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  1. actually...no, hes not wrong, in fact, he's just the opposite, hes right! go figure. By WRONG!, you are obviously thinking of Superman, at SFMM. However, by the vast majority of everyone here, that being people that actually know things about theme parks and rides, consider that to be a high speed thrill ride. However, if we were to all agree that it was a rollercoaster, screamingnight also said "over speeds of 100mph." As you should know, Superman goes exactly 100, not over, as said. And if by some chance you were thinking of something else, your still wrong.
  2. Borg is at carowinds. Volcano and hypersonic are at dominion.
  3. Yeah, me too. If I have to keep my PKIC account I'm a newbie again!!!
  4. Wow, an entire paragraph with no punctuation. noobs IF winterfest returns, I think that all of the indoor rides would be open. This would be very fun. You could ride FOF, SDATHC, TR:TR, see the contruction of IJST, and much more.
  5. happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me...... Yes, Aug 12 is my b-day, and i'm so excited about the new (insert attaction here)
  6. SWEEET!! What a birthday present for me!
  7. I love the calzones at larosas.
  8. I've gone three times. I went once with my cousin and waited inline for WTRA for 2 hours!!!
  9. Coolangatta wins by a mile! DUT 1 CR 2
  10. I usually didn't see the same people all day. But really, I might have, I don't pay much attention to the other people on the rides. Heres how my day went..... Me and my friend get in the park at about 11:00. We ride the recaR with no wait. It seemed a lot smoother this time. Then we went to AE. I love that ride! Its so fun and relaxing. Next, we headed to AZ. DZ had a long line, so we went to SoB, with almost no line at all. Then we had to meet up with my friends mom, little sister, and his little sister's friend at the "big swings." (zephyr) We had 2 more hours til we ate, so me and my friend went to The Beast. Fun ride! yeah! Then we went to WWC and got drenched. After that we ride the WTRA, with another no wait. I love the elephant at the end. Then we went to SDATHC, which I really suck at. I got 600 points, and my friend got 1080 or something. When we left SD, we went to FO. This had a 15 minute wait, one of the longest of the day. It was a nice ride. After that, we rode CF. then we stood on the bridge for about 10 minutes. A full train went, and i almost got knocked over my the water!! lol! Then we went to DZ, and the line was much shorter now. We rode that, then met up again at LaRosas in International Street. Then we took the two little girls to CF, and once again, stood on the bridge for a while. We tried to get them on AE, but they wouldn't, so we went 3 times with out getting off. Then we went to WWC with everyone in the group. We got drenched again. Then for the last ride of the day, Me, my friend, his sister, and her friend rode WTRA again. I got the front, so i was soaked! Well, thats how my day went.
  11. I would have to say hydrolics. TTD was amazing. I think that PKI needs a HLC soon.
  12. Nice TR. I was also at the park.
  13. I heard once that PKI was gonna make the worlds tallest fastest only looping wooden roller coaster. Oh, wait..... But seriously, i've heard plenty of the "Daughter of The Beast" how insane?!?
  14. Does the bridge over Congo Falls count? If so, that is my favorite. Me and my friend spent about 20 minutes there and were soaked. Go the the left corner on a full train, and get down low. The water almost knocks you over. My friends little sister did get knocked down.
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