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  1. Where old memories are relived and new ones are made.
  2. Something i forgot to mention that REALLY needs to be addressed.. repaving of the parking lot!!
  3. We noticed the chair about a week ago. Today. we noticed decent size tree limbs along with this lantern in Tower Garden. Could these be clues to what is new in 2019?
  4. What is the record for most visits to the park in one season?
  5. Any pictures of these markers? I did not see any during my visit.
  6. My son and I were stuck on Diamondback at the MCBR for about 15 minutes.
  7. Don How do we turn in cash donations? I logged in the website but did not get any instruction on how to turn the cash in. Thanks!
  8. That is if Mystic Timbers is running during Preview Night. Remember, they have not released any information regarding Preview Night yet. So we may have to wait until opening day to ride Mystic Timbers. That would royally suck but it could happen I guess...
  9. Does anyone know if there will be a Preview Night this year for season pass holders?
  10. So when I went to guest relations to talk to a supervisor about the gate issue, he admitted that they let the front gate pass holders in 5 minutes early. I kept telling him that is not true, it was more like 15 minutes as I have a credible source. I found this post on point buzz basically contradicting his statement. Dennis Urban Today, 1:51 AM We(the front gate passholders) were let in about 6:45,Valravn sign was indicating 1 3/4 hr wait. Went to MF(1/2 hr) instead to start the day. Marina entrance 'waiters' were very upset that front gaters were let in early and got to Valravn before them. So armed with this information along with hundreds of posts on facebook about preview night, do you think I should escalate this issue as no one from the park seems to want to make this right? https://pointbuzz.com/Forums/Topic/56-preview-night
  11. The line for Valravn was still over two hours long at 11:00 when the preview event was due to end. Like I said, I went to guest services and they basically told me they are NOT going to do anything for me. I also had an issue at Hotel Breakers... lots of Ohio State alumni were partying in the room next to ours and needless to say, we didn't get much sleep. When we checked out this morning I brought this up and once again I got the typical Cedar Point response "I'm sorry but we cant do anything for you". Very disappointed in Cedar Point right now.
  12. I just attended Cedar Point's preview night and let me say i am very disappointed with the park. My family and i arrived at the marina gate about 4:00 and were the first people in line. About 10 minutes before 7 another guest approached the marina gate and informed all of us that they had already let the other pass holders at the front gate into park 15 min early. Needless to say everyone in line was extremely ticked off about this. The two attendants at the marina gate would not let us in until 7 pm. By the time we got into the park, the line for Valravn was already out into the midway out past the entrance for Raptor. This really sucked as we had waited in line for 3 hours before being let in. I expected there to be a significant line after the gates opened but to let other pass holders into the park early is absolutely ridiculous. There needs to be some communication and consistency especially with events like this. I was told by Tony Clark to go to guest services to inform them of this issue which turned out to be a waste of my time. They told me there is nothing they can do about it and that it was a decision by upper mgmt. to open the main gate early. I wasted a total of seven hours attending preview only to ride 1 ride (Valravn). In my opinion, their best day ever promise is a crock of sh**. Does anyone on here have any input as to how i can get Cedar Point to actually address my concerns instead of just brushing me off? If there is anyone else on here that was part of this fiasco please chime in with your experience tonight.
  13. Just drove by the park on my way home from work, the front of the sign will say "Kings Island" and the left side of the sign has a Soak City logo.
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