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  1. I wasn’t trying to defend the validity of the flyer, I’ve thought since I first saw it that it was fake, I just wanted to mention what I heard. Perhaps it’s simply a case of ride ops not being aware of what should and shouldn’t be said this early in the season
  2. I didn't catch the very beginning because I assumed it was a normal spiel but definitely said in 2020 they'd be using a new Firehawk steel building system, capable of building over 400 feet tall and able to withstand 95 mph winds.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree that the flyer looks and likely is fake. However, on a Mystic ride later Friday night, a ride op rattled off the "facts" listed about Firehawk steel, which I thought was interesting. Mentioned the height and the wind speed right as I was boarding probably around 9:10. Not saying it means anything, but caught my attention
  4. If anyone is still debating which club to join, this will be my third year as a Coaster Crew member, and I love it! The guy who is in charge is super nice, he organizes great events, and everyone in the club is very nice and easy going! Definitely recommend joining and looking into their other events as well.
  5. If you check out street view in front of Son of Beast, there are a couple interesting things I recall finding awhile back... (Look at the people) Edit: That might be hard to understand, in front of the restrooms is about where I mean.
  6. I'm a senior in high school and Media Day I think is reason enough for my senior skip day. I just have to be careful, I can lose college credit for my classes if I miss 3 days total
  7. I can't tell for sure what it is, but it looks like something is going on with the seats on Delirium... Does anyone know what they're doing? (Yes I know that someone knows, I'm looking for someone to give an answer hopefully)
  8. So if I register with coaster crew now I AM clear to RSVP for media day?
  9. After track work is complete, it will take me a week or two to stop checking the webcam 10+ times a day
  10. Pyrenees is the second longest inverted coaster at 4,048.6 feet. Source: rcdb.com Edit: darn, beat me to it.
  11. Seymour....work in Columbus. Lol, it's a small world on the interwebz. I live on the other side of Columbus in Brown County. Way small world indeed
  12. More track being lifted into place now! So any theory where the lift loop comes next looks to be inaccurate Edit: Forgot to mention the track being lifted is up from the bottom of the dive loop segment of track
  13. More supports are being delivered right now. Hopefully some real progress is made next week. Too bad I'll be out of the country with no internet....
  14. I really wish they would've put a tunnel or two on the ride. I could picture one at the bottom of the first drop with fog machines and purple lights shining in it at night.
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