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  1. Along with the station music, AE used to have a recording of a guy saying “the express will leave for the outpost at 0900 hours....” or something like that.
  2. I really liked King Cobra’s color scheme.
  3. I’m on board but I vote we spell it “Samsquanch”
  4. I’m still #TeamLittleBillsGigaCoaster
  5. I’d put a dive machine where Vortex is now. Good spot for a nice compact layout. as for the former SOB area behind Banshee, instead of a ground-up RMC i’d put a Gravity Group woodie like Voyage back there.
  6. Finally a coaster for GF people
  7. The GP has never heard of Levi or Fury. When KI tells them they’re building a 300’ coaster, they’re going to go nuts. And I agree with the sentiment that even if the lift hill is only 296’ it will still be a hell of a fun ride.
  8. Here’s a theming idea: The shape of the station’s roof looks a bit like a hangar. Since it will be right next to hangar 18, why not theme this thing to aviation/the Air Force? I know it doesn’t fit with Orion or Polaris, but it would fit with FOF’s building and be a nice nod to Dayton’s aviation heritage. I kind of feel like Orion and Polaris might be red herrings (there was a time when everyone thought Fury would be named “Centurion.” Thoughts?
  9. The consensus at this point is that project 2020 will be about 305’ at most.
  10. DB has its station and transfer track built before haunt, if memory serves.
  11. Re: Tomb Raider- At the time, I think Paramount was trying to be more like Disney/universal as far as theming goes. They wanted this huge dark ride that was heavily themed and that no one had done before. Unfortunately TRTR didn’t pan out the way they hoped. I remember someone wrote in the Enquirer that it was an indoor coaster. So there’s 15 year old me who just waited 4 hours to ride this thing, imagining something like Indiana Jones at Disneyland and instead getting a giant Huss top spin. It was a cool ride when it first opened, but not what I was expecting at all.
  12. Holiday world waited 10 years after Voyage to afford T-bird.
  13. Big coasters like this often have a large entrance plaza. Anyone have a prediction of specifically where that will be for project 2020?
  14. Astronomy is one of the many tools of the devil -Bobby Boucher’s mom in “The Waterboy”
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