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  1. Ben Fuller has been confirmed as well! Ben Fuller Music @ SpiritSong 2023
  2. My wife & I plan to launch our new vlog that evening (The Islanders Vlog). Looking forward to the soft launch of the 50th anniversary! This is going to be an awesome & memorable season!
  3. Dollywood & SDC are more family/kid centered parks. KI & other Cedar Fair parks are a mixed demographic with more thrills than kid friendly attractions. So it would make sense for Dollywood and it’s sister parks to do an event like that compared to Cedar Fair and have both a daytime and nighttime event
  4. It’s almost like they could make Rivertown & Planet Snoopy the treats side for kids, then Action Zone & Coney Mall/Area 72 the tricks side with a more Haunt approach. International Street & the walkway between Coney & Rivertown could serve as transition points with a middle ground feel (the Pumpkin Eater vibe minus scareactors)
  5. Many of the Cedar Fair parks have announced today (February 25th) that they are getting rid of Haunt & expanding Tricks and Treats to an all day event. Will this trend come to KI & was 2021 the last year of Haunt?! IF Haunt is no more, does this mean that KI will remove the maze buildings for future attraction use?!
  6. I know, I’m just stating my opinion lol
  7. The Beast is DEFINITELY the most overrated attraction at the park imo… there, I said it! Lol
  8. Haunt is coming back for 2021!!
  9. Back on topic… IF we do have Haunt this year, what would you all like to see come, go & return?!
  10. They painted it solid black. I honestly think it has ran it’s course at Haunt. Remember, they keep Wolf Pack & Slaughterhouse’s ID signs up year-round too.
  11. I was at the park yesterday & it looks like Blackout isn’t returning (the facade was painted over). What could be replacing it?! I would love to see a new pirate maze be placed there to tie in with the SZ. Also, do you think they will be retiring Urgent Scare after the events of last year (and the fact it’s been there the longest)?
  12. HHN's headliners are always in soundstages. Usually the originals/small IPs are in sprung tents. The quality in them aren't always the best (especially early in the night when there is still light).
  13. There’s already a campground in the works behind McDonalds & Wendy’s, so it would be pointless for KI to invest in. Making one as well
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