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  1. Although I do think Gold & Platinum pass holders should receive some sort of discount for the Fast Lane passes.
  2. I love the concept. Universal Studios parks started this years ago. You can also do VIP packages at most parks. There is definitely a market for it, otherwise they wouldn't offer it. I will continue buying a Fast Lane pass every time I go to KI and CP. It was really great to have also when I went to USOrlando.
  3. I've had Cedar Points pizza this year. Sorry but still pizza to me lol. It was good and all, just like La Rosas was good for pizza.
  4. I've had La Rosa's many times in Dayton when I lived there. I was in KI last weekend and the pizza tasted great to me. Although I am not too picky about pizza, especially at an amusement park. It was pizza.
  5. I have been every year, and I will be this year. It is a great night
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