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  1. Why not a spinning coaster, like a MACK Extreme Spinner themed to a Virginia Reel in Coney Mall. Could even tie it in with the old Coney Island/ old school amusement midway theme.
  2. Kings Dominion has officially announced The Gravity Group is the firm involved in the restoration work, utilizing their engineered precut track! https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2022/the-rebirth-of-the-grizzly---part-3?utm_source=park_facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=kd_grizzlyblog_jan9&utm_id=23SAS
  3. While I was reading the blog post, it read to "Follow The Grizzly Gang for more updates." The initials are very similar to The Gravity Group. Also, they mention that they would introduce the engineers behind the project in a future blog post. With GCIs Titan Track installation on Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan's Adventure, I don't remember hearing about the team from GCI explaining the new installation, but we did hear a bit from The Gravity Group about The Racer and The Beast when they added their Engineered Precut Track. Either way, I can't wait for more updates!
  4. Really cool video! This looks like 1981. In The Racer POV, you can see The Bat to the left.
  5. I love the addition last season of the Tomb Raider loading drums in the station. The downside is that it's difficult to hear, with the other outside noise and FunTV. An updated sound system would really help. I would also love some themed music in the queue line itself. I don't know how copyrighted it is, but I wouldn't mind them recycling some of the other TR:TR soundtrack pieces:
  6. It feels very secluded from the rest of Coney Mall. The area is devoid of games besides 3-Point Challenge around the corner and the loss of Vortex. It's probably the Kings Island purist in me talking, but I kinda like how long it is and I'm a bit iffy about cutting it off past Zephyr (This is where Coney stopped from 1972 to 1974). That would only leave Racer, the three original flats plus Zephyr. I like the idea of KMAA being in Coney as a lot of classic parks have some sort of auto ride or a turnpike. Coney Mall needs flat rides, so I'm a little opposed to cutting Shake Rattle & Roll off from the rest of Coney. When The Vortex replacement comes, I would love to see Coney Mall receive the International Street 2019 treatment and be reimagined while retaining the same basic theme and utilize the Coney name in some way. The pathway between Coney and Rivertown by Backlot is another story.
  7. Here are my thoughts on today's announcement: From the renderings, the park is really breathing life into this area if the park. The current state it's in looks very bland and needs an identity. The colorful decorations and paint jobs will really liven up that pathway. Knowing how popular Hank's is, along with it's close proximity to the Aztec themed Adventure Express, it makes sense that they are making a new section themed around both of those. The Mercado and Enrique's both look fantastic, and it's cool to see the old windows from Der Alte Deutsche Bier Garten / Oktoberfest Gardens making a comeback as they were once covered up by the corrugated metal siding when they added Bubba Gump Shrimp Shack in 2003 (Also a product of Jack Rouse Associates). The two new flat rides are going to be great additions to the park's line up. They both look to be throwbacks to old attractions in Skylab and Der Spinnen Keggers. I know how often it had been discussed on here that they should bring back the Keggers in particular, and Cargo Loco seems to be a more modern incarnation of it. I will also agree that it's ironic that Keggers is making a comeback to that area minus the German theming it and that section of the park once had. That being said, I hope what Oldschool75 said about the Festhaus and Viking Fury area is accurate and that Oktoberfest will still be a section of Kings Island. Cincinnati has such deep German roots, so it would be a shame to see it leave entirely. The park sells German style food at several locations, most notably at Meteor Canteen with the bratwurst and Italian sausage sandwiches with sauerkraut and peppers. I had the bratwurst there and loved it (of course I am biased because I love German food). I think the main concern is popularity and what sells. I would really like to see what's left of the German theming in Oktoberfest be expanded a bit, but that might be wishful thinking. Overall, Adventure Port looks amazing. I'm very glad they're doing this because that part of the park needed some life. I have always been an advocate for Kings Island going back down the route of immersive theming in each area and this addition really helps round the park out nicely!
  8. The thing I'd like to see if Action Zone were to be annexed into Oktoberfest would be to removed the large concrete pathways and plant more trees and landscaping. The Festhaus idea, with the "international foods" is an interesting one. However, in my honest opinion, it should remain the Festhaus as that's the more iconic and recognizable name, especially with the glockenspiel being restored on the front recently. I like the idea of the Zamperla Gryphon on the old SlingShot site. It would be cool to see it have a maypole theme, decked out to look like ribbons. As someone who would love to see the arbor tunnel return to the park, it would be cool to see it next to Viking Fury. However, it would require moving both the entrance and exit of the ride to be moved near the International Street Funnel Cakes and Emporium and the removal of some nicely grown in trees. I still think the arbor tunnel should be placed near Rivertown, such as the pathway near the Island Paradise stand near the floral clock, cleaning up the transition into Rivertown. Although, the tunnel would provide the shade lost, but it'll take a while for the vines to grow in. Overall, this is a great concept. Oktoberfest is an area in need of restoration and work. Absolutely love this!
  9. I'm holding out hope that Gene Staples brings it into the Indiana Beach family. Coney would definitely benefit. What concerns me is the issue it's always had, the one that lead to its initial closing and construction of Kings Island- seasonal flooding. That may be a factor that holds the park back from any potential future as an amusement park again.
  10. I'd love to see more landscaping that add to and enhance the theme of each areas. I'm still in the boat of bringing back the old arbor tunnel to the midway. I know there is one at the White Water Canyon entrance, but there was something really cool about sitting underneath it on the main midway with birds overhead in the vines. It could be placed on the walkway from the floral clock to Rivertown, which would help make a portal between different the two areas.
  11. The exit ramp for Ohio Overland Auto Livery (Rivertown Antique Cars) on the pathway next to Diamondbacks splashdown.
  12. I agree with Hawaiian Coasters 325; no more chain restaurants. However, if we were to go through route of local restaurants, I'd like to see an Izzy's Reuben restaurant somewhere in the park. They sell Reuben sandwiches with Gliers Goetta, making it the perfect fit for an area like Oktoberfest.
  13. I've been wondering if PTC could make a train that operates forwards but prebuilt with the seats facing backwards? That would probably be the safest way to bring recaR back.
  14. Update the park posted yesterday. We can see some of the details going into the front facade of the organ. https://www.instagram.com/p/CblBUaNJUyV/?utm_medium=copy_link
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