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  1. Also according to the birdseye view, apparently they're uprooting & moving the whole water park to the other side too (haha)
  2. I don't know about anyone else, but outside of these plans I'm actually more excited for Cedar Point's Opening this weekend since they seem to do the lion's share of sneaky teasers (ie: with Yukon Striker etc). I can't wait to see if someone notices if there are more random teasers posters up there this year! Gotta say I'm a huge fan of this Cedar Creek Mine Company 'Coaster Universe' they've been building & I do hope it continues... Granted maybe not with this one (since it's in X Base), but still I would love to see the stories of how the rides in our areas are connected. If anyone's going up this weekend keep your eyes peeled!
  3. I-Street, more like MY Street!
  4. The Beast at 40: It's all downhill from here... then uphill, then a double helix... (but it's better to be in the dark)
  5. Whether Tall or Small, King's Island for All!
  6. Haven't seen an update on this in a while, but if we're interested, is there any kind of KIC discount for Coaster CREW membership this year? And how would we go about signing up? (Specifically for the Platinum Membership)
  7. If the guy was terrified on The Beast, don't take him on Diamondback. Obviously he hasn't gotten his thrill seeker legs underneath him yet, so lets not throw him into the deep end, just to see if he can swim. Start Small. Build Up.
  8. Like several of us on here, I too grew up terrified and it wasn't until High School that I really started enjoying them. For me I would stay away from Backlot first & Racer. Honestly, I would start on Adventure Express. I would get them comfortable on that & then move on to Back lot, or Flight Deck. As a new rider, Racer can be pretty intense because of only having the lap bar, and the hills provide a lot of air time depending on where you sit. I know that as a new rider that definately freaked me out. I liked feeling secure & with the OTSR's on Flight Deck, despite the fact the lift hill initially scared me, the ride itself wasn't overly intense. Good Luck. The one thing that always discouraged me was when people gave me a hard time about being afraid of them so don't do that be supportive, offer to buy a picture on their first big ride if you get them on one... But keep them talking in line. Tell Jokes, keep their mind off it & say, "No big deal" if they don't feel comfortable. Bribes were what got me on some of the bigger rides, but again just be supportive about it & don't get super frustrated with them. I would also not go the girlfriend route or even show them the bigger rides. It only takes you seeing one person getting sick or looking shaken to give a new rider worries.
  9. As a child of the late 80's & 90's, Top Gun (Flight Deck) will always have a special place in my heart as well. Like some of us, growing up I was terrified of coasters, and it wasn't until Top Gun opened my eyes that I truly believed I could conquer them. I'll always remember the theming underneath the loading platform that we waited in on especially at night, and the ride ops in flight jumpsuits, the Top Gun Soundtrack playing on the platform some days, and trying to learn forward just a bit, in order to hold my overhead bar just a little off for more air time & be able to raise my arms out the side. It's had a great run, and I for one am grateful; For without it I never would've conquered The Beast, or Vortex, or MF, or I305, or TTD. So Happy 20th Flight Deck! You may not be dangerous, but can be my wingman any time.
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