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  1. I love the new decals on the International Street trashcans. Only saw one so far.
  2. Looking at this screenshot from the video provided in the blog post by the park, the frames around the elevator doors are painted very similar to the Parisian Patina color. But, as BoddaH mentioned above, it could be that that is the Tower's usual color but it has gotten sun faded over time. This makes me even more excited for the 2022 season and what else the park may have in store.
  3. -Have The Gravity Group finish retracking/ reprofiling The Racer. -Repaint Racer to its original red white and blue color pallet. -Restore the Wurlitzer 157 band organ on the Grand Carousel & upgrade with MIDI program, much like Cedar Point's Wurlitzer 153 on the Midway Carousel. -Touch up the paint on the Grand Carousel to bring the ride back to it's post-1969 restoration standard.
  4. On my visit a couple weeks ago, the ride operators on Racer would dispatch Blue Racer first and then Red Racer about a second after. This way Red slowly catches up with Blue on the lift and they disengage from the lift chain at the same time. My brother and I saw it while waiting in line for The Beast just how even the trains were up until they spit off. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't RMC do the electrical work on Rebel Yell/ Racer 75 in 2019 to incorporate the jockeying up the lift? I thought I heard someone say that in the past.
  5. I find it's in the middle. For people like me, and other Kings Island history buffs, Racer is extremely integral in the park's lineup and in coaster history and that it should be preserved. It also seems to be very popular. The park concedes that it has gotten over 1 million riders each season since 1972, and that only Mystic Timbers, Banshee and Diamondback get more riders annually (which may change with Orion). However, for many years, I have heard people complain about the roughness. I find that most younger people don't have the appreciation for it. The track work and reprofiling this past offseason by Gravity Group and the park's wood coaster maintenance team seems to have paid off and it seems like it's making a comeback. I also really like the LED uplighting on the white structure and how it is incorporated into the fireworks show. In my opinion, Gravity Group should continue retracking it until the entire course is reprofiled and smoothed out. I threw out the suggestion on here of changing one of the hills coming back in and adding a double down to mix it up a bit and add more pops of airtime, but that's unlikely to ever happen. And like how BoddaH said above, bring back the red white and blue paint on the structure.
  6. I loved their galleries of old park pictures. I was hoping one day to use their photo gallery of the Paramount Story tiles to figure out which one was which. I'm gonna have to go on there before Monday and save as many photos as I can.
  7. Since Coney Mall is supposed to be themed to Cincinnati's Coney Island, why not recreate a modern version of the fountain that was there from 1965 - 1971. Top photo: Coney Island Central Bottom photo: Cincinnati Views
  8. Entry #4 Sunday night in Paris May 5, 2019
  9. Entry #2 July 31, 2020 Looking up.
  10. I have so many good photos of the Tower. This is one of my favorites.
  11. I got so excited when I first saw the front of the trains. When I saw the picture of the entrance, my excitement levels increased ten fold. I'm loving these improvements! Good job, Kings Island!
  12. Same here. I love riding it each time I visit, but it definitely needs some touching up to restore the airtime. I can't wait to try the new track this season to see how well it runs.
  13. Not my opinion, just a comment I read a while back: "Kings Island needs to tear down The Racer and Adventure Express because they need an update like Cedar Point." My actual opinion: They should add a double down element on the airtime hills on Racer immediately following the turnarounds, just to add more airtime.
  14. The reprofiling Gravity Group did should hopefully bring more airtime to The Racer. Can't wait to ride it this season!
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