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  1. For a couple of seasons, starting in 2013, they had Bratwurst and Mettwurst with sauerkraut and German Potato Salad in the Bier Garten. In 2014, they served Bratwurst and Mettwurst with sauerkraut and a side of corn chips. Now, they serve all Tex Mex food... Maybe it was the location, not many people would want to take their family to a bar to get food Had they served it in the Festhaus, it probably would have lasted longer.
  2. Emporium had no power my entire shift. Only when they were sending me home did the power come back. All the other stores were up and running before us.
  3. I almost forgot to thank you too, CoasterOhio! Sounds great.
  4. This was the theme I was referring to. I don't know exactly what The piece alone is called. The portion of the Forrest Gump Suite that is featured starts at 6:43 and continues to the end.
  5. From what I could hear, this is what I could come up with for the playlist "Escape, Chase, Saying Goodbye" from ET The Extra Terrestrial- John Williams Main Title/ The Winton Flyer from The Reivers- John Williams Theme to Born on the Fourth of July- John Williams Fanfare for the Common Man- Aaron Copland Ride of the Valkyries- Richard Wagner Fascination- Billy Vaughn Theme to Eragon- Patrick Doyle "Gabriel's Oboe" from The Mission- Ennio Morricone The Sons of Katie Elder Theme- Elmer Bernstein An American in Paris- George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue- George Gershwin "Morning Routine" from Rio- John Powell "Romantic Flight" from How to Train your Dragon- John Powell "Homeland" from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron- Hans Zimmer Spanish Gypsy Dance/ España Cañi- The Manhattan Pops Hörnli Hütte Marsch- Peter Zinsli Eins, Zwei, Saufen (German drinking song) instrumental- Unknown "Speak Softly Love" from The Godfather- David Davidson; Written by Nino Rota "The Sunny Vista Motel" from Bedtime Stories- Rupert Gregson-Williams La Vie En Rose- Mantovani and his Orchestra "Aquarium" from Carnival of the Animals- Camille Saint Saëns Ending to the Forrest Gump theme- Alan Silvestri There are a few pieces I am missing, but I will update this. EDIT: Another song identified from the playlist.
  6. They were playing American in Paris by George Gershwin while I was coming in to work today. Goes well with the Eiffel Tower and Royal Fountain.
  7. While working at Emporium today, I noticed they were playing the Kings Dominion International Street soundtrack, among other tracks. It was also nice to hear Fanfare for The Common Man by Aaron Copland. Hopefully it lasts.
  8. That looks really cool. You paid very close attention to detail. Very nice!
  9. Thank you for this update! So happy to hear the organ working again. It's sounding very nice.
  10. The Racer needs a little track work and a repaint. Most of the areas I've seen that need repainting are parts of the structure that were replaced over time, but some paint is chipping and flaking. It was one of five attractions that gave over 1 million rides in 2016.
  11. Almost looks like something Taft would do when building a ride. It looks awesome! Can't wait to ide it.
  12. There was the "Rainbo Backerei" in the Alpine building on International Street, currently occupied by Skyline Chili: http://KICentral.com/history/photos/displayimage.php?album=8&pid=238 It's also possible that she may be thinking of La Patisserie Français as mentioned, located in the French chatau, now Yogurt Plus.
  13. Both The Racer And The Beast were two of five attractions that gave over 1 million rides in 2016, according to the park. The Racer is also #3 in annual ridership behind Diamondback and Banshee (#2 & #1 respectively), while The Beast is #4. Thunder Road had rotting wood as a result of the removal of the paint. The structure had to be rebuilt multiple times by Great Coasters International and the ridership was dwindling from what I have heard, prompting Carowinds to remove it. Neither of Kings Island's major wooden coasters have structural issues. Wooden roller coasters tend to last a long time because the structure can be rebuilt or repaired by a carpentry team or another wooden coaster company. Leap the Dips at Lakemont Park (1902), Jack Rabbit at Kennywood (1920), and Cyclone at Coney Island Brooklyn (1927) are a few examples of wooden coasters that have lasted for years. The Beast most likely be removed due to how iconic it is and because there is no way to expand to the back woods where it is built. The Racer pays homage to the Shooting Star at Cincinnati's Coney Island and is the main focal point of Coney Mall. Removing it would be forgetting where Kings Island came from.
  14. The Racer is #3 in annual ridership behind Diamondback (#2) and Banshee (#1) as of at least 2015: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/30475-kings-island-rider-counts/page-2 The lines are short due to the high capacity, which is why it looks unpopular.
  15. When you don't have to worry about your schedule being filled up each weekend.