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  1. We went on the Sunday of opening weekend and it was aggravating seeing a lot of rides not working properly or not even running at all. This seems to happen each year at the beginning of the season. It makes no sense when they have plenty of time to get the rides ready before opening weekend. At one point in the late afternoon, we went to Delirium, waited in line and it temporarily closed. So we walked to The Beast, and then it ended up closing. Grrrr! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. I was just wondering now that media day has occurred, can anyone tell me if there is a test seat for Banshee and/or does it seem like it will be a tight fit? I can barely fit on Diamonback, so I'm curious as I don't want to waste time waiting in the long line if it won't work for me.
  3. I wish they would tell you ahead of time which ones they are.
  4. Does anyone know which seats and on which train accommodate larger size people better? I have ridden multiple times and some I fit in easily and some have to get help getting restraint to right position.
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