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  1. There is so much theming compared to what CF usually does. AMAZING! I feel like Matt Ouimet is leading this company into a very, very good direction.
  2. Well its been fun. See you in the construction forum!
  3. This live stream is filled with idiots.
  4. I guess there was a bomb threat????
  5. This next hour and a half sure needs to come quicker.
  6. The Cedar Fair conference call was today and Matt Ouimet talked about how parks would be expanding. He mentioned Kings Island, then went on to say that parks would be seeing expanded family rides, water park expansions, revamping of classic attractions, and an "interactive, innovative dark ride that would set a new industry standard." Flight Deck becoming The Bat would definitely be revamping of a classic attraction.
  7. Watch us all be amazed when they announce a giga coaster. Haha
  8. That image was used in The Bat page.
  9. I don't get why people would want to see old bumpy rides when they could be replaced with amazing smooth rides. Yes, they have historical value, but does anyone honestly like Magnum more than Diamondback??
  10. I am just mindblown. If this is fake, (which I think it is) amazing job. On the other hand, I now have this feeling inside me that it might be real. What if this is 2 coasters, but the wing coaster is on top, and the invert is on bottom? Then the supports would be in the middle? I think that would be awesome. Kind of like Full Throttle at the top. There would never be conflict with feet either as the wing coaster would be off to the side and the invert would be centered. http://s8.postimg.org/umbkynd5h/P4113828.jpg
  11. Did you not see the blueprints?
  12. Wow -Rcoaster10, avoiding one word post
  13. Just because a helix is at 90 degrees doesn't make it an inversion. Thats like saying GK has 7 inversions. RCDB says nothing about GK having an inclined loop. It says inclined dive loop, which is the turn around, but the helix is just a helix.
  14. I see this thing having 8 inversions Immelman Loop over lift Zero-G Batwing Part One Batwing Part Two Loop Inclined Dive Loop Barrel Roll
  15. My video is done. About the name, I'm sure this has been said before, but Banshee would make perfect sense as it is announcing the death of SOB.
  16. Kinda off topic, but do you think we'll reach 10,000 posts before the thread ends?
  17. I honestly think this will be an invert, but I still think that it might be a dive coaster and surprise everyone.
  18. Very interesting to know that it will be world record breaking. Maybe the tallest and fastest, possibly longest invert?
  19. August 8th is the announcement date!
  20. I think it would be better for all of us if it was discussed here.
  21. Probably true about the discussion. I also think the park is going to get another observation tower soon. I would love to see one with a restaurant at the top or even a viewing floor that slowly rotates.
  22. I don't think that they will use the arcade building. I could see them using the old pirate ride building though.
  23. This forum reminds me of something.
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