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  1. Most places include the lift hill and brake run in the total ride time, which makes them sound longer
  2. IIRC, Diamondback’s brake run and turnaround track was in place before it was announced.
  3. If i’m not mistaken, Universal Orlando is going to have a Stranger Things-themed HHN house this fall.
  4. Yep, word to the wise, don’t tell people on the internet where you live.
  5. It would be hard to have a thread called “decoding” and then say you can’t look at the blueprints
  6. I like Polaris, and I hope there’s no number attached. although Polaris 296 would be hilarious
  7. I’m sad that I visited CW in 2011 before Levi was built. I need to get back to Toronto!
  8. The key to avoid the 4 hour wait is to not go on a Saturday
  9. I also can’t stand UK
  10. SV’s backstory does not count as theming to me. MT has a little bit, but I still think Top Gun’s aircraft carrier queue has that beat. The phantom theater was one of the best themed rides outside of Disney/universal that I’ve ever ridden. The animatronic maestro was probably my favorite theming piece. I can’t see CF ever doing something that good.
  11. I was hoping for Sir Chocolot
  12. Off topic: I wouldn’t mind putting millennium flyers on The Racer.
  13. Along with the station music, AE used to have a recording of a guy saying “the express will leave for the outpost at 0900 hours....” or something like that.
  14. I really liked King Cobra’s color scheme.
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