Coaster I’ve ridden is Thunderbird, I would say it’s very fun, just wish it were a little longer.
  7. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    I would imagine storage sheds still have friction wheels and or holding brakes for the trains.
  8. What if we build a Giant Top Spin in the building. Lol. Surely after the first one HUSS was able to come up with some design changes to help it out. We already have the show building and foundation. so it’d probably cost 7 million (based on Delirium’s 5 million price tag). Had any park gotten rid of a ride for mechanical reasons and later had it replaced with a newer better model? (I know this would never happen. Would just be nice to get to relive all the effects again.
  9. I’d want to keep it named Invertigo for the simple fact Stinger was associated with frequent downtime and strandings. Sometimes names of troubled rides should stay dead
  10. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    ^ yes that are differentiated by the fact that one is in the 200ft range and one is in the 300ft range. I’m looking for a park that has 2 of the same make, model, and manufacturer that are both in the 200ft range.
  11. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    ^ For like half a season... what’s different at these other parks with multiple hypers are that they’re from completely different manufacturers. Find me a park with 2 Hyper coasters that are the same model and manufacturer. That’s what would make Kings Islands an odd choice if that were to happen
  12. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    Maybe the lift hill can be as steep as Valravn’s? 48 degrees I think?
  13. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    This was the year Kentucky Kingdom had “6 new rides” (2015) very loose on the term new. 1. Cyclos 2. Up Up and Away 3. T3 opening 4. Enterprise reopening 5. Skycatcher 6. New 5D movie? The last one may be wrong but I remember thinking “um only a few of these are actually new”
  14. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    This is true. Although only a few people were aware of the EXACT specifications of the “Kingdom 6” back in the day. The rides managers gossiped about it to the supervisors who then gossiped it to the leads. I knew the types of rides that were coming out of that scenario, just not the exact models.
  15. FoF maybe I agree. Tomb Raider? Fog, Fountains, Hollywood level special effects? I’m not talking in it’s crypt days I’m talking back in the day, sliding tomb door and all. That ride was in a league of its own for seasonal theme parks.
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