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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Yup going to KI this Saturday, what kind of crowds can I expect? I know theres no way of really knowing, just everybodys best guess. Havnt had the chance to go this year and would like to at least go once.
  2. i'm 6-1 260 I have a gut, I wear size 40 jeans and 2xl Shirt and I can only ride in 4th row of Banshee and come really close to no being able to ride The Beast and Diamondback. aparently winter has been good to me. Hope that helps
  3. I rode it three times saturday, I had to sit in the fat row because I thighs are big and I have a little gut...too much Reds Grill. Anyways i loved it, just what the park needs and love the Zero G roll. Diamondback is still king, IMO.
  4. Last week I went to Dollywood and rode Wild Eagle. I have larger legs and pretty tall and had a really hard time getting in restraints, namely because the seat belt needed just a little bit to click. Does anybody know if I will experience the same problem with Banshee?? Is the belt pretty long or is it not much longer than Drop Tower? Thank you
  5. Delirum supports and Banshee supports are almost the same color. Thats prb why they are changing it.
  6. Is this safe? Only replacing the tube part and welding it back? To me this says they put a Band-Aid on it instead of replacing the whole section of track. Not all welds hold.
  7. Then the seats need to be bigger. lol IDK
  8. Drop Tower could use a little longer seat belt. I'm 6"3 and not fat and have to work to get myself in there, because my torso is long. The problem is not that the restraints, they fit me good, its that belt needs another half inch
  9. ERT I doubt it. Last year was almost walk on everytime I rode it. You never know though.
  10. I wont get it at Kings Island this year, because im off Mon/Tues. Making my first trip to Cedar Point this year. I will be getting it for sure.
  11. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/things-to-do/fast-lane Banshee and Firehawk are plus. On a saturday, Fast Lane is $65. Fast Lane PLUS is $80 Last year it was $60/$70
  12. Frances, the name of my Ex wife....scariest thing I could think of.
  13. Wouldnt a windy day be a great day for testing? That and rain? Perfect example on why I want to wait a bit before I ride any new ride.
  14. I talked to people at work today about Kings Island, had to convince them that SoB was not there. So if they put a woodie in, I believe alot of people with think its SoB. IMO
  15. Look I got Fast Lane quite a bit last year. One time I got it the Fast Lane was about half the size of the real line. That day we bought Fast Lane and it wasnt sold out. That said if you go and Fast Lane is sold out you wont want it anyways, because the line will be too long to be worth it. I waited about 30 mins on Diamondback last summer on that day. So dont buy it online, besides you dont know if it will be raining that day.
  16. The back will be epic drop, on a side note Diamondback will be so empty!!
  17. Look at the high arch on the seats. I dont see anybodys feet touching the ground. For the ones that are worried about that lol.
  18. I always thought it looked like mold. I assumed it wasnt.
  19. Well IMO, it needs some Intamin roller coasters for it to be compared to Cedar Point. On a side note if you say "Intamin" three times in a mirror, YoungStud will appear.
  20. I disagree. I beleive you have the right to defend yourself and if you find the courage to do so, you should be proud. I was bullied way before any anti-bully campaigns and teachers didnt care. I felt on my own because I was on my own. I do agree and support anti-bully campaigns, Sometime in your life you are faced with problems and everybody deals with it in their own way.
  21. Back when I was a kid White Water Canyon was a 2 hour wait, this last year I went 14 times and every time It was never more than 30 min wait. Hope it always stays open, its always a nice refreshing break from the heat with a lazy ride down a river. You dont notice its man made, it feels like a white water cannon.
  22. I would like too see more cannons and make them free. Not a whole lot you can do to improve, it is what it is.
  23. Its kinda of heartbreaking after all the money I spend there, season passes and fast pass. That they do this to try and get a few dollars out of me when I want to ride Banshee, its the reason why I ride Firehawk first before I buy a cup.
  24. Not everybody is a camel, I require something to drink in 90+ weather. I also refuse to drink out of public water fountains. Have you seen the nasty people that walk around the park? How can you take the stand of just live with it and be thirsty?
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