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  1. 1: Drop Tower - The Best first drop i've ever experienced. 2: Diamondback - seat 8-2. And if you can help it, dont pull the restraint down as far as it will go. 3: Vortex - Very back (7-3/7-4) Intense airtime! 4: Banshee - 8-4. Its almost a vertical twist in that seat! 5: Beast - The first drop after the second lift.
  2. thoe124

    2015 Idea

    I had an idea for an ideal expansion for KI in 2015. Not saying this is going to happen, but its my guess as to what might happen. First, a new ride in the big tan box. This would be a dark shooter ride like Wonder Mountains Guardian at Canada's Wonderland. It would have a thrilling coaster section first, and be kinda like Flight of Fear, but then have a shooter section and then as a surprise at the end, a track drop section, and then a launch and another coaster section. It would also be like Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It would have 2 inversions, but they would be unexpected,
  3. You say that yet you still have it as your avatar?
  4. Looks like Gatekeeper, Banshee, Furius Baco, and Full Throttle mixed!
  5. ^^ Scream is a freestanding Drop Tower. Heide Park's website says that Scream is taller. http://www.heide-park.de/en/heide-park/park/attractions/transsilvanien/scream/ But Kings Island claims that Drop Tower is the Tallest Gyro Drop. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/rides/Thrill-Rides-12-14-11-44/Drop-Tower-2
  6. According to Wikipedia, Scream at Heide Park in Germany, is taller than Drop Tower at Kings Island. But Kings Island employees refer to Drop Tower as the 'Worlds Tallest Gyro Drop'. The employee i asked said that Drop Tower is actually taller than Scream, but Scream. (According to Wikipedia) Is taller. Does anyone know which is taller?
  7. thoe124


    IMO they need to strip it of electronics, motors, lights, and trains, and get all new everything except track/supports/building. Maybe Full Throttle style LSMs and trains. I think the electronics are just too old.
  8. I've never been on a Boomerang, but i have been on an Inverted Boomerang. That being said, my least favorite Vekoma Inverted Boomerang, (If that counts), is Invertigo, here at Kings Island. Invertigo is also the only inverted boomerang i have been on, making it also my favorite Inverted Boomerang.
  9. I meant July Second, not June first. And no, i didnt win. (Those choice of prize displayed boxes must weigh 10 pounds!)
  10. Needed.....while it may be an inconvenience for you, it's actually needed because people will freak out that their restraints aren't going to lock and then they'll report false information somewhere and guess what, it could end up on the news, resulting in us talking about how false news reports are a pet peeve. Also, they have to say downbar if they've unlocked the restraints so the other ride ops know to recheck them. A lot of times it happens 2 or 3 times in a row on Drop Tower.
  11. July Second 2014. So i got to Kings Island at about 4:30 and went in through the SS entrance. Then i took the KI&MV Railroad to Rivertown, where i rode Diamondback. Then, i went to Coney Mall and rode Vortex and Backlot. After that, i went and got a 6 inch sub from Subway, devoured it, and then rode Drop Tower. Then, I went and rode Banshee, and then went and saw Cirque Imagine. Got an awesome front row seat! (Loved the new act!) Then i came back out into Action Zone, and they had parked Drop Tower, and closed Invertigo, but Banshee was still running. I didnt get in line for anything for
  12. "Nnnn nnnn nnnn nn n nn nnnneeeeCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!" (Drawn out awkward confusion in Cirque Imagine) " Upbar! Ladies and gentlemen, your restraints are now unlocked. Dont worry, i did that. They will be relocked and rechecked. Downbar!" Pompeii by Bastille and Ain't it Fun by Paramore *walks to seat and someone is there: "Hey, i was 26." "NAH AH! I WUZ TWENTY SICKS!" "No, i was in 26. I heard him say 25 when you walked past!" *person in my seat pulls down restraint "Well now you have to go ahead and find anuthur seat!" *Watches as someone takes 25 as well and pulls down restraint. *Compl
  13. 39 times on Drop Tower in two days, and my love levels for it dropped...

  14. In seconds: Click, two, three, four, five, six, DROP! Fast count: Click, ontwothreefourfivesixseven! EEP! DROP ALREADY! OMG I HATE THIS RI- (Drops)
  15. "When I say THE, you say BEAST! THE..... THE..... the.... uhhhhh.... (Rider; 'Beast?') THANK YOU! ENJOY YOUR RIDE!"
  16. "Are you like always here?" -op on Vortex "Hey! I know you! You were here last week!" -op on Delirium "You come here a lot" -op on Eiffel Tower "Hey, its that long haired kid whos always here!" op on The Bat "Hey there!" -op on Banshee "Do I know you?" -op on Racer "Seriously, this is like your millionth time on this thing." -op on Drop Tower Im getting the feeling that i go to KI too much
  17. They were actually the things that hold the cables to the catch car. It IS Drop Tower!
  18. AGAIN?????? And it just got over smelling rancid instead of darkrideish. Surely it was Firehawk's fault!
  19. JUNE 11 2014 THE OTHER D R O P T O W E R REPORT SO... Me and my friends Ethan, Kadin and Josh got to Kings Island at 10:00, and headed for Action Zone. There were almost 0 people there. We headed for Banshee, but it was closed due to heavy rain. (It was raining a lot) So we rode Delirium. Delirium was fun. It was deliriously fun. It was Delirium. Then, Ethan, Kadin, and Josh headed for Drop Tower. At this point in time, i had only been on Drop Tower once, and it was the worst thing i had ever been on. But i had agreed to ride it, or give everyone free sodas all day. So, they rode it a few
  20. thoe124

    Which ride?

    Drop Tower. There has never been a more awesome/terrifying 2 minutes in my life.
  21. Feel it stop moving, click. Count to 7, kachunk- woosh. Get back In line. I did exactly that 32 times in a row last Tuesday.
  22. Backlot Stunt Coaster. On Saturdays.
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