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  1. I have heard they thought it wouldn't look good with the skyline of the park.
  2. I had a "dang she mad" moment when some kid unbuckle the seat belt in the empty seat next to him as the train was moving out on Mystic. I would also be lying if I didn't say I get one of those moments at least twice a week.
  3. the most common question at Mystic: Is this a water ride? Can I put _____ in the truck? Is this the Son of Beast?
  4. I work at Mystic Timbers which is a 48-inch ride. We have huge stacks of the purple wristband, that I try to put on kids if they make the height. I have had numerous times of parents yelling at me because " You are letting all these people in front of us" ... all because I was checking her height. The only negative thing is, we only the 48-inch wrist and nothing else. TBH depends on which greeter.... Banshee greeter= sunburn (happened to me on Saturday) but Mystic greeter isn't horrible on slow days but Saturdays it's a rough hour.
  5. Mystic is also IOE.. and last season had an issue and that why it went down to 2 trains last season for a couple weeks
  6. Usually, if we a see a phone out, when they come back into the station, we ask them to delete what they took. Mystic Shed has a camera so we can usually tell when someone recording so we always ask them to delete the picture or video right infront of us.
  7. my supervisor was shoved by a guest due to a bag. Usually, most people aren't too bad about it. Just the rude stand out. I guessed one dude got kicked out of the line for being drunk and as he came out he took my height stick and threw it in the bushes. I kinda just stood there and was really confused.
  8. I know if I am at separator, I try to work with people but since our station is super small we can only have 2 trains in a row. If you are nice about it, I would pretty much let you go there as long as you don't mind the extra wait.
  9. Honestly, if staffing is good which it is during summer, we have 2 greeters. Anything at mystic can get stressful *cough cough* Separator. Separator is the main cause of problems.
  10. I was rehired back to the Tenders (Mystic). During my interview, they recommended me to work at Mystic. I was in shocked because it was the brand new ride and I was a 1st year. When we had training 2 weeks before the park opened we couldn't even touch the ride. We did all our training standing at greeter. When Passpreview night happened, it was a brand new experience for everyone. No one on the crew even checked bars with people on the train. I actually didn't get to ride Mystic till opening day when I went as a guest. I have created so many memories and became friends with everyone on my crew. The hours are long, since Mystic is ERT, I have to be there at 8:45 am while other rides it is 9:20am. I have spent so many hours at the island during the summer and can't wait for it again. This is the one job, that I love going to. I know my supervisor will help me or even back me up. The job teaches you to get thick skin and how to deal with guest. I can't tell how many times I have been cussed out this past summer. I even went back for Winterfest but sadly Mystic was closed for the last week. Can't wait for this summer
  11. "Is this a water ride?" I can't tell how many times I heard this summer at Mystic.
  12. No idea if anyone said anything about this but Mystic Shed also has the SOB anti-rollback and chain lift in it.
  13. If we go off what crew runs the ride, Shake Rattle and Roll is consider Rivertown along with Backlot Stunt Coaster.
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