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  1. Hey guys! It's been awhile since I've been active on here, but figured I'd make my way back to share about an exciting event that was held this past weekend at Ohio State. I'm the VP of our Theme Park Engineering Group, essentially a group of students of any major and background who have interest in the amusement industry, and we hosted the first ever student-led themed entertainment industry conference. Named SITE OSU (Students in Themed Entertainment), it has been in the works since October and took lots of planning and effort from our club, especially the committee that was responsible
  2. I wrote up a detailed element-by-element ride review as well as a full media day photo trip report, feel free to check it out! I still can't stop thinking about this incredible new coaster. http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/element-by-element-review-and-steel-vengeance-media-day-delight
  3. It was such an incredible day! My first media day experience and being a part of the world premiere of one the most, if not the most anticipated coasters ever, was something I'll never forget. Thank you Cedar Point for putting on such an incredible event and for bringing us this world class coaster along with RMC. It became my new #1 after my first ride. 8 rides later, it holds that title even firmer, and I'd dare say it's the best coaster on the planet. I'll be posting a full photo trip report soon with in-depth analysis and opinions on the ride, but for now, WOW. What a truly legendary
  4. Check out all about my Winter Chill Out experience at Cedar Point this past weekend! It was an amazing event, and getting an up-close experience with Steel Vengeance was definitely a highlight. http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/off-season-awe-and-steel-vengeance-stupor-cp-winter-chill-out-2018
  5. That's so awesome! Definitely right up there with my interests, I've just started reading through your thesis and am excited to continue it. So far it's fascinating!
  6. Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I currently run two blogs: Thrills Await is focused on amusement parks such as trip reports and photography, and Urbanetics is more related to my academic interests (urban planning, architecture, aesthetics, etc). My most recent Urbanetics blog post actually incorporates the best of both worlds, looking at the planning and design that goes into creating our beloved amusement parks. I figured I'd share it here, since I figured many of you might find it interesting. I talk about several urban planning and design concepts such as placemaking (esse
  7. All new photo trip report is up from Cedar Point's closing day! Between my first ever Dragster rollback to the last train of the season on Millennium Force, it was quite the way to end an incredible 2017 season. http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/my-first-dragster-rollback-the-last-train-on-millie-and-an-end-to-the-2017-season-cp-closing-day-1029
  8. Steel Vengeance Speechlessness and HalloWeekends Horror...Check out my latest trip report from Cedar Point this past Friday, 9/29. Plus I added an all new gallery featuring SV construction updates! http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/steel-vengeance-speechlessness-and-halloweekends-horror-cp-92917
  9. Dollar Days, massive chili cheese fries, and lots of great rides! Check it out in my latest blog post! http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/dollar-day-deliciousness-and-rockin-rides-kings-island-93
  10. On Friday, 8/11 I was able to visit KI for the second time this year! I had an awesome trip filled with tons of great riding. Read all about it and check out some cool pics in my latest report! http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/night-rides-or-bust-kings-island-8-11
  11. I decided to bring this topic back rather than creating a new one. The new 2017 Halloweekends Haunt website is live, showing that 3 haunts will be retired and replaced. Eternity Infirmary, Eden Musee, and Fear-y Tales will be getting the axe while Deprivation: No Way Out, Fearyground Freakshow, and Harvest Fear will all be new. An interesting thing to note is that Harvest Fear is listed as being in Frontiertown. However, with Tombstone Terror-tory and Cut Throat Cove already existing, plus Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks and CornStalkers along the Frontier Trail, I have no clue where this
  12. I'm torn about this announcement. I absolutely love Universal and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as well their innovative use of technology and special effects to create immersive experiences. However I thought Dueling Dragons (both ride layouts) were among some of the best B&M inverts so I hope they get relocated rather than simply scrapped. Regardless, I will be excited to see what the replacement is. It sounds like it will be yet another groundbreaking and innovative ride.
