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  1. man what id do to snatch one of those SOB memoriablilia lol Hope they do same for Vortex
  2. WOW what shocking news. ill sure miss this. guess gonna have to go for haunt this year to ride it one last time
  3. im perfectly fine with the name
  4. Fox45 news (here in Dayton) just teased a story for 11 pm saying we'll talk about KI's plans for a new 300 foot rollercoaster . and teased the blueprints. little late there Fox45 LOL
  5. really hope it's Polaris then. I prefer that name to Orion. but wouldn't be upset or anything if it is orion.
  6. my brother is there today..... im stuck working lol
  7. it's greatly appreciated. Would be nice to see a piece of track at the park for the announcement
  8. looks like Diamondback was topped off in October 30, 2008 so youre probably right source: https://archive.is/20130127041930/http://kiDiamondback.com/public/latest/blog/index.cfm?entry=86f94690-4b99-4711-a7dc-c745802bfd36
  9. Was looking at Kings Island twitter & they hashtagged #ICYMI in a tweet regarding the announcement few days ago .... could it be - ICYMI -? haha idk just trying to play along here
  10. getting excited any chance the website will leak ahead of the announcement ? didnt a website promoting The Bat leak right before Banshee was revealed to throw us off? (sorry was long time ago i forget lol)
  11. it was the way you went about it. & cuz you replied to me about them first... lol... i however do respect the time you put in to posting the aerial shots during off season
  12. stay vigilant!! be safe down there. luckily just rain here in dayton. we dont need anymore tornados lol OT: Ill never forget riding Diamondback then it started pouring buckets on us in the middle of the ride. we were soaked.
  13. not the warning.....the tor warning was canceled. a watch is issued tho but there are no tornado warnings currently .
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