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  1. Maybe there are six total.
  2. OH NO, Carowinds must be unsafe!
  3. This was, if I recall correctly, installed near the end of last season. It's fun to look at while waiting in line. (Although you don't really get much time to look at it, because they dispatch the trains so quickly.)
  4. Well, I know where I'm planning to go next year. And it's not Carowinds.
  5. He was really great for Carowinds. I think we'll all miss him down here.
  6. I rode Carolina Cyclone this afternoon and the woman firectly in front of me could not get out after her ride (the attendants didn't notice), so she had to ride again. The shoulder harness just wouldn't go back up. Maybe it is true after all...
  7. It looks like the same person designed Valravn's webpage as the one who designed Carolina Harbor's. I like that.
  8. I have actually never seen or heard any ride operators do anything about this. Maybe they're more vigilant at Kings Island...
  9. Will they ever run out of superheroes to name rides after? Mer, who very much prefers Cedar Fair's ride themes.
  10. << misses Thunder Road :(

  11. I have personally never been to the Land of Oz (although I was in Beech Mountain a few weeks ago), but my mom went when she was a kid. I don't think she really remembers much about it, so all I've really heard is that there were people dressed up as characters from the book and movie.
  12. Ah, yes. I was just coming back to correct that after seeing it on the national website.
  13. Hi, While looking at ticket prices for SFGAm, a promo popped up hinting at an announcement on Sept. 3. I wonder what it will be?