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  1. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Usually, if we a see a phone out, when they come back into the station, we ask them to delete what they took. Mystic Shed has a camera so we can usually tell when someone recording so we always ask them to delete the picture or video right infront of us.
  2. my supervisor was shoved by a guest due to a bag. Usually, most people aren't too bad about it. Just the rude stand out. I guessed one dude got kicked out of the line for being drunk and as he came out he took my height stick and threw it in the bushes. I kinda just stood there and was really confused.
  3. Park Nitpicks

    I know if I am at separator, I try to work with people but since our station is super small we can only have 2 trains in a row. If you are nice about it, I would pretty much let you go there as long as you don't mind the extra wait.
  4. Honestly, if staffing is good which it is during summer, we have 2 greeters. Anything at mystic can get stressful *cough cough* Separator. Separator is the main cause of problems.
  5. I was rehired back to the Tenders (Mystic). During my interview, they recommended me to work at Mystic. I was in shocked because it was the brand new ride and I was a 1st year. When we had training 2 weeks before the park opened we couldn't even touch the ride. We did all our training standing at greeter. When Passpreview night happened, it was a brand new experience for everyone. No one on the crew even checked bars with people on the train. I actually didn't get to ride Mystic till opening day when I went as a guest. I have created so many memories and became friends with everyone on my crew. The hours are long, since Mystic is ERT, I have to be there at 8:45 am while other rides it is 9:20am. I have spent so many hours at the island during the summer and can't wait for it again. This is the one job, that I love going to. I know my supervisor will help me or even back me up. The job teaches you to get thick skin and how to deal with guest. I can't tell how many times I have been cussed out this past summer. I even went back for Winterfest but sadly Mystic was closed for the last week. Can't wait for this summer
  6. Guests Say The Darnest Things

    "Is this a water ride?" I can't tell how many times I heard this summer at Mystic.
  7. Kings Island Easter Eggs

    No idea if anyone said anything about this but Mystic Shed also has the SOB anti-rollback and chain lift in it.
  8. Ideas for the Crypt building?

    If we go off what crew runs the ride, Shake Rattle and Roll is consider Rivertown along with Backlot Stunt Coaster.
  9. Honestly, I have no idea.
  10. I can confirm it is 35 degrees for us to start the ride and get her going.
  11. Ban the single rider line

    I'm gonna talk as a ride ops perspective here. In honesty, those single riders are saving you time. People in that line know they will be paired up. When I was at the Timbers this summer, there were many times when I only need 2 people to have a full train and they would be no small groups close by. The line yes, will be grouped but they aren't expecting to ride together. I always found it hard to pair odd number groups together because guest always thought they were on a separate train. The single rider line will help save the space and allow better capacity because wrapping seat belts take a while. They have single rider line at Holiday World for their water coasters. Also in the summer, those single riders would be getting to ride before you if they need a single rider and they are close to the stairs. I would always call down the line the number of people I need to make a full train. Most of the time was either 1 person or a group of 3.
  12. Winterfest Questions

    Mystic Min temp is 35 degrees.
  13. Flight of Fear questions

    My best ride on FOF this year was dry run day for employees in early April. All the lights were turned off, I couldn't even see my own hand in front of my face.
  14. How busy do you think the park would be Saturday the 30th? I know CP will be busy cause it is a Saturday but cause of HalloWeekends how much more volume would it add?
  15. How was your ride on Mystic Timbers?

    I saw the anti-skid plates and got so happy. I have been running up the stairs before and fell face 1st before. The stairs down the exit are also slippery and going down to help people I have almost ate many times