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  1. I was fortunate enough to ride screechin’ eagle a few times as a kid. Best ride at Americana, hands down.
  2. Come on you guys. You had one job to do.
  3. Women’s clothing is a mystery that scientists agree will never be solved
  4. Yes never, ever bring a bag to an amusement park. That is what cargo shorts were invented for in 1967.
  5. That last little wave turn looks great.
  6. My physician has diagnosed me with “the Invertigo.”
  7. ^agreed. KI needs to continue the trend of theming that started with MT. Cedar Fair has historically not themed anything at all, and I think it adds a lot to the experience of the ride when the park at least tries to add a little something.
  8. Agreed. I saw Cedar Point’s laser show once. Granted, it was probably 1998 and things have changed since then, but I wasn’t impressed. If you aren’t a fan of the song “everybody dance now,” you probably wouldn’t have liked it much either.
  9. I would enclose the lift hill like Hulk. Then when you emerge for the first drop, you’re like “Holy hell we’re up high!” They could add some space-themed lighting in there and dramatic music, with the voice-over guy from FOF saying something like “follow our path across the cosmos”
  10. I would call that a Shambhala turnaround, aka Ampersand.
  11. Can you fly a C-5 galaxy Y/N please advise
  12. Let’s hope it’s not too fast or too furious
  13. I’m fairly certain there is a restroom across from the rivertown larosa’s
  14. I’m a little bummed the overall length is so much shorter than Levi, but I think we knew that was coming. It is slightly longer than DB. It’s going to be a great ride.
  15. Most places include the lift hill and brake run in the total ride time, which makes them sound longer
  16. IIRC, Diamondback’s brake run and turnaround track was in place before it was announced.
  17. If i’m not mistaken, Universal Orlando is going to have a Stranger Things-themed HHN house this fall.
  18. Yep, word to the wise, don’t tell people on the internet where you live.
  19. It would be hard to have a thread called “decoding” and then say you can’t look at the blueprints
  20. I like Polaris, and I hope there’s no number attached. although Polaris 296 would be hilarious
  21. I’m sad that I visited CW in 2011 before Levi was built. I need to get back to Toronto!
  22. The key to avoid the 4 hour wait is to not go on a Saturday
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