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  1. BlondyRidesOn


    What if it's the Giga? It was always rumored that Outpost 5 would be the station for a B&M Giga.
  2. BlondyRidesOn

    Which coaster gets the RMC axe?

    Mystic Timbers in 30 years. The Racer and The Beast have such rich history at the park and are so celebrated by the park that I doubt they'd get touched. From what I've read and heard, The Racer is not sound enough to receive the treatment anyway because it was built with Douglas Fir and not Southern Yellow Pine. I also believe age has a factor in there as well.
  3. Maybe they're replacing it with a Zamperla Endeavour and calling it "Wheel's Revenge." But in all seriousness, this is actually very sad. HUSS Enterprise rides are rare classics you don't find anymore.
  4. BlondyRidesOn

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Why not a steel structure for the lift and a wooden structure for other parts of the ride?
  5. BlondyRidesOn


    Maybe the No.5 in the poster is upside down because the timbers are... ..."twisted..."
  6. BlondyRidesOn

    Racer 2019?

    Robb Decker was seen walking along the ride recently. Was he involved in Knott's Ghostrider renovation a few years back?
  7. BlondyRidesOn


    I think it's pretty interesting with the poster that reads "Oak Strong and Iron Bound" with "Mason-Sandusky" underneath. A lot of people on Reddit are speculating with the "6919 site," suggesting that if you combine the 3,415 feet of track on both sides of The Racer, you get 6,830 feet, and can possibly be lengthened with an RMC Möbius loop conversion. I certainly hope that isn't what's being teased here, as its ridership from last season was higher than in 2015 when they led people to think it was closing then.
  8. BlondyRidesOn

    Racer 2019?

    I would love to hear some late 60s early 70s songs on Coney Mall. Harry Nilsson, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd all tie in with the theme of Cincinnati's Coney Island in its final seasons. Maybe re-landscape the area to look much like it once did. Japanese Yew shrubs and Ginkgo trees adorning the midway like at Coney Island.
  9. BlondyRidesOn

    15 Facts You May Not Have Known About Kings Island (video)

    When I first watched the video a while back, I knew so many of his facts were confused. The part about the carousel was a real doozy.
  10. BlondyRidesOn

    Racer 2019?

    I've never been on Thunder Run, but I know RMC retracked it. If it's really good, then that may be the only "RMC treatment" I'd be alright with on The Racer.
  11. BlondyRidesOn

    Racer 2019?

    The posts on social media about The Racer all seem to revolve around the coaster building boom it sparked. If these are teasers for whatever will happen, it's pretty interesting. With the ACE Landmark plaque returning, it would be odd to disqualify it from its status. Maybe they're pulling a Kings Dominion and will relaunch it as "rACEr 72," playing homage to its Landmark status.
  12. BlondyRidesOn

    Racer 2019?

    If they put Topper Track on the ride, it will be in some sections but not all. I would hope that it's a traditional retrack instead.
  13. BlondyRidesOn

    Racer 2019?

    I noticed while riding The Beast this season that there are some red and blue boards on a sawhorse near the first drop. It's probably just something to get enthusiasts speculating. It has also been mentioned before that the park has been posting a lot about The Racer on social media, which is something that they did back in 2015 with the "Two things from 1972 that everyone has experienced will be removed for 2016" tease which led everyone into thinking The Racer was closing back then. Could the PR department be leading the enthusiast community down that road again? With the return of the ACE Landmark plaque near the entrance, I would certainly think that's what it is.
  14. BlondyRidesOn

    Racer 2019?

    The park has been posting quite a lot about The Racer on social media, celebrating its history for starting the coaster building boom. Taking looking at its ridership counts, it's a very popular ride and it would make sense to restore it rather than a hybrid treatment. Would Topper Track hurt the coaster's Landmark status?
  15. BlondyRidesOn

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    My brother has been wondering lately of the band organ on the Grand Carousel was going to be fixed anytime soon. He really likes the carousel and the organ and was curious if there would be further progress in the organ's restoration.