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  1. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    If they really wanted to, they could probably set up a temporary stand or use FoF former photo area. Not a walk in gift shop, but certainly large enough to have a counter and some T-shirts behind it.
  2. ^or photo eye rigged by the boat itself.
  3. That’s disappointing then, when I went before the accident the line seemed to crawl and all of them were going then.
  4. How many trains does it have total? I can’t see a difference in running 2 vs running 3 or 4 as far as if the concern was brake power. I’ve ridden it before and it seemed to take a long time for a B&M as far as wait times. If there are 4 total trains I’d guess the ones that are off are the ones that were damaged from prior collision.
  5. We already have our car themed coaster though. edit: two of them actually lol
  6. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    If there was a large RMC in that exact spot, I doubt there would be any woods to speak of other than the structure.
  7. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    ^Wicked Twister/Dragster/Invertigo/Drop Tower have or have had regular songs playing that is “their theme song”
  8. Wasn’t there but I HATE when people do this, if you’ve already released a train onto the lift or anywhere that has a brake in front of it, you have to E stop to attempt to prevent an event like happened with Raptor. Single person that was already not following rules by having loose articles unsecured now wants to break even more rules by endangering their life and the safety of those onboard. For a cell phone, wallet, whatever it is.
  9. It’s those Stinger trains, they’re cursed. Can’t recall this happening in years past.
  10. I wonder if there is any updates on this? Anyone working on the ride? Any news on cause? Haven’t heard anything for several days. The cause has likely already been determined internally as these new coasters can tell exactly what is, or was going on with them. Just wondering if any official statement or repairs have been announced.
  11. FoF96"

    Decoding 2020

    But... 1 hour ago it was 2am. Yes it is the 4th, just an odd time lol
  12. It will be very doable so long as you aren’t there on a Saturday. Remember to wear sunscreen if you’re going to the water park because you WILL burn.
  13. I like them too! It may have taken 2 days of effort, but I was finally able to ride Top Thrill Dragster, In fact 3 of my 4 “must rides” were Intamin for my first visit to CP, Millennium Force, TTD, Maverick, and Steel Vengeance were the ones I decided to travel 5 hours for lol.
  14. Oh I know, I was joking because clearly this doesn’t have brakes, only a cable. I was doing it from the perspective of Intamin trying to show why their brakes are important.
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