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  2. I hope they turn it into a shaded seating area and fix the fountain.
  3. Wow it seems like it was 100 days left only a few days ago ![emoji1]
  4. TheCryptCrusader and I have been working on another drawing, this time, with more detail. I have taken on drawing Banshee, while he is drawing The Beast. Will post more pictures as we continue working!
  5. I have applies for either food or park services. I'm hoping for park services though.
  6. Good luck on the interview. Let us know how it goes!OK! Thanks! I'll post my results when I get back!
  7. I'm going today for a job interview so I get to go in before all you guys!
  8. So excited! Its like a not too crowded opening day at night!
  9. Maybe it will be like a petting zoo with a seating area around it or something.
  10. When you get snowed into Sandusky and cant get back to Cincinnati.
  11. When you've already recreated all of Kings Islands rides in NoLimits
  12. Thanks for reminding me why I don't like coming here much anymore. This is how this place is during the second half of the off season. [emoji1]
  13. How about something like this??
  14. Yay only 85 days. I am especially missing DT and WindSeeker.
  15. I would name it Pterodactyl. Or Pteranodon. It would have green track, and silver supports/rails. The cars would be brown and black with red restraints. Its just a fun name. (Even though Action Zone is most definitely not jurassic themed)
  16. Wow i didn't expect it to be posted on Facebook and Twitter!
  17. Lol I just realised I forgot Tower Gardens.
  18. TheCryptCrusader and I have been working on a drawing of the Kings Island map in chalk on a 9 ft wall! Here it is! Took about 2 hours, and a lot of hand cramps. We are now covered in chalk.
  19. I shazamed ohiocolts's media day video and found it! http://youtu.be/_bJVLpmtYqA?t=4m33s
  20. My favorite audio is in the outdoor queue, when they say that the time travel meeting will happen last Tuesday at 0800 hours.
  21. A really good very high high capacity 5 or 6 minutes long dark ride!
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