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  1. I like blue but there's already a lot of blue in that area. Invertigo, sob station, delerium, and possibly Banshee! On a clear day, I'd rather ride Diamondback instead of look at all that blue. Bleach!
  2. The Racers smell is hot grease on sun baked wood! (Awesome!)
  3. That would be really embarresing!
  4. What's the best smelling ride and the best sounding ride? I think Drop Tower or Backlot for sound and racer for smell.
  5. Like blue streak at cp? (Just trying to think of some reason)
  6. Also I like the sound of LIM launches.
  7. Did someone say there is blue track? Like B&M track?
  8. I really hope that it will be an intamin stratacoaster like dragster or kingda ka
  9. From the ground, which a place in the park is the windiest? I think in line for delerium.
  10. Thanks! That's cool that the seats are from volcano. Has it ever gotten stuck?
  11. Once on wind seeker i put my bag in the bin and when I took it out, I noticed some brownish powder in the bottom of the bin. Later I rode Diamondback and noticed more of the same stuff! I asked my friend what it was and he said "it's vomit cleanup stuff!" 😾😄
  12. Link with yellow seats and more rotation Link for black seats and less rotation:
  13. But there's still he thing with the programing. Currently it only rotates up he tower until it reaches the red area. It used to rotate all the way up.
  14. I hope it's intamin like i305 at kd!
  15. I heard that it will be the tallest coaster with a lift hill in the world! Chain lift!
  16. A whole bunch of kids were shaking the gates in line for Vortex. The op said stop. They kept going. The op said "If you don't stop, something strange yet mystical will happen to you!" They stopped! Lol
  17. Here's the link to a vid that shows yellow seats.
  18. I have looked in some vids of Drop Tower and somewhere over the years it received new seats, restraints, and programing. I've been trying to identify when this happened. It's seats changed from yellow to black, it used to rotate faster and all the way to the top, and have less brakes. Also the restraints are now green and yellow. Not just green. Any thoughts?
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