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  1. I've been wondering if PTC could make a train that operates forwards but prebuilt with the seats facing backwards? That would probably be the safest way to bring recaR back.
  2. Update the park posted yesterday. We can see some of the details going into the front facade of the organ. https://www.instagram.com/p/CblBUaNJUyV/?utm_medium=copy_link
  3. I noticed these paintings of German buildings and scenery on the wall next to Panda Express last season. Were these there in previous seasons?
  4. I believe they already have LED filament bulbs on the carousel. During Winterfest, I was talking to my brother, who has an eye for things like that, and we noticed that the bulbs didn't look like the traditional incandescent bulbs, but rather like what's pictured above. I remember about 10 or so years ago they had solid white LED bulbs. This. I've noticed several of those mirrors missing, along with one of the big ones. Even some ornamented wood pieces were missing from the mirrors and rounding boards. Hopefully those will be remedied too.
  5. This is amazing! I believe the last time the carousel received any major TLC was in 1969. I believe I've shared this in the past. The top image shows Carol Lanter painting one of the murals in 1969. Below it, the same mural at Kings Island.
  6. I've seen interviews with Alan Schilke from RMC where he mentioned their team having a bucket list of coasters they wanted to give the I-Box track to. Does The Gravity Group have a bucket list of wooden roller coasters that they want to refurbrish with their precut track?
  7. With the ride being repainted, I kinda hope one of the announcements is that it's being rethemed and annexed back into Rivertown this year.
  8. I remember seeing the lights on the log flume in this video from 1980. At around 1:30 in the video, you can see the lights down the trough with a log going over them:
  9. I have fond memories of my childhood of eating the chicken tenders and curly fries (back when they still sold those) with my family under the old arbor tunnel. I remember listening to the clickety clack of what's now Great Pumpkin Coaster (Then known as Top Cat Taxi Jam). I was disappointed when the tunnel was removed. I was reminded of this tunnel after riding the train at Winterfest this season, queuing in the White Water Canyon entrance. While it's cool to see that arbor tunnel there, I still miss the one on the midway. Looking at old photos of the old tunnel, it looked like a portal that took guests from one section to another without the theming clashing. There has always been an awkward transition between Planet Snoopy and Rivertown, as well as the walkway into Rivertown from the floral clock past the upward spiral on Backlot. If the park ever brought that tunnel back, I'd love to see it be built in either of those two areas.
  10. I like the new International Street and new Royal Fountain. I used to feel iffy about the aesthetics of the fountain changing, but seeing the reintroduction of the European theming of the buildings made up for it. At the end of the day, it's the architecture that makes International Street what it is, the fountain leading to the Eiffel Tower just ties it all together. I do think that it would have been cool to see street lamps returning to the street, but it is what it is. In terms of food, I will say that these past couple years I've noticed that Cedar Fair is starting to show that they're not afraid to delve into theming a bit more. French Corner opening up during Tricks & Treats Fall Fest in 2020 is a great example. I didn't expect the park to add French food to their dining line up, and I was pretty impressed when I ate there. I really like the croissant sandwiches with the pomme frites on the side. And the interior is decked out with pictures of French landmarks and maps of Paris. I recommend eating there; it's a nice food stand and it enhances International Street's theming I think we should give props to the park for returning some "international" foods outside of Grand Carnivale, because this could be a step towards returning International Street to what it used to be prior to Paramount's tenure.
  11. It may be unlikely to happen, but with Premier Rides refurbishing the old Kangaroo, the Norman Bartlett Flying Coaster from Kennywood, it would be cool to see them get the rights to the patent and bring that style of ride back. I say that it's unlikely because Kennywood likes to say that Kangaroo is the last of its kind, and because Premier has only made coasters. Something to dream about.
  12. My brother was at the park on Halloween, the final operating day of the fall season, and he told me the band organ was missing. I knew immediately when he said that that it was being restored. I'm extremely excited that the park has made it official! It's also exciting to see and hear the bells working again. One thing I noticed when listening to the video was the arrangement of "Jingle Bells." I'm not too familiar with Wurlitzer 165 rolls, which our beloved 157 plays, but usually it would sound like this on our band organ: Perhaps it's another arrangement?
  13. Was Baynum involved with the paint on Rebel Yell/ Racer 75 in 2014? I'm inclined to believe that The Racer will be fully repainted for next season if it's being advertised as such.
  14. I'm hoping so too! With all the nostalgic changes we've seen the last few seasons, it wouldn't surprise me if the patriotic color scheme returned.
  15. According to Baynum's website, it looks like 1996. https://baynumpainting.com/projects/2021/9/6/the-racer I can't wait to see it looking fresh next season. It'll probably look like a brand new coaster when it's done.
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