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  1. John Lennon' Imagine fits this discussion.
  2. That's awesome! It's too bad the Midway Market at CP was taken off the all season dining plan.
  3. Looking at the 2015 Platinum Pass + all season dining on the Kings Island website, was the all season dining option valid at all Cedar Fair parks during the 2014 season too? Was this just added for 2015 or was this also the case for 2014? I didn't get a dining plan for the 2014 season but will be getting it for sure on my Platinum Pass since it can be used for all Cedar Fair parks for the 2015 season. I was always under the assumption of buy the dining plan at this park, you can only use it at this park. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/ticket-category/Season-Passes
  4. I peeked in there on Monday. There was "blood" on the walls.
  5. I was once told to bring my coffee on Iron Dragon at CP or pitch it so I could ride as it was not allowed to sit on the station platform. I took the coffee with me because I wasn't wasting it. It was interesting to say the least. But the coffee was cooled down at least so it didn't bother me holding it.
  6. One time on The Bat after they gave the all clear, the op said be sure to check your seat belt. The girl in front of me looked down trying to find it and the op saw her and said just kidding, there are no seat belts. It was quite funny.
  7. In technicality, the train was stopped before rolling into the station.
  8. ^True, but being employed there the employee does receive a job manual of what to do and not do. It's just bitter he got the harshest punishment.
  9. The parks are definitely cracking down on on-ride photography. My friend was terminated from KI after the administration found an on-ride photo selfie on his Facebook while he was there on his own personal time. Cedar Point and KI ride ops have been very vocal about it this year.
  10. Could you imagine how much slower it would be to view the photo booth if video is added and if the riders want to watch their on ride video? The photo booth could be in a larger area or have the option to exit without having to go through the gift shop. I don't like being caught up in a crowd of people.
  11. That was my thought too, or to enforce no video recording while riding as well?
  12. Went to the park on Friday and saw these on all the trains. When did they add them?
  13. I like the idea. It would be really awesome if the flash drives were eligible for this deal.
  15. ^Don just needs to wear a hat. [emoji1]
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