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    Decoding 2020

    Here's a friendly reminder that some of us have been reading silently without cluttering up an already very extensive thread. Thank you to the contributors for providing us with the best information available at the time of posting. Thank you to KIC staff for keeping it mostly on topic and under control.
  2. JTW

    Decoding 2020

    Edit due to my device saving my previous post and resubmitting when I tried to reply... With the elements compared side by side to existing rides I think this would be a great addition. Obligatory 'If it's the real layout'
  3. JTW

    Decoding 2020

    I'm a long time member, but my activity is very low when there's nothing BIG going on... I just logged in to say that this is exciting and with so much information on the internet these days it seems that the code is already nearly broken, or is it?
  4. I'd rather visit BGT for this than Sea World Orlando for Mako. I'm a little biased though since BGT is my favorite park and my kids aren't tall enough for bigger rides yet.
  5. I agree with that. Some conflict in life is healthy, and by conflict I don't mean a physical fight but differing opinions and debates. When everybody figured out what the construction site that became Banshee was, I remember many members rolling their eyes as well because that ride type is in almost every park big enough to support one. What did we end up with? In my book we got a very refined, very reliable scream machine that both enthusiasts and the general public love.
  6. As an enthusiast this makes me kind of roll my eyes and yawn, but that's because I have Diamondback in my back yard. It's taller, faster, longer, and IMO has better elements. Then the industry nerd that I aspire to be remembers that there aren't any other rides like this in Florida, it's a proven ride concept from a reputable company, and it is record setting in its region. This ride is the smart choice for Sea World and it truly won't be half bad when it opens. I actually love the color scheme and placement in the park.
  7. Dave Grohl is one who really made me stop believing in such things. He's a sharp guy and I believe he is correct in many of his views. I'd post a link to several of his quotes and interviews if it weren't for certain adjectives he uses. If you're interested search for it, but be warned, it's not safe language.
  8. I don't believe in guilty pleasure anymore. Be who you are. Do what you like. Care not what others say and think. Who wants to rock out to some Justin Timberlake or Katy Perry with me?
  9. I'd say it's against the terms of their employment to discuss anything that hasn't been announced. Would you be comfortable risking that person's employment? Would you report whatever you discuss? Would they trust you with any secret information if they knew the answer to that question?
  10. I was pretty young, 1st or 2nd grade, and chickened out while my mom was trying to get me in line for Vortex. The next summer my younger female cousin wanted to ride everything, and I wasn't going to let her show me up. It's been an obsession since.
  11. Passports are super easy to obtain, and they're good for a decade.
  12. I don't think the next addition will be a coaster either, and when we do get one I don't think it will be either of those choices. I originally started a long rant about economics, trends, and technology then re-read the title of the thread and made my reply way shorter.
  13. Is it satire if it's mostly true though?
  14. Man that lighting package looks sublime.
  15. That's not true at all. As previously stated Jimmy Carter was in office when The Beast opened. Speculation is fun, but there as many answers as there are members of these forums. For me? My heart says that a modern wooden coaster would be a nice addition.
  16. Also, why wouldn't they make it an even ten and include Banshee?
  17. Carowinds has made great strides over recent years. I originally considered it a backwater park that I may have visited if I were ever close enough. Now I'm debating with my wife why we should take a day long adventure during our vacation in Myrtle Beach this year. And I'll admit that i debated for that destination (Myrtle Beach) so that I could debate for this park as a sub trip. Shh. That's a secret.
  18. I believe that its everyone's responsibility. Terp is historically the tip of the spear and most often responsible for reminding people.
  19. Pacing is very important to me. Diamondback's first half is one of my favorite ride experiences ever. After the MCBR it dies. I do understand there is only so much potential energy you can get from hills that tall and I'm not necessarily complaining. I believe everyone involved in that ride did the best they could given the circumstances.
  20. I haven't heard of Fury 324. What is that and where can I find it?
  21. I've posted my thoughts on dive machines before. The summary is that it's great for business, but not enthusiasts.
  22. Different philosophies can provide similar results. Conducting business is never cut and dry or right and wrong if successful. I will say though that following TPS (Toyota Production System) has many benefits which is another discussion altogether. I've been lucky to have grown within my company for almost a decade, and having started there while young I never truly got to see a company that follows "bad" practices. Many times newer employees from all backgrounds and age ranges have filled me in on some things that companies that have failed have in common.
  23. Busch Gardens is landlocked and doesn't have much to begin with (without losing its uniqueness). I'd wager that land is developed pretty quickly with another "good" coaster. I'm a huge fan of wooden coasters but Gwazi was hands down (literally holding on because hands up jarred me more and hurt) the worst ride at BGT and possibly my least liked woodie ever. I'd put Son of Beast AND Mean Streak in front of it.
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