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  1. I honestly don't see Overlord returning to the event any time soon. The Undertaker seems to be the new emcee of the event.
  2. According to the Haunt site, it appears that we're not getting anything new other than Cavern of Terror being in the dark & the removal of Blood Drums. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/haunt/attractions
  3. I'm a little confused. What is the OFFICIAL show for the International Bandstand? Is it still Off the Charts or is it now Hot Rhythm Night?
  4. That could work! They then could tie it in with the "Space Beagle"
  5. Just like the Reds Hall of Fame Grill, I don't see this one lasting much long either.
  6. I've eaten at the new Rivertown Brew House twice this season. The first was on Gold Pass Preview Night & the service was phenomenal! However, I went last weekend and it was terrible! The line was out the door & they only had one cashier. I go to place my order and ask for bacon on my Pub Sandwich (which btw is AMAZING!), and the cashier said "we can't do that!" then I told her I got it the last time I came & she had a little attitude & was like "ok, fine!" So I give her my pass & she scans it & I go on to my seat with my buzzer. 10min goes by and no food. 5min later, my girlfriend & her parents get their food. Another 10min go by & still my food hasn't come out, so I go to a manager to ask what was up. He said he would check on it & would be right back. So I wait for a little bit for him to return & after 5min he is nowhere to be found. I look over & he is at the second register with a guest trying to solve their problem. I walk over & ask him what was up & he said he was going to check. So he leaves & never comes back. Long story short, I asked a team member & they, like the manager, run to the kitchen & never return. After almost an hour I get my food and it's not even hot. Not sure if I should return to the Brewhouse or not.
  7. Nope. I see it as a flat ride
  8. What new and returning entertainment do you think will be at the park this year (regular season, Haunt and/or Winterfest)? It appears that the Peanuts Playhouse (formerly known as the Enchanted Theater) is a permanent addition to Planet Snoopy. It also looks the bandstand on International Street will be expanding according to Don's recent blog post on the renovations to International Street.
  9. I do remember Dead Awakening & Skeleton Crew. What I meant in regards to the cirque show was a possible new & original concept for KI only (since Gravity has proven to be an AMAZING original for KI)
  10. It’ll be interesting to see what shows & events we get this year!
  11. For mazes: In my opinion, I think it’s time for Ugent Scare (and maybe Wolf Pack) to retire. Urgent Scare could be replaced with a new version of Carnevil to fit the Coney Maul Scare zone. Wolf Pack could be replaced with a whole new concept. Maybe one based off Banshee. Also, I hope they bring a better show to International Showplace Theater (maybe move Blood Drums there?!) & an all new show to the Kings Island Theater (maybe a Halloween cirque show?!) As for scare zones: Dance of the Macabre would use a lot of work making it more scary than just a random photo-op. They could execute this (no pun intended) by extending it all the way down International Street, adding a new opening ceremonies & show to the Bandstand. They could do so much with this theme! Coney Maul could use a lot more theming (maybe the lack of themeing was due to the construction of the Antique Cars. With this zone, they could have a new incarnation of Carnevil where Urgent Scare currently is. Based off the popularity of Pumpkin Eater, they could extend it more down toward Larosa’s & the splash down on Diamondback.
  12. Went to Winterfest for the first time last night & LOVED IT! Hoping to go back during the run this season! I would have to say Sounds of the Nativity was my favorite show followed by Four Drummers Drumming. By chance, does anyone have a playlist of songs from Winterfest?!
  13. If they’re going to keep using other Cedar Fair Haunt concepts, I hope we get Zombie High School next year (Enchanted Theatre?!)
  14. Or someone got butthurt over Hot Blooded being “too inappropriate” (obviously not paying attention to the many warnings before the show) so they had to result to this.
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