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  1. What is the crowd like tonight at the last night of haunt?
  2. I seriously doubt they would start a teaser campaign for a Haunt attraction a year in advance.
  3. Has there been any discussion of changing the schedule today due to the weather? I tried joining the Coasterstock 2021 Facebook group for updates but the request is still pending as of today.
  4. Just curious about funpix during Coasterstock. I have never used funpix before. Does the park add funpix to your season pass and do you have to register prior to using?
  5. Our family is excited to attend this year again and thankful for all the work the park does in making us feel welcomed! We cannot wait to ride Orion at night!
  6. Has anybody received the itinerary email yet? Did you receive this in the mail? I do not remember seeing it as an option this year when registering.
  7. What are wait times looking like right now?
  8. I think it would put a lot of visitors minds at ease if they would at least provide the last day the employee worked and the area. They said the area would be closed to the public and employees so they can clean and sanitize. If anyone goes to the park tonight they may be able to figure out what area if it is still closed down for cleaning.
  9. I just rode Diamondback and it indeed was rough even in the front row which is usually pretty smooth.
  10. I thought if you were in a group of four you could ride four in a row. My family wants to ride in the same row together.
  11. I am just curious... Does anyone on here know exactly why the Media Day event for Orion was cancelled? If first riders event is not until 5 pm that leaves plenty of time for a Media Day event.
  12. Is the email regarding the first riders auction or media day or both?
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