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  1. No it wouldn’t. The reason they are such low capacity is not because they can’t hold a lot of people. I’ve operated the wheel that’s at Kentucky kingdom which is similar to CPs. If you were to fill the entire wheel up, the capacity would be quite high. The reason you can’t is due to the balancing of the wheel. If you fill it up, you need a continuous flow of people to keep it full, otherwise the wheel falls out of balance and will essentially “free spin” and the motors will error out as the weight is out of tolerance. This continues until the heaviest part settles at the bottom. In the 6 passenger gondolas like the 150ft Giant Wheel at KK. The standard operating tolerance was +\- 2 gondolas. So for example the loading platform had room to load 5 gondolas at once. If you were just starting the day, you could only load 2 gondolas. Once those got to the top you could load 4 and so on and so on. The caveat though was you could never let it get out of tolerance so if the line died suddenly and you had 5 gondolas unloading you would have to stop it in a position to where only 2 gondolas could unload and the other 3 would have to go around again while you unloaded 4 and then again for the 3 and again for the 1. That’s 3 extra rotations on a cycle to unload if no one is there to replenish. Now imagine if all 4 sets of 10 were loaded. A nightmare. That’s why the giant wheels are never used to their full capacity. You’d need thousands and thousands of people to be able to maintain it
  2. They actually had a “star’s projector” one year. I can’t remember what year but they had some type of laser right in front of the steps that looked like dots of light and they also did a similar effect in the launch tunnel. I only remember these effects lasting one year and it was definitely before they replaced the lights in the spaghetti bowl with LEDs.
  3. But different braking system. Skid vs magnet. One is adjustable, the other is not without physically adding material.
  4. And yet I think the checkerboard paint job for Delirium looked way better than it does now. It literally looks like a faded pencil including the eraser on the top.
  5. So I guess that is confirmation we are keeping the same paint job, including the checkers
  6. Even though it was just done in 2014, I think Delirium looks like it needs another repaint worse than Drop Tower. Maybe it’s just because I liked it’s old paint job better though.
  7. Is anyone up at the park I’m on the way and it’s showing Beast as closed? Does anyone know if it been open today? This will be my only opportunity for a night ride
  8. So what mazes did we lose this year? Blackout, Wolfpack, Board to Death, Urgent Scare. The location where sorority house was, is anything there? Carn Evil? I haven’t been to haunt in a couple of years so some of my maze locations are fuzzy.
  9. Woah now. Approaching 30? I’ve still got 5 years left before that. Don’t age us like that
  10. What is up with Invertigo and Drop Tower? I’ve been here 3 times this year and they seem to have had significant downtime each of my visits.
  11. Flight of Fear reporting a 90 minute wait. Just went through and it took only about a 45 min wait. That was even with them accepting train after train of about 90% FL.
  12. Yeah I went to Banshee first thing on passholder weekend. Had plenty of time to observe them testing it. Probably did it 4-5 times in the 2 hours I was waiting there.
  13. At least when I was there this past Saturday, I don’t think it ever opened. The maintenance crew did do several test runs though. Even saw them run it without the disk spinning. It appeared to be working normally but obviously something was up or it would have opened.
  14. But like...what is the purpose in replacing 3-4 year old trains? Unless Vekoma is giving them for free I highly highly doubt they’d pay to replace already new trains
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