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  1. Yeah, maybe some of you should read the TOS rather than expecting it to be enforced as you see fit. Nothing he said claimed to be from an inside source. Everything there short of the permit cancellation can be read as opinion or a person's interpretation of things. The permit cancellation would be of public record, and, once again, not an inside source. Just because you don't know how or where to look up the info, does not mean it is against the rules. Theres nothing there that violates the TOS. Proper spelling, grammar and respecting other members are enforceable under the TOS, but plenty of people violate those without the TOS police saying a word about that.
  2. I meant the character Deadpool wouldn't fit in a MCU movie. Like you couldn't drop him, as-is, into an Ironman or Spiderman movie. He wouldn't be able to be the character that made his movies a success.
  3. Yeah, Deapool doesn't fit in the MCU. Or even the normal X-Men movies. A PG-13 deadpool would be a letdown.
  4. Actually, we know where they build the pieces for B&M coasters and they aren't built yet. It's Clermont Steel Fabricators and is in Batavia actually. There's pieces for other coasters there now, but nothing for this yet. If you go back through this thread, there are pictures posted from people driving by there. History has shown that we won't see identifiable pieces for an April opening 2020 coaster till the May-July range. They can build and paint the pieces in less time than it takes to do the footers and let them cure. But otherwise, yes, all the engineering and design would have been done for this for a while now. Site prep and footers are the longest part of the process, but they have plenty of time for that.
  5. I'm curious how they will handle Deadpool. As I realize we are having this discussion is a thread about the Lion Country Safari. Oops
  6. Based on the park map and the various pictures of the site and nozzle locations, it's doubtful. If nothing else, it seems as though there are more nozzles and locations, so they'd need more and probably smaller ones. The impression I'm getting from what I'm seeing is that it'll be set up more like World of Color where they can do a more active show. Visible fountain columns like that don't fit that type of show.
  7. But you know the pouch it comes in would always be getting holes in it and you'd never know if you'd actually get any taco seasoning.
  8. I think some of the doubting about this is people not understanding the function of a NOC and this NOC in particular. A NOC is to inform the local authorities that you are going to start on a project that you already have approved plans for. It it also for the purpose of setting timelines for mechanics liens. Those are legal documents and the contractors would not allow those to be screwed with. We don't have the plans as they either aren't online or they are hidden for confidentiality. Those plans would have more details about start dates and, possibly, planned completion. A NOC doesn't give timeframes. It just says we are starting on the project now. The "timeframe" in the NOC isn't listed as a timeframe, it's the actual project title. Kings Island told the county that this is our "2018, 2019, and 2020 Additions and Modifications to Kings Island Park". That is how the park refers to it. The park would not include a project opening in 2021 in this. That would have a separate plan and a separate NOC. While there are not relevant NOC's posted for Diamondback or Banshee, GCI was on the NOC for a project titled "2016 and 2017 Additions and Modifications to Kings Island Park." Mystic Timbers opened in 2017. If that's not enough of an indication of what the parks plans are, theres probably nothing short of a Park Press release that will satisfy the critics.
  9. Mod deletion and warning message in 3 ... 2.... 1...
  10. I'm sitting here supplying facts from county documents and you are over there trying to say that info from a document that was submitted 7 months ago has been cancelled or delayed a year. Yeah, I'm the one who is just posting crap and stirring the pot.
  11. True. You never can discount the possibility that Cedar Fair might sell the park to Rumke to be used as a landfill. Or that B&M might decide to stop making coasters immediately and start selling taco seasoning. Those are all possibilities.
  12. NOC's don't give specific timelines for completion usually. But KI tipped their hand with the titling of the project. Parks don't open rides any time but the start of the year unless there's problems. By titling the project as the 2018, 2019, & 2020 addition, they told that the project was for those years. Like if you asked what KI's 2014 addition was, the park would say Banshee. The 2020 addition will be by B&M.
  13. It states the project name as "2018, 2019, and 2020 Additions and modifications to Kings Island Park" The construction of coasters run into the year they are opening. If it was opening in 2021, it would be listed as the 2018 ..... & 2021 addition etc. The NOC is to state the project is starting. If the project name didn't list the years, it could be an open ended discussion. They specifically listed the years for a reason. As we know the 2018 and 2019 additions and modifications aren't by B&M. The 2020 addition will be. Sure the Media team likes to play games and do diversions. The people filing the plans with the County do not.
  14. Yeah, Disney isn't in a place to build an all out Marvel land right now in FL with everything they have going on, so they get to keep collecting money from their competitor. On the other hand, Disney cannot use any of those characters East of the Mississippi, or the term "Marvel" anywhere in the US. That even includes meet and greets. So they have limitations where they can't use their own property. Definitely an interesting situation.
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