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  1. So what mazes did we lose this year? Blackout, Wolfpack, Board to Death, Urgent Scare. The location where sorority house was, is anything there? Carn Evil? I haven’t been to haunt in a couple of years so some of my maze locations are fuzzy.
  2. Woah now. Approaching 30? I’ve still got 5 years left before that. Don’t age us like that
  3. What is up with Invertigo and Drop Tower? I’ve been here 3 times this year and they seem to have had significant downtime each of my visits.
  4. Flight of Fear reporting a 90 minute wait. Just went through and it took only about a 45 min wait. That was even with them accepting train after train of about 90% FL.
  5. Yeah I went to Banshee first thing on passholder weekend. Had plenty of time to observe them testing it. Probably did it 4-5 times in the 2 hours I was waiting there.
  6. At least when I was there this past Saturday, I don’t think it ever opened. The maintenance crew did do several test runs though. Even saw them run it without the disk spinning. It appeared to be working normally but obviously something was up or it would have opened.
  7. But like...what is the purpose in replacing 3-4 year old trains? Unless Vekoma is giving them for free I highly highly doubt they’d pay to replace already new trains
  8. ^that looks a lot like Vortex with white added lol
  9. Not sure if I’m supposed to say or not but park employees aren’t considered “the public” Chance was there and did their testing before handing it over to the park with their blessing, employees were riding at that point LOL
  10. They definitely don’t need inspectors to test. The way it was explained to me when I was helping test lightning run was we could run the thing 24/7 if we wanted. But no one from the public is allowed to ride until the inspectors sign off on it
  11. The backs of my knees quiver at the thought of a stand up. But also my junk... Chang was too much to handle.
  12. Surprised they didn’t do yellow/blue/red so it would look similar to another giga in Ohio!
  13. Not at KI, but I’ve had to stop a coaster on the lift because someone pulled out not a phone to film, but an entire iPad from under their shirt... who wants to get hit with an iPad?!
  14. Last time I rode it they had the music in the bowl up pretty loud. Was once again able to hear the dramatic music shift hanging on the MCBR that had mainly been reduced to beeps and bops when they turned it down.
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