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    The larger wheels that seem to use only a few of the cars are due to the balancing requirements. They are very strict and filling the wheel and then unloading it the proper way would eat up a line to the point where it would take way longer to load and unload than the short wait the ride is
  2. I wish they’d turn the music back up. If it’s even on at all anymore it’s way down and the only time you can hear it is on the MCBR seems like it’s out of sync too anymore.
  3. ^ Im taking about Storm Chaser when it was Twisted Twins, although it was never true “dual loading” its station layout was practically identical to Firehawks prior to its conversion. Once Firehawk is gone, you could build a racing coaster like Twisted Twins if you wanted. The design of both stations would allow for either a split loading scenario or a dueling scenario, depending on the ride installed. Edit: I feel like you may not have been talking to me lol
  4. To clarify, I was talking about Twisted Twins when referring to loading on both sides. Storm Chaser, as jtro pointed out only ever loaded on one side of the station. I mentioned it because like Firehawk, it used to load on both sides and had central exit stairs.
  5. Eh just because it is dual loading now doesn’t mean it has to remain that way. With very little modification, they could use the second side as a train storage area ala Storm Chaser which used to have “dual loading” as it was two sided. Would likely just put up a wall there to close off the other side .
  6. I’ve seen King’s Islands stuck maybe 3 times and it seems like the issue has been resolved realitivly quickly in all three situations. Now I don’t go nearly as often as many people on here but in the past few seasons when I have been able to make it, I’ve noticed it’s harder to find it actually operating...
  7. I’m not sure when I visited but it was definitely some time this year, when I rode Voyage, it was actually very smooth. Edit: and I’m a fairly hard critic on voyage and I had the roughest ride ever several years back. I felt like my at the time 18 year old back needed corrective surgery.
  8. They used No Limits 1 to announce Storm Chaser, look how good it turned out.
  9. My opinion on Firehawk? If the line is less than 30 minutes I’ll ride it, anymore than that and there’s a high chance someone will get stuck in the “Flight position” and it’ll go down for another 30 minutes or so. At least that’s what it seems like.
  10. I don’t mean to mock them, but their entire operating plan is based on the Holiday World model... they literally send people there to get info and then bring it back to use for themselves. It’s no surprise they are using a marketing technique that was recently used by another successful park (Kings Island).
  11. I used to work there, that is not the only time it’s an issue. Anytime anything is going on at the fairgrounds, KK employees and guests are forced to move to less desirable lots that are much farther away from the park than necessary. Some examples Derby, fair, street rod nationals, gun show, etc. all of those events get the parking lots immediately surrounding the park and KK guests are forced to park much farther away while KK employees are forced to park on KK private property which is meant for horticulture and maintenance staff and it basically clogs up all of the space behind T3.
  12. Yes, you should be excited. Your children will likely have way more fun and make more memories on these cars than they would on a giant coaster that they wouldn’t be able to ride for years to come.
  13. I thought RMC was no longer offering topper track on existing coasters. Only “from the ground up” projects.
  14. ^ I know they don’t take responsibility, however how much of an argument would it take to make them assume responsibility if a device they provided to protect loose articles didn’t function properly. It would be similar to having a locker that failed to stay closed. Would the park then be forced to take responsibility assuming the guest used to device provided properly?
  15. I think the only reason the parks wouldn’t want to put in pouches vs the bins that are already offered at most rides would be if the pouch failed or didn’t work at all, the guest would easily be able to make the park buy them a new whatever due to faulty equipment. If they use the bins and another guest messes with it, the park has no responsibility.
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