  13. On Friday I made it back to CP for the first time in a month (crazy for me!). It was great to be back, and between checking out progress on Mean Streak and getting in some awesome night rides, the whole day was memorable. http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/theyrecoming-thrills-and-maverick-marathons-back-to-the-point-721
  14. On a road trip back home from the east coast last week, I had to make a detour at Dorney Park for a few hours. Check out this latest trip report about my time spent at the park! http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/crowds-craziness-and-coasters-dorney-park-715
  15. Hands down airtime for me. I absolutely love the feeling of weightlessness and flying out of your seat, so I especially prefer ejector air. However, I do love long, drawn out inversions especially barrel rolls/inline twists/etc. That twist on Banshee is one of my favorite coaster elements ever, but I still have to give it to airtime for winning this one. I realized that only 1 coaster in my top 10 has inversions (Maverick), so I guess that's pretty obvious that I prefer coasters with speed and airtime over inversions.
  16. I was on vacation for the past week but finally made my CoasterMania trip report and photo gallery! Between 17.6 miles of walking (seriously), lots of great ERT, and awesome RMC Mean Streak views, it was such a great day. http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/coastermania-2017-epic-ert-and-mean-streak-marvels
  17. Cedar Point Shores is awesome! I went for passholder preview day and was very impressed. In addition, I experienced Brew & BBQ (so much good food), checked out RMC Mean Streak progress, and met the famous Mean Streak Henry. It was an awesome trip and I just added my trip report and a CP Shores photo gallery! http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/cp-shores-brew-bbq-and-rmc-mean-streak-henry-cedar-point-526
  18. For one of my recent visits to Cedar Point, I went with my girlfriend and two of her friends. Between flying phones and passing out on Millennium Force, it was quite the memorable trip! http://thrillsawait.weebly.com/trip-reports/fresh-fries-feeling-the-force-and-a-stellar-sunset-cedar-point-522
  19. Hey everyone! Some of you may remember that a few years ago I would always post detailed trip reports whether it be Cedar Point, Kings Island, or any other park. Then I decided to create a blog to specifically post them on but life got in the way and I never really ended up using it and haven't posted trip reports much since. Well I decided to change that since I love writing them and hope other people enjoy hearing about my experiences too. Therefore I created a new blog to share trip reports, pictures, and other industry insight. So far I have an introductory post and a recent trip rep
  20. I spent yesterday as well as Friday evening/night at the park, and I was able to ride Mystic Timbers 4 times. It truly is an incredible addition to the park and I loved the ride from the point I first saw its plaza. Everything about it was a homerun for the park, which I'll go ahead and describe in detail. Location When the first signs of construction appeared in this area last year, I was very skeptical that a coaster would be placed here. If you would've asked me where I thought KI's next coaster would go, I don't think I would have mentioned this location at all. Then once we got
  21. I'm so happy to see the park continue to progress and improve. Even the little thing like small initiatives to improve guest experience such as the paper cups, the app, and other miscellaneous enhancements all contribute to making Kings Island one of the best parks in the world. I can't wait to get there and ride Mystic Timbers in addition to everything else it has to offer!
  22. I'd say that Backlot has the best/most theming during the actual ride experience but that Banshee has the best theming/atmosphere before riding and surrounding the actual ride itself. I really do enjoy BLSC and some of its effects and props, and I think it has the most out of any other ride in the park. Banshee just excels with the whole package between the station, sign, tombstones, light posts/railings, fog, etc. While some of these are noticed on the ride itself (especially at night with the lights), it is mostly for an off-ride visual/thematic approach. Going off of that, I rea
  23. Hope you had a great time too! I didn't look too closely at them but I believe they had Millennium Force and maybe Raptor. Not entirely sure what they were but I think they had the original advertisements/ride promo videos for these rides.
  24. Front here we had lunch in the Lakeside Dining Room. There was a delicious salad bar, soups, pastas, cookies, and cobbler. It was great to sit down, relax, and warm up before going to the Q&A session. Tony and Jason hosted it, and gave a presentation that summarized the new changes coming to the park for the year. Highlights included: -New "Lights, Camera, Action!" show in the Jack Aldrich Theatre. -Return of Luminosity with all new special-effects and acrobatics, as well as continuing to offer diverse music in order to appeal to all ages. -Cedar Point Express Hotel has a ni
  25. The tour continued by stopping next to the Cedar Point Shores construction site. We didn't get to actually go through it but still had some good perspectives. There's a lot of work to be done but I'm sure they'll be able to get it all finished in time for its opening toward the end of May. It was cool to see the construction of several buildings like the new restaurant and to see the vertical progress of Point Plummet. In addition, the at-grade crossing and new entrance gate by Magnum are coming along and look a lot different from what that area used to be like. (Goodbye Tunnel of Love.)
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