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  1. Been out of the loop for awhile now, but does anyone know what happened to this theme? I recalled seeing an option where you can choose it but now it isn't there anymore.
  2. If anyone is interested in donating, they put together a GofundeMe to help preserve Jennie K and bring her to back to Northern Ohio again. https://www.gofundme.com/save-jennie-k
  3. For me, My Father and I would ride the bluestreak as much as we could at night for two reasons. #1 the line was extremely short so you could get off and get into line and your on the station platform again. It feels like your going faster at night than in the daytime so its much more of a rush and excitement for us. Thats my personal experience with the bluestreak so it may vary for others.
  4. Don't miss the train ride there, lol. But yes ride all the coaster you can, they are amazing.
  5. Almost Christmas Eve.

  6. I am satisfied with the annoucncement, But I really wish they would add some animatronics on the KI&MVRR.
  7. Yup that is me! Lol, I had that logo Custom Made from a friend of mine.
  8. Hey I know you from somewhere, Your TopthrillDan On YouTube! Nice to see a fellow Railfan Like me on here.
  9. Looks Like Cedar Point has no plans for the Park, It would be nice to reopen it and have another park in the Cleveland Area.
  10. Well Summer Has been over and school Start. :(

  11. I am not sure if any one posted about Cedar Point will be Officially announcing this soon but I saw this on my Facebook New feed and well I ain't thrilled at all I hope Cedar Point changes the rides name in the next year. I won't be ridding the Coaster any time soon. http://www.wkyc.com/story/entertainment/2014/09/15/cedar-point-lebron/15692401/
  12. The Mantis isn't being torn down.
  13. I just got Nominated by a friend. Well I got 24 Hours.
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