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  1. Based on the blueprints that were leaked, I created a concept of what Fury 325/Centurion/Whatever may look like.
  2. This year will be my biggest one yet. During spring break, I'll be going to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm. Then the week after, I'll be going to Kings Island for media day and opening day. Throughout the summer I'll be going to Michigan's Adventure a ton since I live really close to it. Then later in the summer I'll be going to Cedar Point a few times, one during Halloweekends.
  3. I still think that the AZ circle is going to be used for a seating area with shading. But what if they're bringing back flying eagles but putting them somewhere else in the park that we just can't see? The webcam only covers the Banshee area. What if they're going somewhere else in the park?
  4. Thanks, but I don't take all the credit for it. RideOn_17 and I were talking about it earlier.
  5. Don't worry, I virtually asked the virtual ride ops and they virtually said it was okay.
  6. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/442072802091204608
  7. Today the off season blues were really bad and I really wanted to ride some coasters so I decided to take a virtual trip to Kings Island. At 10:00 am I went from my bed to my computer and was soon to KI. I got there in 5 minutes after starting up Google Maps street view. The weather forecast looked okay. A little cold. Wow the sign is already all put back together! There were lots of people here. Surprising for March. It sure was nice to be back. First stop, Banshee. Banshee, here I come. So I got to where I thought Banshee was and I saw this standing here! I thought they got rid of this!?!? Hey guys! I figured out what they put in the AZ circle! It's a big target! I guess they never changed the sign for The Bat either.. After my very confusing experience of not finding Banshee, I decided to head off to to Adventure Express. This was my first ride of the day. There was no wait at all. It was a fun ride. It was pretty forceless. Now that I think of it, all the rides I rode today were forceless.. After this I went to Coney Mall and had 2 rides on The Racer. Great ride, we won the first time on the red side. I rode again on blue. No wait either time. After 2 rides on The Racer, I headed over to X-Base. I got on Firehawk. No wait as well. This was a fun ride. The flying position is always fun. I was pretty hungry at this time so I decided to have a pretzel after Firehawk. I really wanted to go on Diamondback so I started over there. I stopped for a quick ride on Dodgem first though. Doesn't this seem like a great spot for a flying scooters ride?? Diamondback! It was a great ride. No wait. Not as much airtime as the real life Diamondback but still fun. After Diamondback I headed towards The Beast. No trip to KI is complete without a ride on The Beast. It was also a great ride. It was perfectly smooth as well. I was surprised how fast I got through the park and on all the rides. I was content with what I rode so I started to go back to the front gate... ...But not before going to the top of the Eiffel Tower! I still couldn't find Banshee anywhere. Are we sure this thing is real? The fountains. Goodbye KI! See you for real this summer!
  8. Soon probably means like a few minutes!
  9. You know its the off-season when you listen to ambient park noise instead of music during class.
  10. I'm hoping it won't have ads on it. It would be really cool if it had little trivia questions about the park inside the ride queues. Example: What is the track length of Diamondback? a. 5,670 ft b. 4,109 ft c. 5,282 ft d. 6,001 ft Then show some off ride footage, on ride footage, some more trivia, some random facts. Stuff like that.
  11. A while back Cedar Fair announced their new in-house television network. Any information as to what exactly this will include? Will it be at all the parks? And when exactly is it being implemented? What will be shown on them?
  12. You know what color Kings Island or Cedar Point doesn't need anymore of? RED. At KI there's Diamondback, Firehawk, and Banshee. At CP there's Top Thrill Dragster, Iron Dragon, Magnum, Maverick, and part of Mantis Come to think of it, I don't think CP needs anymore coasters that start with M. haha
  13. I think it's strange too how the stats and facts are scattered throughout. It would have made a lot more sense to release a press release. I was hoping it would launch like Wicked. I wonder why there's such a long piece of straight track before the lift. It's strange. The whole situation is strange...
  14. It's weird that they have Pipe Scream on the roller coasters page as well as the family rides page. All the other family roller coasters aren't listed under family rides. I personally think they shouldn't count it as a coaster.
  15. Ok, I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing it or what, but how exactly would an e-stop on this ride cause major havoc?
  16. I will bet everything that they'll put in flying scooters next year. With lots of other CF parks getting them I think it will be what we'll see next year.
  17. In general: Hopefully Tatsu At KI: Probably Banshee
  18. I think its White Water West because Proslide doesn't make constrictor slides.
  19. Does anyone know where that current slide complex is? Here's a pic of it. I am very curious, so if anyone knows, please answer. Thanks. Edit: Never mind, I found it, it's at WOF.
  20. I hope the restraints aren't super tight like Gatekeeper's. GK has painful restraints.
  21. It has been lots of fun decoding on this thread. I've never gone through a whole almost 14,000 post forum about a roller coaster before. Gatekeeper wasn't. Lets hope Banshee is lots of fun. That's all that really matters is that its fun. It could break all the records, but it might be a terrible ride. On that note, I'll see you all in the construction forum.
  22. YoungStud, are you still with us?
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