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  1. After thinking more about the "shed" element and the sharp L shape, it would be pretty cool if it was a super sharp over-banked turn. I kinda feel like it may be a point where things slow down a lot though and you see a lot of theming... much like the way Adventure Express teases you at the end. I hope the latter is not the case.
  2. The 3rd video at the official Kings Island website shoulds the 360 video of the "shed". It says Miami River Lumber Co. on the side. It's built in a super sharp "L" shape so will it be a super sharp turn with a stop and a launch to get away from creeping vines?
  3. mystictimbers.visitkingsisland.com there are pov videos there
  4. I actually think this will be a great "upper-middle" ride. Plus I think the theming will be the real winner with this ride. We have a lot of good high thrill rides but not enough that are a little less extreme but still really fun. This ride will be fun
  5. The Wendigo is a cannibalistic spirit with tribal roots. This could be to counter the Banshee on the opposite end of the park.
  6. I gotta say... I'm a little confused by the themes I'm hearing in the music and sounds... I'm hearing some asian influenced music (could be native american) along with manual and electric saws... Anybody think we're gonna see a Native American theme? Wendigo?
  7. Barbie Dive Coaster... That is where we're headed isn't it?! I just don't know if I can wrap my head around that
  8. The Snapchat photo of Diamondback's lift hill saying it is a major key could be showing where another lift hill might pop up. It would be cool to see another lift hill from that view - and it would probably be a pretty tall lift to be relevant.
  9. I would definitely love to see a giga. I also think it would fit pretty well in that area. Imagine diving in and out of the forest. I know someone else mentioned this with a wingcoaster. I think a floorless giga would be thrilling going through the trees and such. I would also think a water coaster like Divertical could be cool... That ride has crap for theming which would be a bonus of the KI location.
  10. Yea serious, he cut the pic number way down.
  11. A strata like no limits would definitely be awesome and scary as crap. I really think what we are getting will just be something completely new and will push limits. With enough money anything is possible and I'm willing to bet those Fast Lane purchases have made a TON of cash.
  12. Enchanted dark forest stuff?......If you go to Williamsburg VA you can brave the black forest..... I have to say I would love something like verbolten
  13. With scarecrows being set on fire , what If this was "the wicked witch"?! Green track, black supports... Castle built and some enchanted dark forest stuff...
  14. would be awesome if we got a new "Oz" land (scarecrow) lol.... Actually there's a pretty scary story called "Feathertop" about a scarecrow who was brought to life by a satanic witch. The witch used him to do bad things but when it starts to develop human feelings, kills itself.
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