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  1. According to their post history cedarislander is EMS... that's disturbing. Remind me to drive myself to the hospital.
  2. No, by @CedarIslander 's logic people die wearing seat belts so they are totally not effective and everyone should not wear them... /facepalm.
  3. Common sense is preventive barriers are just that. Sorry you don't understand how water droplets work.
  4. Clearly someone who doesn't understand the complexities of virtual queuing systems
  5. as if 1% of people isn't millions of people.....
  6. parks haven't been open enough for tracing to be established
  7. Honestly the main thing attractive about the haunt right now is a chance to ride Orion at night. Not all of us can make it down there on the 4th. Who would have though getting a night ride on the new coaster would be a rare thing.
  8. This one is the gamebreaker for me. I ride at night (look at the name). Hope the park didn't need my business this season.
  9. I want the safest path to opening even if that means waiting a little longer. Safety beats entertainment every time.
  10. This always happens, its best to be there live. Was sad I couldn't be.
  11. I miss Kyle of Sparta from a couple seasons ago on The Beast. He always seemed to enjoy the mic and made me smile. Most spielers I just end up tuning out though because trying to follow along is like nails on a chalk board. look at that, he's on youtube
  12. With how small the area of interest is, I'm starting to believe if it is a coaster that maybe they are taking their time on prepping the land to save money. This might not be something that's completed till 2018 if that's the case.
  13. When I asked a Beast crew member why the lights in the double helix tunnel were on he responded with "They are supposed to be". /facepalm
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