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  1. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Well you said you wanted a B&M clone of a typical strata coaster except with a chain lift and inversions. The whole point of strata coasters is the launch. Putting a chain lift on it just makes it a taller giga. Making it longer, adding inversions, and a chain lift makes it a completely different coaster. In other words, not a clone. If you would have just said i want a 400 ft tall coaster with inversions, I dont think anyone bats an eye. Well maybe. But to reference a specific coaster as something you want but then describe a completely different coaster and call it a clone, you make people question if you are serious or trollng. It wouldnt be the first time that happened in this thread.
  2. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

  3. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    This is what Banshee's tag looked like. The Part Number tells what type of coaster it is for. As for the track in the pics, I'm leaning wing. Just based on the thickness of the spine and the shape of the webs holding the rails. It looks similar to some other wing track I could find. It may match other styles they do though, so nothing I'd place a bet on.
  4. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I think its about the biggest(no pun intended) thing they could build that would be a draw to the park. They aren't in a position to build a Universal/Disney level ride, so this is about as significant a ride they could do. Now the value of that to the paying customer varies. A family with 2 small kids would not want to pay extra or see any value in a giga. A twenty year old, going to college and still living at home would more likely to be willing to pay extra for one. It's all situational. Overall though, yes, it adds value to the park.
  5. Mystic Timbers already has the old beat up pickup trucks though.
  6. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I can't remember if this has been answered before, but does KI have a mandated height limit? I'm not talking about speculation or should/shouldn't be. I mean a definitive know there is/isn't with sourcing.
  7. Retheme Mystic Timbers. Sell beer in the queue. Put the ride ops in flannel and Orange vests. Mount deer on the hoods of the front train cars.
  8. And that will likely be the last pic we see of Firehawk. And probably the site till April....
  9. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I swear we had the same discussion about how them moving dirt over there is/is not the start of giga construction last year in this same thread. And the year before And the year before.
  10. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Its also possible that the thicker spine is an area of the coaster that experiences more stress, so they make it thicker there then transition back to regular spine. Probably all for the same coaster. See if your wife will buy you a high powered lens that can read that tag. lol Or maybe just go to the office and see if they care if you take pictures. Worse they can do is say no. ;-)
  11. fryoj

    International street makeover

    Bioreconstruct on Twitter posts weekly pics from flyovers of the Orlando parks and those parks clearly have not asked him to stop or done anything to prevent it. If you are in a manned aircraft and within FAA guidelines, it would be pretty petty for KI to ban you from the park for taking pics.
  12. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    To tag along the thought of my previous post, there are pics from CSF in the Decoding 2014 thread prior to Banshee's construction posted on May 27th here: In the pics, there are some Green supports and unpainted Wing Rider track that probably ended up at Heide Park. Other than that, there is a single stack of what appears to be blue steel for the shed in the back, that likely was for Banshee. That probably gives us an idea when we can expect to see anything there. I wasn't going to dig through all 400 pages to see if there were later pics, but anyone else can feel free and try to pinpoint this. On the other hand, there was all kinds of site prep and footer-ing going on. Minus what O'rourke and the park gives us, we should see that opening day.
  13. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Thats pretty much what I said. The showed up at Kings Island shortly after the August 8th announcement, so it would have probably started showing up at CSF a couple months before then.
  14. fryoj

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Anything there now will likely be going overseas. We've seen plenty of track there over the years that was confirmed for Chinese coasters. Probably a matter of quality control over what they'd save by building it in Asia, but thats speculation. But its too early for US parks 2020 coasters and too late for 2019. Parks won't want to store track all summer and CSF don't have the room. Typically anything there from early Winter to early Summer goes overseas. Early Summer to Early Winter is US parks. It's possible it would be for the SWSD coaster, as they have a longer operating season and don't have to have a spring opening. Slight chance of it being the Hershey coaster since they've announced it already, but I'm not sure about their storage situation. They do have 3 US coasters opening in 2020 though, so they might push it. I'm curious what their throughput is for coasters. How many can they pump out in a year.